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Published on 04/05/2012 at Thu Apr 05 13:00.
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(John Leyba/The Denver Post)

(Editor’s note: The following is a tryout piece for the BT Staff by Chris Schmaedeke.)

Peyton Manning signed a 5-year deal with the Broncos, but the team knows he can’t play forever.

The Broncos signed former CSU standout Caleb Hanie to back up Manning next season, but after his showing in Chicago is probably not the long term answer after Manning.

So, what do the Broncos do?

They have a hall of fame quarterback on their roster which makes it the perfect chance to draft and develop. The Broncos have no chance at the Stanford’s Andrew Luck, Baylor’s RGIII or even Texax A&M’s Ryan Tannehill, but Denver could score get some great value with a QB in the later rounds.

Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden was thought to be on the Broncos’ radar but his age may play a factor with Denver signing Manning. Weeden, who will be 29 in October, threw for 4,328 yards for the Cowboys. He would have to sit behind Manning for up to five years and that could stunt his development.

The two that stand out both played in the Pac-12.

Arizona’s Nick Foles and Arizona States’ Brock Osweiler could fit the mold of the Broncos’ idea of a quarterback. Both are pocket passers with good size, strong arms and put up big numbers last season.

Foles, who is 6-foot-5, led the Pac-12 in total offense. The senior put up big numbers despite the Wildcats struggling last season.

Osweiler is measured at about 6-foot-7 and has a big arm. At Combine, scout felt he was a bit wiry and may not be able to take a hit. TheBroncos’ offensive line and good running game is very helpful in keeping a QB on their feet.

Both of these QBs may go as early as the second round, so the Broncos would have to act quick. The team has holes on defense and will be looking to fill them in the draft, but the Broncos don’t want to be stuck in a couple years wondering what to do at the QB position.

Should the Broncos draft a QB in the first two rounds of the 2012 Draft?

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  • Anonymous

    Given that we have at least 2-3 years before we need Manning’s replacement to step in I think it would be foolish to spend a 1st-2nd round pick on a QB.  If one of these QB’s falls into the 3rd/4th round then fine, grab em.  If not I would wait until next year when we will likely have filled many of our other holes and can afford to draft a backup QB.  

  • Speer

    We really need to fix our defensive line first, it’ll be the difference between a possible Superbowl and a playoff game.  Unfortunately the need for a strong defense > backup quarter back IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in the “we are freaking set at QB, have been talking nothing but QB for a year, for the love of all that is good please get some freaking Defensive Tackles and lay off the QB’s!!!!!” side.

  • Operative117

    The highest they should use is a 3rd. Some projections have Foles available in 4th.

  • Jon

    I say start thinking about drafting a kid to learn under him next year, focus on building the defense and around Manning this year.

  • Speer

    None of them. There is no plan B. We got this!!!

  • kcbroncofan

    I’m with you, no plan B!!

  • Anonymous

    Adam Weber baby! 

  • Anonymous

    Few things….
    A) I didn’t know we could “try out” to be a writer for if so…. umm…. can I try out?
    B) I’m with TD30. Enough about the QBs already. We don’t need to draft a QB high unless we fall into the fortunate situation that the Packers were in when Rodgers fell from potentially #1 overall to #24. So if say Andrew Luck or Cam Newton “slips” to #25, I say go ahead and grab him. If not, make QB a complete afterthought in this draft.

    I might even jump for joy if we didn’t draft a QB this year. Apply that same logic for the next 2-3 years, and then we’ll have such a tremendously talented team because we drafted defense and other positions not called QB, that whoever we eventually draft or sign to be Manning’s replacement will walk into a can’t-lose situation.

  • Monty

    Absolutely! People just took the initiative. Shoot me an email at!

  • Anonymous

    If there’s a good value available in the 4-5-6 round range for QB then let’s take it, if not then I think we can be ok with what we have right now.

  • Anonymous

    What no Fred Hanie?

  • Anonymous

    Can I get an amen brother Trog???

  • Anonymous

    I think Caleb Hanie is a scrub by NFL standards AND I like both of these guys. IF one fell to the third round I could see the “might as well” scenario in play there.

    BUT I agree Pete, enough. Lets see what our latest “situation” is going to play out. Truth is its gonna ROCK or some of us (me) are going to be a tad disappointed. Its playoffs or bust! I say let Hanie and Weber battle it out – I like the Weber kid as well – and wait for the QB thing. I’d rather see a good RB fall to us in the third…

  • Anonymous

    BTW I liked a couple of these articles. I as well wondered who rote them but one was really pretty good (I even told’em so ;-)).

  • Dbuckj

    I want Lamar Miller more then anything!!! Some have him late in the first and even late in the second. That dude is 212 ibs. And ran the fastest RB forty in te combine!! He exploits through the hole like an animal as once in the open field he is down to take it home every time! He also is a great receiver which would be a huge Benifit to manning! And idk but those miami hurricanes seem to produce NFL running backs! (frank gore, Willis Mcgahee, Clinton Portia, and more.) hopefully he falls in the second. Or we take him in the first and two DT in the later rounds. Doubt that though.

  • Anonymous

    You funny JD…

  • Nathanv01

    Getting Lamar Miller would be sweet.Id be happy getting DT Michael Brockers with our first,Taking Lamar Miller with our second round pick or if hes not available get another DT with our second round pick and grab RB Nick Polk with our 3rd Rounder and then Id pick up either some OL help or more DT help with one of our 4th Rounders and then with either our late 4th rounder or even our 5th round Pick pick up QB Nick Foles and have him learn behind Manning for a few years.We do that and well be set for the season!!

  • Mikeerson

    speak up?  which QB will learn from Manning???  that’s easy…ELWAY….Elway is gonna learn you don’t GIVE Tebow away… Tebow is gonna be GREAT – IF he had someone to believe in him… MORE FANS BELIEVE IN TEBOW THAN ANY OTHER PLAYER -so why doesn’t Elway?  Elway got rid of Tebow like a bad parent on drugs giving up on their kid…. Tebow was the perfect fit for the broncos…. Elway would of had his dream QB Manning playing while Tebow Learned the Elway/Manning QB style…  Tebow can throw – anybody rember the Pittsburgh game? ….So, Elway is gonna learn people in Denver that love him now have seen his “Fake” side – We all seen you didn’t like Tebow, you wanted to get rid of him – the ONLY THING that would of kept Tebow in Denver is if he won a Superbowl – and you didn’t see that coming, did you Elway…. Tebow is gonna win the Jets over, and I hope he wins every SUPERBOWL until Manning retires………..  DOES THAT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION? 

  • areferee

     Yes, but let Big Pete do the tryout!  OK?


  • areferee


  • Guest
  • Anonymous

    Tim Who?  We are talking about the 2012 season, I have triple checked the roster and this person is not on it. 

  • Anonymous

    You might as well sign him up, he writes an article every response anyways! :-)

  • Monty

    Hahaha, you have a point.

  • virginiabronco

    I absolutely know the answer to this