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Published on 04/10/2012 at Tue Apr 10 16:00.
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Quarterback Peyton Manning (36, 14 seasons) may not be the most experienced player on the Broncos’ roster this season, as strange as that sounds.  If safety Brian Dawkins (38, 16 seasons) returns for the 2012 season, the nine-time Pro Bowler would become the oldest and most experienced player in Denver.

While he hasn’t made his decision yet, Dawkins would like to return for a seventeenth season.

“My decision will be based upon me making the right decision for me going forward — period,” Dawkins said on Sirius XM NFL Radio last month. “That’s a decision I’ll make at some point.” reports that the Broncos have kept in contact with Dawkins about returning this season and would be open to him coming back.  The team and the fans, are now awaiting his decision. 

The veteran player’s health is not a concern, as his neck is “100% recovered,” according to Dawkins.

“I have all the strength back that I lost. I can play,” said Dawkins in March.  Dawkins, an unrestricted free agent, has not drawn interest from any other teams and he noted that he would not return for the 2012 season if it was not for the Broncos.

At this stage in his career, Dawkins would probably mean more to the Broncos as an emotional leader and motivator, as well as a mentor to the younger players.  If Dawkins does choose to retire, the team won’t be scrambling to replace him on the field.

Former Cleveland Browns safety Mike Adams, who signed with Denver as a free agent last month, is expected to becoming the starting free safety and second year defensive back Quinton Carter would presumably move from free safety to strong safety — the position he played while at Oklahoma.  Denver’s secondary this season — barring a high draft selection being used on a top-tier secondary prospect — will probably consist of Champ Bailey and Tracy Porter the No. 1 and No. 2 CB’s  with Adams and Carter being the two safeties.  If Dawkins returns, he would most likely see time as a situational player.

While we would love to see Brian Dawkins back on the field this season, we hope he makes a decision that is best for his health and his family.  Let’s ride!

  • Anonymous

    Q played for the Sooners, not Cowboys.

  • Jon

    My bad, thanks for pointing that out!

  • Anonymous

    I hope he does decide to come back.  He may not be as good as he was, but still can make plays.   Plus a great leader as you mentioned in the article. 

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    I’ve been a Bdawk fan for years. It would be great to have his leadership stay on this team for 1 more year.

  • William39187

    It doesn’t say he played for the cowboys or sooners it says while he played at Oklahoma witch is correct

  • Jon

    Originally said Oklahoma State but has since been corrected.

  • Jon

    Originally said Oklahoma State but has since been corrected.

  • Anonymous

    No prob.

  • MeOMy

    Love to see him back even if it is in a limited role.

  • rcsodak

    Well, for anyone that says he cant play, look at the record/D stats with and without him.

    And anybody that would call a Soooner a Cowboy should spend a week in Timeout.


  • Anonymous

    Dawkins brings big time leadership.  If you look at the recent tweets between DJ and Royal, it just amplifies the need to have guys like Dawk out there.  

    Hope that Miller develops into the type of leader that this team needs for the long haul.