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Published on 04/01/2012 at Sun Apr 01 09:00.
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#94 Jarvis Moss & #51 Aaron Curry pictured playing for the Oakland Raider, 2011.

Oakland made quiet moves to bolster their linebacking corp over the last two years, in this article we will explore which is the best.  Drafting Rolando McClain in the first round certainly helped the beleaguered Silver and Black defense, but it was the addition of two cast offs that have the Raiders poised to be contenders in 2012.  First, there was the ultimate cut day steal of former 1st round pick Jarvis Moss from the Broncos.  Moss had given Denver three and half years of loyalty to only be given walking papers by the Broncos front office.  How could a team give up on a guy who averaged 8 sacks a season at the University of Florida?  Sure Moss has struggled some since starting in the NFL, but the man has nearly doubled his season sack average since moving to the correct side of the AFC West.

Love stealing a former 17th overall pick from a Division Rival?  How about bamboozling a former division rival for a 4th overall pick?  When Oakland traded a 7th rounder and a conditional 2013 pick to the Seahawks for Wake Forest standout Aaron Curry things got real beside the bay.  No one can deny the potential potency of combining 1450 points in draft point value to create the ultimate backing group

Projected 2012 Oakland Starting Linebackers

But I digress.  Lets see what Curry has done for Raider Nation since his move.

This makes picking a winner awfully tough.  And with McClains’ recent legal troubles Oakland will need help from this dynamic duo for outside pressure.  Reviewing all these measurables here at Raidertalk, our team has come up with one clear cut winner.  Jarvis Moss.  While we can’t help but fall in love with everything Curry brings to the team, being able to take a highly productive player off of your hated division rival is too valuable to the franchise.  The AFC better watchout, because the underdogs are coming.

(Update: April Fools!)

  • Anonymous

    Well done, gentlemen.

  • Dbuckj

    Alright this was a good joke! But…
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  • Anonymous

     I don’t know.  I would be ok with BT turning permanently turning into a Raider bashing site!

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    Ignorance is bliss … donkeys! Still need one more Lombardi trophy to talk trash though … no credability … sites a joke. haha Raider Nation!

    P.S. You want to here a joke, Tim Yeblow in the first round … now that’s a joke bahahahahahaha.

  • Orange Crush

    Apparently you thought the Jamarcus Russell $100M first round thing was fictional?

  • Donkeys Suck

    He could of been a stud … was just mad niggerish and cared more about money and purple drank. Atleast he could throw a spiral … you know something you learn when your 5. Made my point … Done with this site, unlike you Dobkey’s, I have a life. Raider Nation!

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