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Published on 04/05/2012 at Thu Apr 05 10:38.
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“We’ve got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill Frank Gore‘s head,” Gregg Williams is heard in the expletive-laced recording below. “We want him running sideways. We want his head sideways.”

Does something along these lines occur in every single locker room in the NFL? Yes, we think so. Does it usually get recorded and sent to the NFL’s office? No.

Word is this recording took place months into the NFL’s investigation, in which the NFL had already insisted the New Orleans Saints stop such conduct. So much for your respective appeals, Saints coaches.

(NSFW language)

  • areferee

    It’s not the rhetoric, it’s the money.

    Coaches always talk tough, coaches always will.  Rightly so!  It’s a tough sport.

    Where the line has to be drawn is at systematic, institutional and intentional injury.  Bounty for injuring and knocking someone out of the game crosses the line.  It damages the sport, as well as the players.

    Victory is sweeter when you defeat your opponent with their best players on the field anyway.

    I am frankly surprised that “brothers-in-arms” voluntarily participate in intentional injuries when it could just as easily be themselves that are targeted.  This is their livelihood on the line  Most will never have this earning potential again after their careers end.

    I support the league and their hard stance on the issue.  So should every player whose health is on the line every time they take the field of battle.

  • Dbuckj

    What a sick bastard. Get rid of this fuckstick. Firing up your defense and telling them to get some big hits and shit is awesome. Everyone does that. But to point other offensive players out and to tell your defense to break their ankles, give em a concussion, or tear their ACL is sick.

  • Anonymous

    What a dumbass.

  • Speer

    Stuff like this is no joke. It’s one thing to have a love to hit something hard but to intentionally end a players career is a mental deformity.  Having a beast like Lawrence Taylor or Steve Atwater was different because they felt bad if they injured somebody, and they knocked people out with good clean hits unlike these bounties. Unfortunately they’re mike tysons running around on the field, and williams just added to that fire.  If his defense gave him a necklace of ears he would wear it with pride. Stupid fucks are what I call leaders like Greg Williams and others who actually follow his advise.  A good player is capable of giving a good clean hit knockout, a shitty player try’s to break a neck because they suck soo bad they are not capable of giving a good clean hit.

  • Speer

    And here is a good example of some of Greg Williams’s work:

  • King

     Just “football”.  Isn’t that what you said Herc? 

  • Anonymous

    Nope.  It sure isn’t.  

    Say, who won the AFC East last year? I can’t remember.

  • King

    PM could possibly collect a huge sum of money from the Saints organization (yes, they are liable legally since Mr. Williams was/is an “agent” of the organization) and Mr. Williams since this is where he suffered his neck injury.  

    Forget about the possible criminal aspect of this.

  • King

     Meant to say “Redskins” instead of “Saints”. 

  • Speer

    Agreed, Peyton should absolutely sue.  Some car accidents aren’t as bad as this. 

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Marty Schottenheimer tell his players to take out Elway once?

  • Orange Crush

    Arrogance.  Sean Payton apparently thinks he’s untouchable, above reproach, NFL royalty.  We’ve seen precious little contriteness.  Instead, blame-shifting, denial, and begging.  I’d kick the snotty little POS to the curb and leave him there.  Warned, several times, and thought he was too smart, too big, too ….. pure?  And let it continue on his team.  Never let this guy make another buck in the league again – ever!  I’m sick of the excuses for Payton.  He hasn’t shown one second of remorse for others he contributed to their end of ability to make the big bucks in the biggest show.  Why the sympathy for him?  No, you’ll get no forgiveness from me.  NFL gave you the out, and you ignored it and thought you were too smart and big to be held accountable like us peons.  If we’d let something like this occur in our workplaces, we would be in JAIL.  Make an example of this chump that other coaches will remember for a long, long, long time to come!

  • Orange Crush

    Oh, and kudos to Roger Goodell.  The commish continues to impress.