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Published on 04/25/2012 at Wed Apr 25 14:09.
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Michael Brockers (LSU, left), Jerel Worthy (Michigan State, center), and Devon Still (Penn State, right) are all defensive tackle prospects heading into the 2012 NFL Draft, and all potential first round draft picks for the Denver Broncos.

The most common position predicted to be selected with the Denver Broncos‘ first round draft pick in 2012 is, without a doubt, defensive tackle, so we decided to break down the three names most associated with the Broncos choice at 25 today: Michael Brockers (LSU), Jerel Worthy (Michigan State), and Devon Still (Penn State). If each of these players were available for Denver at Pick #25, we wondered, who should the Denver Broncos pick?

Breaking down the Rankings

We went to eight different sets of prospect rankings: Scouts Inc. (ESPN), Mel Kiper, Jr. (ESPN), Todd McShay (ESPN), Mike Mayock (,,,, and We tallied up the numbers: here’s how the three players rank.

Defensive Tackle Face-Off
Source DT Ranking Overall Ranking
Brockers Worthy Still Brockers Worthy Still
Scouts Inc. 2 4 6 12 23 41
Mel Kiper, Jr. 3 6* 7* 17 36* 37*
Todd McShay
2 4 6 15 22 39*
Mike Mayock
4 3 5 29 26 42
NFLDraftScout 2 4 5 14 27 28
NFLDraftCountdown 3 4 7 20 25 40
WalterFootball 2 6 5 18 57 27
FFToolbox 3 4 5 13 25 30
Med 2.5 4 5.5 16 25.5 38
Low 2 3 5 12 22 27
High 4 6 7 29 57 42
Avg 2.625 4.375 5.75 17.25 30.125 35.5
*Player not ranked. Figure estimated.

The Lowdown: Michael Brockers

Height: 6’6″
Weight: 322
40-Time: 5.36
Bench: 19 reps

Strengths: Excels in run support; ball awareness; physical freak; strong work ethic; passion for the game.
Weaknesses: Pass rush marginal; lack of experience.
Impact: Mid-term. Lack of experience may require time to develop toolset at pro level, but those tools are there where he could excel immediately. Brockers benefited from a deep LSU line that allowed him to fit as a rotational player, so his impact might be immediate.
Conclusion: He has the highest ceiling of the group, but also has the most to learn. Brockers is very athletic for his huge frame and will be difficult to pass up if he falls to the Broncos

The Lowdown: Jerel Worthy

Jerel Worthy

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 308
40-Time: 5.08
Bench: 28 (pro day)

Strengths: Run support; lightning fast off the snap; productive; durable; strong.
Weaknesses: Measurables; pass rush; consistency; effort and motor; stamina and conditioning.
Impact: Immediate. Has been considered a top prospect for two years.
Conclusion: Worthy was productive and thought to be one of the top DT’s heading into this draft. Had a phenomenal Pro Day; I think he’s underrated by most scouts due to height and arm length.

The Lowdown: Devon Still

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 303
40-Time: 5.08
Bench: 26 reps

Strengths: Run support; technically sound; complete game; physical freak; big and thick; fast; productive.
Weaknesses: Inconsistent; injury concerns; pass rush; play action awareness; height can lead to lost leverage; character concerns.
Impact: Long-term. Devon Still could add some muscle to his frame and has been up-and-down.
Conclusion: Has had some amazing plays in college that helped his stock rise, but may not be worth the 25th overall pick.


Brockers offers the greatest combination of measurables and production of the three, which is why he’s graded higher than Worthy, but I’m a Jerel Worthy fan. He’s been the most productive of the bunch, didn’t have as deep a defensive line rotation to hide behind in Michigan State, and, in my opinion, offers the greatest immediate impact as a 4-3 rotational player.

Brockers is the project, and potential Pro Bowler. Worthy is the safe pick. Still is the wild card.

One thing’s for certain — if these three all fall to 25, the Broncos have a tough decision to make. Who would you choose?

Given the choice, the Broncos should draft which DT in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft?

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  • Monty

    Kiper’s and McShay’s rankings only went so deep, so I estimated the missing rankings by averaging the following:
    – Scouts Inc. ranking (I figured they had some influence there)
    – The next number to be ranked (so 26 for Kiper’s Big Board, for example, which went 25 deep)
    – The highest ranking from non-ESPN sources.

    It worked out pretty well, I think.

  • Tim Lynch

    How great would it be if one of these guys ended up available when the Broncos roll up for the second round pick?  …  It could happen!

  • Tom9798

    I’d take Brockers; but I have that Deja Vu feeling.
    I wanted Orakpo and we chose Moreno.

    So if Brockers is available and we choose a running back, Brockers best not go to the Patriots or Packers.

    One can only take so much . . . .

    My best druthers says Brockers won’t be on the board.

  • crazykid

    Is it just me, or did the Chiefs draft elite LSU d-linemen who didnt pan out? Not saying Brockers is a bust, but I feel like SEC prospects dont translate as well as everyone thinks they do.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, rather than any of these guys, my dream draft would be Doug Martin at #25 and Brandon Thompson at #57. I’ll tip some bubbly stuff if that pans out . . .

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t realize Brockers only rep’d 19 times. That’s horrible! I can do that and I weight 215. Either the kid is really weak, tires incredibly fast or had one hell of an off day.

    Ohhh just looked it up and apparently he didn’t participate in the bench?

    Can anyone verify this?