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Published on 04/20/2012 at Fri Apr 20 07:48.
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According the Denver Post, the Denver Broncos made an attempt to add Asante Samuel to the roster. Per the Denver Post, there were two proposals made. Both deals did not work out, and the deal will most likely not be made.

However, the Broncos no longer believe they can strike a deal, even though trade talks advanced to the stage where the team presented two proposals — one for a late-round draft pick and the other involving a player.

Asante Samuel is 31 years old and due 10 million is 2012 and 11.5 million in 2013. If the deal would have taken place, the Broncos would have still retained the oldest secondary in the NFL.

The Broncos recently added Tracy Porter and released Andre’ Goodman, which added more youth to the secondary since Porter is only 25.

What do you think Bronco Nation? Should the Broncos pushed a bit harder for Samuel, or are you happy with the secondary as is?

  • Broncobill

    don’t be surprised to see the broncos take a cb in the first round if this deal falls through…

  • Anonymous

    He’s overrated.  

  • Anonymous

    If we could get him on the cheap I would do it but no sense in overpaying for a 31 y.o. CB.  He’d also need to restructure that hefty contract.  

  • Josh Temple

    I like that they at least attempted to make this move.  It’s starting to feel like the days of accepting 2nd best are gone.

  • flbronc

    agree with herc.  over-rated and will also add over paid.  glad it didnt go.

  • Denverbender

    Yeah overrated! 

  • Anonymous

    I am guessing since Klis wrote it, the guy who sweeps the parking lot overheard Xanders on his cell talking to someone he assumed was in the Eagles organization about a player that had to be Asante.

  • Jon

    Glad they looked into it. Glad they didn’t overcompensate.

  • Jon


  • areferee

    That’s just cruel!  I like it!  After all, some of their finest work is in the bottom of my bird cage.

  • Anonymous

    On Rotoworld, they are saying that the Eagles are willing to accept a 5th or 6th rd pick for him so it must have something to do with his large contract.

  • flbronc

    we more than likely wanted philly to cover part of the salary, and they don’t want to.

  • DBF

    yea, I agree too, good times in Big D!

  • Daddy12x

    There is no such thing as a Bronco Nation – we are referred to as Bronco Country.  There is a Nation in the AFC West that we detest and with whom we would never wish to be confused.  I like A.S. and I hope they find a way to get him without overpaying.

  • Steve K

    Get Asante Samuel, restructure his contract, offer the 4th round pick and be done with it! Don’t do… Paralysis by Analysis. DO IT!

  • Brandon Downs

    get asante samuel, much need experience 

  • Brandon Downs

    he maybe 31 but he ain’t dead, ffs 

  • franko

    agree that we should try to get him if we don’t have to give more than 6th round and can do something with those big $10-11 million salary !    He is a great cornerback still for a few more years and we need him unless tracy porter can be up to the task.   Remember how we got chopped up by good passers last year…green bay, NE, ..

  • georgepro66

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cothern

    No he isn/t!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to have him to but that is WAY to much money for him. As I’ve been saying we should take a look at Stephon Gilmore in the draft. I’d rather get younger and better there but the prospect of having A.S. is attractive. If we scored Hightower in the 1st and Gilmore fell in the second I’d be stoked out of my gord…lol.

    I don’t think A.S. is overrated in ability, however he shouldn’t even be close to that kind of money! I think he is a 6-7 Mil a year kind of guy and would bet thats what the front office thinks as well.

  • Vincemarine

    Gilmore will be long gone by the time we pick. The Jags like him and will prob draft him.

  • Anonymous

    I know… I can dream…lol!

  • Wonderone

    They should stay with the draft !!!
    Take them in order of picks!

  • Bigpoppatim316

    i hope we get asante samuels him champ and porter we would have a great secondary make it happen denver

  • Rolinorangeclovers

    I hear the contract offer was 2 yrs 12 millon, if we can get him at that price I’m buying….otherwise I wouldnt like it.

  • Cody_smothers12

    Go get samuel!!!!!!!

  • Broncos18

    I like Asante, but our secondary isn’t our biggest need right now. If we are going to overspend on a position, I’d prefer they do it on a stud defensive tackle.