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Published on 04/10/2012 at Tue Apr 10 11:06.
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You see it almost every draft. It is a passing league they say. Perhaps that’s why every year some young gunslinger goes at least two rounds too high.

Here’s a list of quarterbacks who went higher than their value since 2003.

  • Byron Leftwich – 2003 (7th)
  • Rex Grossman – 2003 (22th)
  • J.P. Losman – 2004 (25th)
  • Jason Campbell – 2005 (25th)
  • Mark Sanchez – 2009 (5th)
  • Josh Freeman – 2009 (17th)
  • Pat White – 2009 (44th)
  • Tim Tebow – 2010 (25th)
  • Blaine Gabbert – 2011 (10th)
  • Christian Ponder – 2011 (12th)

In some of these selections, the reach was worth it. Josh Freeman is looking like he could have some serious potential, Christian Ponder showed some brilliance last season, and some do argue that Tim Tebow is successful since he has a career winning record and won a playoff game, with his arm no-less. However, you can see most of these choices were serious head scratchers.

The latest multi-million dollar victim of the hype machine is Brock Osweiler. Four days ago, John Fox,  Mike McCoy, Adam Gase, Brian Xanders, and John Elway himself made a trip down to Tempe, Arizona to hold a private workout with Osweiler. That’s a lot of brass for one kid who is supposed to be a fourth round pick.

The Broncos are apparently looking really hard to find their successor to Manning already. Brandon Weeden sat down with the Broncos in a short 15 minute interview at the combine, but they Broncos reportedly came away impressed.

Make no mistakes, the stock of these two young quarterbacks is going sky high. Former Dallas Cowboys VP of Football Operations, Gil Brandt has stated that Osweiler is a first round pick. ESPN Draft Analyst Todd McShay also believes that some team just may take the risk on Osweiler in the first round.

I believe that some teams may just be desperate enough to draft the “NFL ready” Weeden at the end of the first round and Osweiler high in the second. It would not surprise me one bit if Cleveland drafts Weeden with their second first round pick they received in the Julio Jones trade.

If Denver is going to draft either Weeden or Osweiler they’ll need to spend at least second round pick doing so. The real question is, are either of them worth taking that high?

Stay tuned for both draft profile pieces on Osweiler and Weeden.

What do you think Bronco fans? Is Brock Osweiler or Brandon Weeden worth a second round selection? Should the Broncos look to find Peyton’s successor in this draft?

  • Anonymous

    No, we need to see what we have in Weber, and draft a QB in a couple of years when Manning is getting closer to retirement

  • Fullmetalcardigan

    we have had a history of taking QBs to high in the hopes of their promise and talent.  And not once has it ever worked for us.  Tommy Maddox, was that how you spelled it, comes to mind.  If one of these guys is around at the right time, ala forthfifth round go for it.  If not move on with weber and hanie and we can have this same argument a year from now when the new batch of QBs is being overrated.

  • Anonymous

    they did this last year, it’s the due diligence tour.

  • Darren

    Weeden is too old to groom behind Manning, Osweiler is only 21 so I can see him being picked up in the 3rd round if he’s still there. Draft Defense, DT, LB, CB

  • Rbschaeffer22

    This is all smoke screens! Denver can look later in the draft or wait in next years draft. Patience is a virtue! haha 

  • Tim Lynch

    Waste of time.  After Manning leads us to a 2-14 record, we’ll get that USC kid.  :P

  • Doug England

    The Broncos have made the decision to go with Manning, so they should go all in with him.  If he gets hurt, the team is not going to do anything anyway… so they might as well gamble on his health and a maximize the talent around him.

    Manning is also a control freak, and especially this year with a new team and learning a new system, he will want to be taking every snap he can in practice.

    This is not the year the Broncos should waste a pick and a roster spot on a QB.  

  • Levibertschi

    How about kellen Moore, younger then Weeden, get later in the draft (5th rounder) and would be happy to play close to home. (Idaho and Colorado are pretty close geographically)

  • Anonymous

    Haha! Who invited the new guy?!

  • Anonymous

    Bronco to Bronco.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a lot of people for some due diligence. 

    I don’t really like the idea of taking on Osweiler as a project, so I hope that’s all it is.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad that Weeden is 28, because he is really good. The Browns should draft Weeden with their second first round pick. 

    Weeden may be 28, but he’s a young 28.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really believe in seeing what Weber has to offer, but I like the idea of a healthy Manning not retiring for four more years.

  • Anonymous

    Once I get past Luck and RG3, I wouldn’t want any of these guys in the first, second, or third! For the positions we must fill (DT, CB, C, RB) I wouldn’t draft a QB until 4th or later. If Brock, Foles, BJ Coleman is still around then OK..pull the trigger. Osweiler alone, the only things I hear about this guy is that he would be a project and he is really tall (6’8ish). How his height translates into a first round pick, I dunno. I’m just not sold on any of the guys after Griffin and Luck tho. Kellen Moore has a decent chance of going undrated so why waste a pick on him when we may not have to.

  • Tom9798

    After we draft Brockers, Worthy, Poe, Still at #25 . . . the last six picks are gravy.

  • Anonymous

    Do we get all three at 25? :)

  • Tom9798

    In our dreams! . . Brockers first . .

  • Mikeerson

    ELWAY SAID:  “There is no plan B” …. I think he has to go for a QB… there is no guaranty Manning makes it to the Regular season…. Just think if Manning can’t play – I was upset when Shanahan was fired, but if Manning can’t play = ooooooh, Elway is gonna be thinking “WHAT HAVE I DONE”…… No plan B?  I guess we’re gonna be lucky if we have a PLAN C team – and “C” means average – 8-8…. the last time the Broncos were 8-8, they had a PROMISING QB THAT EVERYBODY LOVED….

  • Joshua Manning

    You forgot to add Joe Flacco on the list. 

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha! Isn’t he the best quarterback in the NFL?