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Published on 04/02/2012 at Mon Apr 02 11:00.
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Tomorrow, the NFL and Nike will announce the Denver Broncos2012 uniforms.  On Monday, Nike and New Era debuted fan apparel and sideline gear for the 2012 season.

The team’s 2012 Draft Caps debuted on Shop.DenverBroncos and on Monday, and 2012 fan apparel from Nike was also released.

There are a wide-range of No. 18 Peyton Manning t-shirts, new caps, Broncos t-shirts and performance shorts.  Two notable articles of clothing which debuted are these snazzy performance shorts and a Nike t-shirt which shows the team’s 2012 helmet design — with one noticeable change.

Since 1997, the stripe on Denver’s helmet has started in the back and dashed forward.  On Nike‘s t-shirt design, the helmet’s stripe starts in the front and goes back down the helmet.

This could just be a design glitch on the t-shirt or something that was overlooked.  We’ll find out tomorrow when the team’s new uniform is displayed for the first time in New York.

Stay tuned, the Denver Broncos’ 2012 uniform will be announced soon!  Are you excited about any possible changes?

  • Anonymous

    Haha, they got a 19 Royal shirt in there…guess it’s a throwback.

  • anthony33

    Would like to see the plain orange jerseys with the logo on the sleeve (as shown) as the official jersey.

  • Tom9798

    With all the technology available, this could be the worst, generic, over-priced crap that I’ve seen.
    I’m speaking from a fan’s point of view.  The uniforms are what they are.
    I guess the whole contract, for team, and fan’s, is a whole contract.  What a shame.
    When it comes to a ball cap, I’m still waiting for the screaming white Bronco on top of the Stadium with a dark blue background to become the official hat.  On the back, towards the bottom, the NFL logo, and, ‘Denver Broncos’ written underneath.
    Who is going to fly to another city with an orange hat that says, ‘DENVER’?

  • Dominick AKA D.O.

    was hoping that the uni’s would’ve gotten a whole new, revamped look… something drastic and flashy, a la what Nike hooks up for the Oregon Ducks every weekend! 

  • Rbschaeffer22

    Also, Denvers’ numbers are different style. Just slight changes were down to the uni’s 

  • Anonymous

    just noticed that… I do think the squared off numbers look better than the rounded ones.

  • Anonymous

    How about the new logo inside the old D. 

  • Anonymous

    Would also like to see them get rid of the white and replace with silver.  Lots of blue, orange and white uni’s… no one has blue, orange and sliver.