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Published on 03/30/2012 at Fri Mar 30 07:59.
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After dealing with “It can never work” all last year with the Tim Tebow offense, I found myself irritated to read that his style of play will now be effective. Apparently, Rex Ryan is the one coach that can make it work.  If you want to know what the East Coast Bias is, well there happens to be a perfect example of that ambiguous term.  Not that it matters now though.  We have Peyton Manning!  On to actual Denver Broncos news…

Peyton Manning good to go for Broncos, says QB coach David Cutcliffe | Denver Post
David Cutcliffe has been watching Peyton Manning throw for nearly two decades. And, after orchestrating Manning’s workouts from the time the quarterback was cleared by doctors to resume throwing and when Manning signed his contract with the Broncos last week, Cutcliffe saw enough to confidently predict that Manning will be just fine.

Defensing Broncos’ Peyton Manning like a video game with no joystick | Denver Post
When it comes to the study of Peyton Manning, Jeff Fisher just might be the league’s Ph.D. Nobody has tweaked more game plans, screamed more expletives into the headset at a play gone bad, or seen more preparation get wiped away by a wave of Peyton Manning’s hands at the line of scrimmage.

Dear Peyton Manning, Do Jake Plummer a Favor and Buy His House (PHOTOS) |
NFL quarterbacks are members of an elite fraternity. The position involves an intense level of preparation, pressure and, quite frankly, a complete dedication to what is considered an art, which is exactly why quarterbacks often form bonds with one another throughout their careers – because who better understands what you’re going through better than another professional quarterback?

Denver Broncos News

Peyton Manning never had issue with playing in NFC | NFL News
As the smoke clears from the frenzied pursuit of Peyton Manning, we’re finding out more and more about the wildest two weeks in free-agency history.

Broncos happy with addition of Tamme | CBS Sports
The Broncos didn’t land former Colts tight end Dallas Clark. But the ex-Colt they did nab, fellow tight end Jacob Tamme, might be better going forward.

Much will be different on Broncos’ offense this season | CBS Sports
It’s not just the Broncos’ offensive scheme that will change with Peyton Manning at the controls. It’s an entire approach to the game for the players on offense.

Broncos QB Manning Drawing Rave Reviews | ABC Channel 7
Peyton Manning’s former college coach said the quarterback looks ready to get back under center in the NFL.

After lost rookie year, it’s time for Broncos TE Julius Thomas to step up | Denver Post
Wasn’t Julius Thomas supposed to be the next great Broncos tight end? I realize he was hurt last year, but have they already given up on him?

Denver Broncos Blogs

Adaptable Hunter Still a Good Fit
Every player, at some point in his career, has said he’ll do whatever the team asks if it helps the club win.

Broncos, Chiefs get high free-agency grades | ESPN
Matt Williamson’s grades are in. He gives the Chiefs and Broncos high marks. The Chargers and the Raiders? Not so much.

NFL Mock Draft, Denver Broncos Select DT Devon Still | Predominantly Orange
It’s that time again. Ever since I returned from the NFL combine in Indianapolis, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. After seeing and hearing how the top college prospects present themselves, and taking into consideration what teams have done in free agency, I’ve compiled another mock draft.

Tim Tebow Capable Of Dethroning Mark Sanchez | Predominantly Orange
Why were the words “locker room” and “disarray” associated within the New York Jets organization? They were paired together by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on ESPN Wednesday during a word association game.

Who do you pick if you don’t like Brockers, Cox, Still, or Worthy? | MileHighReport
I just finished Pat Kirwan’s book, Take Your Eye Off the Ball. Great book, fantastic read! It led me to relook at they guys in the draft and look at them from a sort-of Moneyball angle. How can we get better players for less? How do you find a Tom Brady or a Terrell Davis in the 6th round, or a Rod Smith as an undrafted free agent?

  • Fan From Spain

    Can’t believe Plummer actually lived at that house… so much for Mr.Mountain man lol

  • areferee


    We all know that The Snake lived in the Garden of Eden!

  • Tim Lynch

    Nah, it looks rustic enough for a millionaire mountain man. 

  • areferee

    Another great job “Bubba”.  You fit right in with the BT Team… but I still think you should try out at DT… for the Broncos. 

  • Anonymous

    He should commute from Evergreen everyday?

  • Matt Dierking

    Hi folks!  Nice place you have here.  It feels like home for me if you’ll have me.

  • Monty

    Are you referring to BroncoTalk or Jake Plummer’s mansion? Hahaha :)

  • Noskills07

    I for one am 23, have commented on here before and have taking the time to just analyze everything that has gone the past couple weeks. Here’s what we all should understand… Manning was huge for us (to win NOW) that is, secondly some people are Tebow fans and some people are Bronco fans. I am a Bronco fan first but we should and you guys should not get this twisted… I was upset to see Tebow go. You can say well then your not a Bronco fan and so on but let me explain why I think some people are upset (me personally I am over it, will root for the kid.. but if we ever play him no way, no how would I root for him over my broncos). The reason why I am upset is this and this only, we do not yet have a QB that ” can replace Elway ” and what I mean by that is me being 23 I was not with the process of the growing struggles Elway had, and only had the chance to really see him play from 95 till he Retired. When I say 95 is because I actually understood and could comprehend the game. This is the “crappy” part of getting Manning. We do not have that ” rookie ” replacement to where we can grow and live through the ups and downs and finally win one, which seeing when we won with Elway and seeing my dad and how much better it felt I think this should always be the way to go. I think that is what is so fun about rooting for your team… should I compare this to Lebron leaving for Miami NO but whatever you guys say with the win now BS is BS. Am I happy and rooting and do I want to win now yes, but I also want Legacies, and that is not how you earn Legacies people.. so this might go down as another SB win for us and the Broncos but not for awhile yet again will we have a legacy and that is something you should all sit back and think about. All the older people of bronco nation had the privilege to see a legacy and HOF born, as of now we will have to wait. Thanks and go BRONCOS   

  • Tim Lynch

    I believe he is referring to migrating from MHR.  He and I met there back in 2007 or so.  haha

  • Tim Lynch

    I’ll be bitter about Tebow until we starting actually winning with Manning.  Do that, and my memory will immediately become “NFL” (not for long!)

  • rcsodak

    No kissing on the boards!

  • rcsodak

    TT is not and never will be john elway. Just ask the duke, himself.
    Franchise qb’s happen every yr. Relax.

  • Tim Lynch

    It’s not gay if its with Tebow.

  • Matt Dierking

    I didn’t leave them, they left me!