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Published on 04/01/2012 at Sun Apr 01 11:55.
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1984 by George Orwell was a damn good book, but little did we know that the real theme of the book truly was.

Forget about Winston Smith’s rebellion against The Party, aka Big Brother. This book is all about how John Elway would come into the NFL and the Oakland Raiders would be barren of championships for almost 30 years now.

January 4th, 1984. From the time of this post, it has been…

889,703,425 seconds

14,828,392 minutes

10,297 days

1,471 weeks

339 months

or 28 years

… since the Raiders have won their last Super Bowl. 

It was a beautiful day in Tampa Bay, Barry Manilow was the singing the National Anthem, Pat Summerall and John Madden (our boy) were announcing the game, and the Redskins were favored by three.  Marcus Allen trounced the Redskins all game in route to our 38 – 9 victory and his MVP title. January 4th, 1984.

“I won’t play of the Baltimore Colts.” Why couldn’t he have just played baseball? Robert Irsay, why did you give into his demands?

John Elway spent 16 seasons in the NFL.

The Raiders would only go to the playoffs in five of those seasons.

The Raiders would only win three AFC West titles during John Elway’s tyranny (and only two of them outside of his rookie year).

It is no coincidence that the season that John Elway was drafted was the same season the Raiders won their last Super Bowl. It is also of no coincidence that the season John Elway became the Bronco’s VP of Football Operations that the Raiders would fall short of the playoffs and the Broncos would take their rightful playoff appearance. Now John Elway is bringing Peyton Manning to the AFC West! When will it stop?!

Something needs to be done about this guy.

(Update: April Fools!)

  • Ilestpro


  • Broncofan7726

    Suck it faiders!!

  • Poisonlady65

    As a Broncos fan I have to laugh…sorry about the bad luck…okay maybe not hahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • Broncoxxxii

    Raiders fans….so useless….you have nothing good to talk about from your own team so you need to revel in how awesome the Broncos are, we’re, and always will be!!!

  • Anonymous

    funny stuff East!

  • Anonymous

    I never put it all together but your right!! The Elway Curse, he really has been a thorn in their sides, this whole time. I remember when the Raiders lost to the Broncos in like 1977 the AFC Championship the only Super Bowl the Broncos have been to with out Elway. But as soon as Elway came into the league the Raiders did not go back to the Super Bowl until after Elway won 2 and retired. The Dumb Raiders had the worst superbowl defeat… to their old coach haha What a way to lose the Super Bowl!!! Yeah Raiders suck I hate seeing the “Raiders Talk” on the top of the screen I hope you guys change it back pretty soon lol :) Go Broncos!