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Published on 04/11/2012 at Wed Apr 11 19:19.
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Recent rumors have surfaced that the Denver Broncos may heavily be considering drafting a running back with their first selection in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Miller is a perfect match for the Broncos, but is he the player they need in the first round? (Photo by Josh Ritchie/ Sun Sentinel)

According to Cecil Lammey (NFL Insider for 102.3 Denver and senior writer for — the Broncos front office is impressed with early entrant running back Lamar Miller of the Miami Hurricanes.  Lammey cites that the Broncos favor Miller’s big play ability over Boise State RB Doug Martin and feel that he has better rushing instincts than David Wilson of Virginia Tech.  Other prospects that fans may have considered of interest to the Broncos, Washington RB Chris Polk and Oregon RB LaMichael James are said to not be viable options for the Broncos moving forward.

In a series of tweet responses to questions and inquiries from fans, Lammey furthers his tidbits by stating that the Broncos brass are comfortable with the value at defensive tackle in the second round and may very well wait to address their biggest need then.  Whether or not you agree with waiting to address defensive tackle until later, the idea of bringing in a player like Lamar Miller to pair with Peyton Manning and Co. could reap serious benefits for the Broncos down the road.

Lamar Miller is one of the most electric and explosive offensive players in this years draft.  Prior to the Hurricanes 2011 campaign, Miller  spoke to reporters from the Sun Sentinel boasting that he would rush for 1,000 yards on the year.  Some may say talk is cheap, but Miller backed up his statements with a strong performance rushing for 1,272 yards on 227 carries with 9 touchdowns as a redshirt sophomore.  Additionally, Miller caught 17 passes for 85 yards and another touchdown,  surpassing 1,300 yards of total offense and a stout 10 touchdowns for the year.

Miller’s time with the Miami program was short-lived.  He only played two years for the Hurricanes, starting one and accumulated a total of 1,918 yards and fifteen touchdowns on only 335 carries.  With those numbers, Miller sported a hefty 5.7 YPC average in his time at the U — one of the best in college football.  The combination of his success in 2011 and a poor senior crop of running backs prompted Miller to declare early for the NFL Draft.



Lamar Miller Scouting Profile

Running Back, University of Miami 
(5’11 — 213 pounds, 4.36 40-yard dash)

PROS:  Miller is an instinctive runner with superb cutback ability.   Has good size with the ability to add more weight to his frame.  Explosive runner, with the speed, agility and  burst to get to the outside and hit home runs and space.  Shows good decisiveness between the tackles.  Displays patience on the run, following his blockers well.  Despite low catch totals, displays good awareness and hands as a pass-receiver.  Youthful back that will turn 22 the day before the Draft with low mileage on his tires.  Also poses value as a kickoff returner.  Comes from a program known for producing excellent NFL rushers.  Ideal fit is in a stretch-zone scheme where he can use his quick one cut’s.

CONS:  Not experienced or polished in pass protection.  Shows more wiggle and improvisation than necessary and can be tripped up easily.  Runs upright and isn’t a guy who will break tackles.  Played through nagging shoulder injuries through his past season, which could bring up a concern regarding his durability in the pros.  Could be described as a one-hit wonder.  Is he mentally prepared for the rigors of the NFL after a limited college experience?

PRO COMPARISON:  Clinton Portis (Formerly of the Miami Hurricanes, Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins)

That being said — Trent Richardson is likely the top back on every team’s board this year, but the race for number two comes down to Miller, Wilson and Martin.  I have Miller as a Top 40 player in this years draft, but he does not have a first round grade from me.  He would have been better suited to go back to Miami and gain one more year of experience before declaring for the pros.

Overall, I think he is a great fit in Denver and would work well as a complimentary back to McGahee.  He is a true difference maker at the position and could be the fire Denver needs to have an explosive offense in 2012.  Miller has all the tools in the NFL to be a legitimate #1 tailback, but needs refinement and experience in the necessary areas to become an all-around threat.  I would not advise selecting Miller at #25, but if the Broncos traded down and accumulated an extra selection or so, he would definitely have great value at the top of the second round.

How would the rest of Broncos nation feel if the Broncos made Lamar Miller their first draft choice?

  • MiamiMike

    I was born in Denver and grew up here in Florida. I have always been a Broncos fan a Hurricanes fan since mid 70′. I was a Miller fan win he played for my Canes but as a pro he is not ready. I would take if he ever fell in middle rounds. We know that won’t happen though. Miller is fast when in the open he will out run many guys. He does not catch well and seems to always be hurt. I think he should have stayed his senior season.

  • Anonymous

    A RB in the first round? Do. Not. Want.

  • Tim Lynch

    We’re barely in the first round…it won’t kill us.  We have Peyton FREAKING Manning.  Miller will miss one block in pass protection and then Manning will let him know that doing it again is ill advised under his watch.  

  • Glen Ocana

    Yes, get him, best available RB with speed and downhill running, 1-2 punch with Mcgahee,  Then get DT Wolf in the 2nd round.   

  • Matthew

    I don’t know…Denver has so many options and theres no way to tell what’ll happen till draft day. I don’t think we’ll get Miller, however. Denver is bringing in Utah state RB Robert Turbin for a visit, who in my opinion, could be a steal.

  • crazykid

    Dont forget that knowshow is actually a good receiving back. Just throwing that out there…

  • Dee Kitchens

    Trade up and draft Kuechly…I wish

  • Speer

    Pass, we need to try and draft a BEAST for our defensive line in the first draft.  Otherwise we’ll have a hard time controlling the ball because other teams will have an easy score on us.  Some of the teams schooled our defense last season and I remember the embarrassment and it’s a sucky feeling.

  • mcyogi

    can you say knowshow 2.0? we need a downhill runner that can take the beating that mcgahee is too old to handle

  • Anonymous

    25 is way too high for Miller. Robert Turbin is visiting next week, we could nab him in the third. A dt (brandon ‘yams’ thompson) in the second and peter konz in the first and we would be pretty hard to F with on both sides of the ball with four draft picks left (more defensive depth possibly a wr).

    When did he run a 3.36? His fastest time at the combine was 4.40.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You should read this article about Turbin from the SF Chronicle.

    And check out my piece here on broncotalk, posted Monday, profiling the running back prospects this year. Robert Turbin’s section is particularly extensive.

  • Anonymous

    Wait til #108 for Wolfe.

  • Cdub12344321

    Haha ironic I just said this exact same thing in the Justin Banan post!

  • Anonymous

    If we take a RB in the 1st, that’s just a joke. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m feeling more and more like the Broncos are going to trade out of the first round if they can find a suitor (provided there’s no one on the board that they consider as a must have).  If we could trade out of the first round and pick up a high second round pick and a 3rd round pick I’d say go for it.  

  • Matt S

    Way too high a pick to draft Miller at.  As history has shown, many quality backs can be acquired in mid to late rounds.  I agree that we need someone to share the load with McGahee, but I think the team has too many more pressing needs to take a flyer on a talented but unproven back at that spot.

  • Matthew

    Great article. Amazing story. His hard work Ethic is astounding. Thanks!

  • Matthew

    I think we could trade down to get him in the second, or maybe even trade up in the second and still use our first pick on a DT. He has the same one-cut running style that T.D. had. And hes almost the exact same size. He’s also a very effective return man and would add a huge amount of explosiveness to our offense, especially with the slant running plays that Peyton Manning ran in Indy. I think hes worth a second round pick. There will obviously still be some solid DT’s in the second if needed.