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Published on 04/12/2012 at Thu Apr 12 12:52.
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Brock Osweiler, QB, ASU

Height: 6’7

Weight: 242

Forty: 4.94 (pro-day)

Starts: 15

Record: 8-7

TD-INT: 33-15

Brock Osweiler is hot on Denver’s radar. Five days ago, John Fox,  Mike McCoy, Adam Gase, Brian Xanders, and John Elway made the trip down to Tempe, Arizona to hold a private workout with Osweiler. If the Broncos liked what they saw, then you better believe that he’ll be sitting high on the draft board.


Brock Osweiler is a six foot, seven inch tall, quarterback from Arizona State University. Originally, Osweiler was committed to Gonzaga to play basketball.

However, in the wake of his surging football skills he chose to play for Arizona State over Stanford and Washington State.

Osweiler played in games throughout his freshman year sparingly and he started the last two games of the season his sophomore year. He was handed the reins of the offense in his junior season, this last year.

Osweiler only has one full season of starts under his belt.

Season Analysis

During his starting season he completed 63% of his passes for 4,036 yards, 26 TDs and 13 interceptions.

At the beginning of the season he lead the Sun Devils to a 5-1 record. The rest of the season did not got as well, ASU finished the regular season beaten and bruised with a 1-5 record.

Somehow the Sun Devils qualified for a Bowl Game, and they were embarrassed 56-24 by Boise State.

Osweiler had two big wins last season. One win was over Missouri, which was ASU’s first win over a ranked team since 2007. The other win was against USC, which was ASU’s first win over USC in 11 games.

In both of those wins, Osweiler showed a lot of heart and willingness, but his offense limited him to screen and swing passes.

USC Game

On one drive against USC, Osweiler threw the same screen, to the same side, four times. Sadly, USC could not defend the play and it resulted in a touchdown and aided the Sun Devils in their 43-22 rout over USC.

Bottom line

USC was not prepared for this game, Matt Barkley specifically. Osweiler played one of his best games all year and showed flashes of brilliance.

Arizona State running back Cameron Marshall really carried the game though with 141 yards rushing, 5.6 yards per carry, and 3 touchdowns.

Missouri Game

During the Missouri game Osweiler was looking to bring the Sun Devils up to 30 points from 23. In search of a touchdown he threw up a wild pass, but the play resulted in a defensive pass interference call.

A few plays later Osweiler took advantage of a broken defensive play and scampered into the end zone for the touchdown. Missouri would come back and tie the game up and miss a field goal to send it into overtime.

In overtime Osweiler’s screen passes proved fatal to the Tigers as he his 11 yard screen pass resulted in the game winning touchdown.

Bottom line

Osweiler was cool under pressure in this game, but he was heavily aided by the pass interference call and the ability of his running backs to make defenders miss on the screen passes.

Osweiler did have one great 60-yard bomb for a touchdown that really showed off his arm strength and ability to be accurate with the deep ball.

Boise State Game

During this trifling loss, Osweiler threw an absolutely horrible pick-six in the red zone, forcing the ball to his receiver without even looking anywhere else.

Osweiler did not do well underneath pressure all season and Boise State smelled the blood in the water. The Boise State defensive line swarmed Osweiler all game and barely gave him anytime to breathe.

Bottom line 

The previously mentioned pick-six is a perfect representation of Osweiler’s performance that game. All game Osweiler forced his throws regardless of the coverage.

He knew they were down and they needed a big play to lift them back into the game, but he was way too entirely reckless and contributed to the disaster.

Overall Analysis

Brock Osweiler is no doubt a project. It is not entirely certain why he chose to forgo the rest of his eligibility to enter the draft early.

Osweiler would have really gained a lot of needed experience by staying an extra year and leading a promising Arizona State team.

Many scouts criticize Osweiler for his sidearm throwing motion and his low release point, especially for how tall he is. During a couple games last season Osweiler also would botch perfectly snapped balls.

Osweiler did not take very many, or possibly any at all, snaps under center either. His pro-readiness is extremely low and a team would have to be dedicated to his growth.

Player comparison 

Derek Anderson – Both Anderson and Osweiler are big, strong armed, former PAC-12 players. Anderson is known for his erratic passes and poor decision making at times. Those tendencies also appear in Brock Osweiler as well. Anderson had a Pro Bowl season is 2007, but the rest of his career has fallen flat since then.

  • Jon

    Only 15 starts? I’d pass on a QB this year and pursue one next offseason.

  • Anonymous

    A good, realistic analysis on Osweiler. I like him. He needs a whole lot of work, but he would get it while waiting behind Manning. He would be a low risk, possibly high reward candidate, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind picking him up if we could get him the 3rd or 4th, but otherwise wouldn’t do it.

  • T-Money

    I’m a sun devil and had to watch the whole freaking season go down the tubes.  He’s good, but down played because of the numb nuts coach he had in Dennis Erickson.  

    I swear all they did was bubble screens, quick slants, and skinny posts.  

  • Anonymous

    “I swear all they did was bubble screens, quick slants, and skinny posts.”

    Seriously. I watched a ton of his game tape and I kept thinking, “Are they going to do anything else?”

  • Anonymous

    With all the needs on defense, he’s only worth it if he’s available in the fourth.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I watched a lot of tape on him. There is a lot to like about him, but he just needs a ton of work.

    I don’t really know why he chose to leave early though. He could have possibly forged his way into a sure fire first rounder in 2013.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t we just get rid of an unpolished project QB?  Train Weber and get to getting on the Defense.

  • Doug England

    I just thing it is way too premature to be looking for a QB.  The Broncos just need to amass as many good football players as possible and let Peyton work his maigc.  Which he will.  To the benefit of both sides of the ball.

    I know every one is antsy about Peyton’s health.  And four neck surgeries sounds bad.  But his neck is now more stable than it has been in years.  The fear was about the nerve regenerating and his arm strength coming back.

    Yes, anything can happen in a football game.  But Peyton does not take many hits… he reads the defense too well and gets rid of the ball too fast.

    Peyton is motivated.  The Broncos are blessed to have him.  Don’t be surprised if he plays out the five years of his contract.  Peyton LOVES to play QB.  He LIVES for it.  As long as Peyton is under center, the Broncos are going to be very competitive. And it will be a very fun ride.

    And the Broncos don’t need to worry about another QB right now.

  • MiamiMike

    What is going with Weber? Has there been any improvements at all? Im guessing something is being seen that the coaches sent like. I have yet to hear that he has potential or is improving at least. Can anyone give a update on this? Thanks for any input

  • Anonymous

    I wondered the same thing… Wear out his welcome??? Who knows? One thing is for sure; he should be able to see over the linemen…lol.

  • Anonymous

    True story! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Good post and a fun read…

  • Jon

    I hope you’re right!