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Published on 04/01/2012 at Sun Apr 01 07:30.
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Hue Jackson watches a replay and decides not to challenge a play when the San Diego Chargers appeared to fumble the ball on a kick off in the fourth quarter at Coliseum on January 1, 2012 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

2011 saw the Oakland Raiders come within inches of their 13th AFC West crown needing literally just one win in Week 17. The Denver Broncos squeaked away with the title and famously back-peddled into the playoffs only to use up all of their Jesus juice while beating the Pittsburgh Steelers with one of the most miraculous throws in Tim Tebow‘s career. They of course were beaten to a pulp the next week by the New England Patriots (for the second time in 2011).

The Patriots, as Raiders fans will know, are largely populated by players that Oakland has basically put out to pasture. Had Oakland had one more crack at Denver the outcome would have been obvious– obliteration, the Broncos would not have stood a chance. With that, I present to you the top five reasons why Oakland deserved the AFC West crown:

5.) Darren McFadden was one week away from coming back from injury
Can you imagine our prolific running back Darren McFadden against the likes of Pittsburgh in the playoffs? There is no answer on the Steelers’ defense, not a single one… He would have rushed for 150-200 yards easily. Not to mention what he would have then turned around the following week and down to the Patriots, come on! With a healthy McFadden back in the lineup there is no one standing in the way between the Raiders and the Super Bowl, that’s a fact.

4.) Strength of common opponents-
Sure, Oakland played all of the same opponents last season except for two, but when the Raiders played the teams they were at full-strength. When the team left the stadium leaving behind only, broken bones, the screams of terrified wives and mud holes that’s when the Broncos would play them. Only then! Would Denver get a crack at the team, it’s borderline conspiracy on behalf of the NFL to make Tebow’s path to the playoffs as simple as possible.

3.) The trade for Carson Palmer-
Another fumble on behalf of the NFL (which almost always seem to bounce in a way that will most negatively effect Oakland), Carson Palmer should have been a Raider a whole two, if not three weeks earlier! That’s three wins the NFL cost us! That’s the difference between 8-8 and 11-5! Come on NFL, if a player doesn’t want to play for his team they shouldn’t be allowed to retain his rights, they should be done with him right then. Just like it is in the NBA, when a player wants out in the NBA he just tells the media. That’s it, it’s that simple. Palmer did that in like August when he found out Hue Jackson was 100% coming back to coach the Raiders.

2.) Tie-breaker games-
Why aren’t there tie-breaker games in the NFL? Had Oakland had a tie-breaker game at the end of the season against Denver instead of against the San Diego Chargers the Raiders would have won easily. I mean did you see what the Broncos and Tebow did against the less than almighty Kansas City Chiefs led by none other than Tebow’s mentor Kyle Orton. From what I can remember Tebow completed around five passes that game and couldn’t even score a touchdown. Seriously had that been Oakland instead of Kansas City, Oakland’s definitely in the playoffs.

1.) Praying should be punished just as harshly as excessive celebration-
Seriously, I don’t care who you pray to or what religion you are, keep that behind closed doors. I mean what if every time the NFL wanted to mic up Tebow he was saying a Satanic chant and before he got interviewed post-game he gave his almighty graciousness to Al Davis. Roger Goodell would put the stop to that with the quickness. What’s the real difference between Davis and God though? One’s dead. With the amount of fines Tebow would have racked up just in pre-game and post-game camera time Goodell would have had no choice to to suspend him for at least a game, Broncos would have lost to the Chiefs and the Raiders would have been in the playoffs. I know that the Raiders would have still had to have beat the Chargers, but with no Tebow in the way that would have been no problem.

Harsh? Yeah, but the problem with the truth is that it is usually brutal. The Raiders, not the Broncos deserved the AFC West crown last season. It may be a pill that’s quite tough to swallow for some Denver fans, but they won’t be able to disagree.

(Update: April Fools!)

  • Epps51br

    It may a pill tough to swallow for Raiders fans, but you didn’t win the AFC West, and you can’t disagree.

  • King

    Who wrote this bunk?  IF the Raiders really “deserved” it, they would have won it.  To the victor go the spoils.  

    I would have no problem if someone wants to pray to Satan.  Reading this article in it’s entirety proves Ian’s problem is that the Broncos were led by a Christian to the playoffs, and that really chaps his hide. 

