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Published on 04/27/2012 at Fri Apr 27 17:23.
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Derek Wolfe

Derek Wolfe poses for a headshot during the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

The Denver Broncos have selected Derek Wolfe with the 36th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Defensive Tackle was a position the whole world saw as a need for the Broncos and in spite of the misdirection John Elway threw around in various interviews in the weeks leading up to the draft, the Denver Broncos were doing defensive line all the way.  The moves Elway made on Thursday night proved he wasn’t willing to spend such a high draft pick with so many tackles still left on the board at twenty-five.  Instead, he moved the Broncos back eleven spots to snag an extra mid-round draft pick and still got his guy.

Hopefully, Wolfe turns out to be an important piece of the puzzle that sets a potential championship run into motion.  Adding a stout defender in the middle of the defense could be exactly what this defense needs to rise to the next level.

What do the rest of you Bronco fans think?

  • VonDoom

    Looks like a very solid pick.  Evaluators state that he is relentless, high motor, strong & high character guy. Just what we need.  Equally strong as a pass rusher and run stopper.

  • Cdub12344321

    I hate we didn’t take upshaw him and miller would Have been nasty!!!!! I hope Wolfe can step up for me!!!!

  • Strawdog

    Ummm…really?  This is what we traded back for? 

  • broncos4life

    could have got him in the 4th round worst pick ever!!!!!!

  • Bronco believer

    I have confidence in our front office.  But, why is he rated 47.5 via  I am shocked.  This guy was not even listed on their evaluation list.  Why couldn’t we choose a higher rated player and pick him up later? Someone educate me, please.

  • Josh G

    Mayock is a pretty smart guy and he had this guy pretty high.

  • Bronco believer

     Yeah – Mel Kiper says he is a solid pick, too.  I’m looking around.

  • LevonZevon

    They have the pick of Turbin, Miller and Polk at #57 unless they want double DT’s with Brandon Thompson.

  • cuda

    whew, glad they got Wolfee before somebody else nabbed him in the 4th round!  Guess the FEX team showed once again they can’t pick out the sucker at the poker table.

  • Thaboothsta

    If your going to go against obvious logic, you damn well better be right.  Just ask Coach McD.

  • stav

    um yeah…..I’m confused because I sure as hell read somewhere on a scouting report that he may not hold up full time in a four man front? Devon Still, Jerel Worthy? What happened to these guys that were WAAAYYYY higher rated?

  • Anonymous

    Shut up. You are not smart.

  • Anonymous

    My boy. Love this kid. Awesome pick. I would take him in the second round all day. You all go off of pundit sites big board ratings. Fact is Wolfe is a monster. You better love him now or you will be doing a lot of detracting later.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, the kid is going to be a monster

  • Anonymous

     yes, so they pick some unknown qb?

  • Broncs-rocker

    Think about this:  All the agents and GM’s around the NFL are pumping guys they don’t want, so that on Draft day other teams will  take them, leaving the guys they want to fall.   
    There is a huge amount of pumping up prospects so they will be hopefully dumped on other teams.  Of course, we will never know if Wolfe would have dropped to the 3rd.

  • bigwapiti

    i talked to alot of steeler fans who really wanted this guy bad.hes an anchor in the middle with a motor that dont stop and is nasty.a very good compliment to our outside pass rush.who wouldnt want this beast?

  • Gearsofwar3151

    we passed on doug martin, lamichael james and lamar miller………..

  • Mwgomez Mg93

    Don’t forget Garland coming back from Air Force duty on the line as well. Like his motor.

  • kaptkorneevo

    I played high school ball with derek snd trust me he will be a huge help to the defense. He is always doing his job weather it be rushing the qb or taking up blocks he will get it done better then anyone out there

  • heavyjuice

    I’m gonna wait until the guy has three years in the NFL under his belt before I state my opinion. I appear less a fool that way.

  • Dtaylo46

    The kid had 4 calls from new England the night of round one before Hightower fell past pittsburgh..4th round..tell another joke