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Published on 04/23/2012 at Mon Apr 23 10:42.
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AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins announced his retirement from the NFL Monday morning. A player of his professional caliber does not leave the league unnoticed, but a person of his character retiring leaves the NFL wanting all the more.

The Broncos and coach John Fox released a statement Monday morning following the news that safety Brian Dawkins has decided to retire. That statement is below; check after the jump for reactions around the National Football League and the Twitterverse.

“Brian Dawkins is one of the best to ever play the game, a future Hall of Famer who changed the way his position is played. In many ways, he helped my job as a coach with his great leadership and preparation. He brought so much to the table and was such an enormous asset to our football team.

“His contributions go far beyond the wins, interceptions, sacks and Pro Bowls he accumulated during his career. Brian is the definition of class and is what you want in a leader. I know our players, coaches, fans and so many within the National Football League feel the same way.

“I competed against Brian for many years with the Giants and coached him once in the Pro Bowl, but to be around him every day for a season was truly special. I’m not sure there was a more respected guy in our building than Brian. He knows defense, he knows football and he knows what it takes to win. I’ve got the utmost admiration for him as both a player and person.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to coach Brian. Although I will miss the positive impact he had on our team, I congratulate Brian on a tremendous career and wish him and his family all the best going forward.” 

Now some reactions from around the NFL:

Broncos Executive John Elway:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

NFLPA Executive George Atallah:

Broncos DE Robert Ayers:

Veteran NFL and Cardinals kicker Jay Feely:

NFL great Jerry Rice:’s Jeff Darlington

We at BroncoTalk echo all of these sentiments and add our own. Thanks for finishing your excellent career in orange and blue, Brian Dawkins! It was an absolute treat watching you play, and there was always something electric about watching you take the football field.

Brian Dawkins

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

  • William39187

    You can’t say enough good things about the man he was a great player, great leader on and off of the field he will be miss in the locker room and on the field by his team mates and on the field by the fans congrats on the career wish we could have got you that super bowl ring to end it

  • Broncosguy44

    Who cares?  Do we get that wasted cap space that we can use this year?

  • Tim Lynch


  • Monty


  • Speer

    How many HOF players does it take to care? HOF players are irreplaceable jackass.

  • Speer

    How many HOF players does it take to care? HOF players are irreplaceable jackass.

  • Miamiamike

    Such a stupid comment. I won’t post what most are thinking!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not defending that guy, but Dawk didn’t exactly play at a HOF level when he was here. 

  • Speer

    Agreed! but he does have have that command presence that you can’t replace.  Younger players looked up to him and learned a lot.  His leadership will be missed more than anything.

  • Broncosguy44

    When you say “irreplaceable jackass”, is that meant to be plural?  In other words, HOF Players are irreplacable jackassses. 

    If so, I am not sure I would agree with your statement.  Some are standup guys, and others help the team.

    No one answered my question – how much cap space does this free up?  If you’re a true fan, you are about winning.  Not about group hugs.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the memories Dawk, thanks for choosing Denver.  

  • Jon

    Dawkins is class act.

  • Thegoodfoot

    seriously? i’m ashamed to share a team with you.