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Published on 04/01/2012 at Sun Apr 01 16:00.
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(Brant Ward / The Chronicle)

With the arrival of new Head Coach Dennis Allen this off-season, we thought it would be fun to go back and look at the Raiders’ top ten head coaches since the 1995 season.  We have the coaches ranked in order of their winning percentages.

1. Dennis Allen (Undefeated)

Allen is of course undefeated until the season starts, so he has the best win percentage among Raiders’ coaches since ’95.  One of the things that has impressed us the most about Allen is his aggressive style of defense.  Allen studied under former New Orleans Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams when he was the Saints secondary coach from 2008-2010.  Under Williams, Allen learned many ways to get production out of a defense that we are hoping he brings to Oakland.

2. Jon Gruden (.594) 

Gruden spent four seasons in Oakland (from 1998-2001) but wasn’t all he was cracked up to be.  We got to the Super Bowl the year after he moved on, so it wasn’t like we missed him.  Gruden is now working with ESPN providing quality information to viewers of Monday Night Football.  Gruden’s classy and calm demeanor is to be commended and it will always be remembered on RaiderTalk.

3. Hue Jackson (.500)

Jackson coaches us last season, when the team went 8-8.  After starting 7-4 before missing the playoffs, we all understood why the Raiders chose to fire Jackson following the 2011 season.

4. and 5. Bill Callahan and Mike White (.469)

Callahan (’02-03) and White (’95-96) both won 15 games and lost 17 during their respective coaching tenures.  Callahan was one of just two coaches (including Gruden) that have led Oakland to a playoff appearance since 1995, which is why he is an honorary #3 coach.

6. Tom Cable (.386)

Can we all just forget about Cable and move on?  Not even going to comment on him.

7. Norv Turner (.281)

Turner’s lack of playoff success in Oakland was a sign of things to come for San Diego (but they were too stupid to realize it).  In two seasons as the Raiders head coach, Turner led the team to a 9-23 record before moving on to coach in San Diego.  Frankly, we were glad when the Chargers signed Turner, which set them back several seasons.

8. and 9. Joe Bugel and Lane Kiffin (.250)

Bugel (1997) and Kiffin (2007-2008) lasted about as long as Tim Tebow‘s throwing motion (long in terms of throwing motions but short in terms of coaching tenures).  The two coaches won a combined nine games in a combined three seasons while losing twenty-seven others.  Needless to say, Oakland has seen better coaches than the two mentioned above.

10. Art Shell (.125)

Last, and certainly least among Oakland’s top-ten coaches since ’95, Art Shell coached the team during the 2006 season to a 2-14 record.  Understandably, he was fired following the dismal year.  If there are any former coaches missed in Oakland, Shell is not among them.

So there it is!  There’s a handful of memorable and historic coaches on the list above and they will always be remembered for their contributions to Raider Nation.  Among the coaches listed above, who was your favorite?

(Update: April Fools!)

  • Anonymous

    “Bugel (1997) and Kiffin (2007-2008) lasted about as long as Tim Tebow‘s throwing motion (long in terms of throwing motions but short in terms of coaching tenures).”
    ROTFL I love how you broke that down! 

  • Tom9798


  • Tom9798


  • Anonymous

    Norv Turner is the greatest coach of all time

  • Orange Crush

    Gotta love Norv.  He can always find a way to lose!  And he’s always a gentleman about it.  Never goes home to take it out on his wife or assistants like Cable.

  • Guess Who?

    1-18-5-6-5-18-5-5   20-8-9-14-11-19   20-8-9-19   9-19   1 

    6-21-14-14-25   1-16-18-9-12   6-15-15-12-’19   10-15-11-5!
    7-15-15-4   10-15-2   7-21-25-19!

  • Paz4vida

    Norv turner stand up man but fucking shitty ass coach just as bad as the no good QB Tim TEBOW who has the shittiest place to play in now Mark Sánchez town Jet territory along with injury prone chaz schillens new York will never make it to the play offs

  • Paz4vida


  • Guest

     your an idiot

  • Monty

    This was so great. I have a “grand finale” RaiderTalk post scheduled for tonight, but this probably should have taken its place. Well done Jon.

  • Anonymous

    I sent you guys an email saying that it was annoying…lol. Well, cuz it is, BUT pretty funny as well… ;-).

    As for Gruden (being a big fan of his) he was one ridiculously BAD call away from taking the Traiders to the Bowl. Yeah, yeah, its true I just happen to like Gruden so I thought I’d point that out ;-)…

    I love me some Chucky…lol.

  • areferee

    I am truly disappointed that there weren’t a few cryptographers out there.  Kyle?  Jon?

    Oh well!

    areferee (1-18-5-6-5-16-5-5)

  • Monty

    I think that says arefePee dude…

  • Monty

    areferee thinks this is a funny april fool’s joke!
    good job guys!

  • areferee


  • cornerblitz13

    Was so happy when the sorry Chargers decided to keep Norv….  They should sign him to a 10-year contract!!!  Continueity, right?