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Published on 03/28/2012 at Wed Mar 28 12:00.
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The NFL approved five rule changes on Wednesday, a day after they were proposed.  In order for a rule change, the proposed changes have to be approved by at least 24 of the league’s 32 owners.

Courtesy of the team’s official blog, here are the five changes for the 2012 season:

  • All games that go into overtime will use what had been the postseason overtime rules. This means that both teams will get at least one possession – unless the first team to possess the ball scores a touchdown on its initial drive.
  • Instant replay reviews of all turnovers will now be automatic – just as all scoring plays are now automatically reviewed.
  • Penalties for having too many men lined up on the field prior to a snap will now be enforced as dead ball penalties, rather than allowing the play to proceed. The Giants took advantage of the previous rule by using 12 defenders during the Patriots’ last-minute drive in Super Bowl XLVI.
  • Crack-back blocks on defensive players that are lined up more than two yards outside the offensive tackle at the snap are now illegal. This is designed to help improve player safety.
  • Illegally kicking a loose football is now a loss-of-down penalty.

What are your thoughts on the new/adjusted rules?

  • areferee

    Damn referees think they rule the world…

  • Jon

    I realize that the NFL is trying to better the game and of course make the game safer, but I think they should leave well enough alone.  All these new rules each year bug me (though I don’t necessarily disagree with the OT ruling).

    In my opinion, the NFL was at it’s best and the game was at it’s best from around 2003-2007 before they started adding rules that take away from the game.  Football is football, and to me, it seems like they are making it less like football and more like flag football where only passing goes and you better not try to stop teams from passing, or you’ll be penalized.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, the ol’ Hines Ward rule.

  • Ninjaix

    i like the replay rules now i have always believed all impact plays should be reviewed if they are in question and I like the overtime rule too. The others I think are stupid. “you’re going to see a lot less head injuries and a lot more knee injuries” – Ike Taylor the fact is knee injuries end careers and head injuries while can be debilating on mulitple reoccurences still allow players to return… I guess its pick your poison…

  • Lukeambo

    Why not forego using humans and have robots play the game instead? How much more artificial can they make the game?

  • rcsodak

    Will there be a measuring tape the refs will carry for the crack backs?

  • Tom9798

    Fade back to 1935 . . . these are the rules . . .

    Leather helmuts, one-bar face mask, optional.

    Leave your teeth in the locker-room.

    We will instant replay should you lose your real teeth.  Fred will say, “he lost his teeth.”

    Don’t get close to the line of scrimmage, or you will be blocked or tackled; probably with intent.

    We’ll load the line with as many players as we can, until you catch us.

    If it should rain, or snow, and the field becomes a quagmire, and it seems like we’re just beating the snot out of each other, then we will overlook most of the rules anyway.

    $14,000 a year!? . . . . aint this the shat?