    And they gnashed on him with their teeth…

  • Dustin McKee

    All Due RESPECT Mr. Henson. You are COMPLETELY right! I cannot disagree with your comments BUT! Remind me Did your Raiders Sweep the Seires with the Broncos? “If that had been Oakland instead od Kansas City. Oakland’s definately in the playoffs.”  3/4 of this article is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! BUT! the other 1/4 is you FLAPPING YOUR GUMS & BLOWING HOT AIR!  The FACT IS If Your team DESERVED to win the west, THEY WOULD HAVE!….ALL the Raiders had to do was WIN their last game! THE FACT of which they DIDN’T! There’s a BITTER PILL to SWALLOW! I can ADMIT when my team isn’t great! The Broncos BACKED INTO THE PLAYOFFS! “Only to use up all of their Jesus juice while beating Pittsburgh” REALLY? is the BEST you, a man who makes his living writing for an newspaper can do? Are we BACK in the 7TH GRADE?  

    IT’S OVER, ACCEPT IT!….BE A MAN! not a CRYBABY who makes   excuses for your BIG, BAD RAIDERS! WOULDA, COULDA, SHOULDA!

                                     YES, A BRONCO FAN!

  • Ltm669

    LOL. Gd points but the NFL had nothing to do with wins or loses. If I’ve read right, the reason why palmer got held up was because of the Bengals. The raiders played a damn gd season, the injury to Jason campell hurt the team. Before he got hurt raiders were a gd team. Rusty palmer needed time get up to speed. In the end, raiders had injurys to keys player’s that hurt them down the road. Win by an inch or mile winning is winning.

  • King

    I know this is April fools day, but can we get the Bronco board back?

    This Raider mess is making me throw up in my mouth.

  • Kananipuc

    Losers……… you’re right, the truth is brutal, RAIDERS DID NOT WIN AFC WEST! Swallow that!

  • MoreStickum

    Here’s five reasons why we did NOT deserve to win the AFC West…
    1. Second Half meltdown in Buffalo. Five Second Half Buffalo possessions…five TD’s.
    2. Raider’s Second Half Defense at home against Denver.
    3. Raider’s Second Half Defense at home against Detroit.
    4. Raider’s Second Half Defense at home against San Diego.
    5. Chuck Bresnahan

  • Scotthertenstein

    it doesnt get any better for them sorry raiders with Manning in the mix….haha

  • Skelator

    Used Kyle Orton bobblehead VooDoo doll for sale.  Slight wear.  Make offer.  50% rebate if your name is Eli or Shanahan.  Call (666) 666-6666, nights only.

  • Troy

    I disagree. no one in the entire afc west deserved to be in the playoffs last year,denver got in because someone had to go.  i was born a raider and i will die a raider,but again no afc west team deserved to go to the playoffs,ya it looks good on paper,if we made the playoffs last year,but thats really it. i would rather go into the playoffs  a powerful team with as good a shot as anybody at makin the big show,rather than limp in,just to say i made it,and really not being close to ready to compete at the level required. the team of the decades went to the superbowl in ’02,so we still have 8years to make the afc championship or superbowl for this decade,like we have in every single decade past. one nation

  • Troy

     couldnt agree more

  • Paz4vida

    The Denver donkey bitches lost they should never had made it to the play offs raiders had better records Wtf? Oakland was cheated last season with the New rules your cheating ass team can’t do shit for penalties Oakland hunting season in 2012

  • King

     Funny post. 

    The Broncos won the AFC east.  Move on.

  • King

     What did we lose uneducated Raiders fan? 

    We won the AFC east and beat the Steelers.  A win, is a win, is a win.  And you guys just know you will lose twice to us this year. 

    Don’t.  You.  Forget it.

  • Anonymous


  • Monty

    When did the AFC East become involved at all?!

  • Ian Henson

     I too enjoy how somehow the Broncos became members of the AFC East through the comments.

  • Chad Miller

    You’re an idiot. Raiders suck and will finish at the bottom of the AFC West this season.

  • Chad Miller

    The Broncos deserved to go and beat the Steelers. Did the Steelers not deserve to go either? Don’t give me any BS about they were injured… Blah, blah, blah. Typical Hater Nation garbage.