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Published on 03/28/2012 at Wed Mar 28 11:09.
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Things are getting a little interesting today. One of our general managers sees a prospect he needs to have and makes a huge move for it.

Like I stated before, I never said this thing was going to be realistic.

Hold on to your seats, because here comes pick number six.

With the sixth overall pick of the 2012 Interactive Mock Draft… the Philadelphia Eagles select…

6. Philadelphia Eagles Logo Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma St.

A note from the Commissioner

The Philadelphia Eagles have traded with the St. Louis Rams.

The Eagles will receive:

  • The Rams 2012 1st round pick (1,600 pts)

The Rams will receive:

  • The Eagles 2012 1st (1,050 pts)
  • The Eagles 2012 2nd, and 3rd round picks (675 pts)
  • The Eagles 2013 2nd (est 450 pts)
  • Asante Samuel

The story, as told by GM, Chrisfuj

When DeMeco Ryans signed with the team one week ago, I knew that I wanted to move out of the 15 spot. While I didn’t anticipate moving up this high, it does give me the opportunity to shed one large contract and get a player I consider one of the top prospects in the draft.

“But, you guys are loaded at receiver! You just signed Jackson to $50 mil and have Maclin locked in to a deal.” To me, the positives that Blackmon brings to this team far out-weigh both the need at DT and the positives that a player we projected to grab at 15 would bring in.

Although the Eagles weren’t terrible in the Red-zone (14th), Eagles receivers only caught 9 red-zone touchdowns. Blackmon lacks ideal “red-zone size,” but led FBS in Red-zone receptions (29) and touchdowns (11). What I saw from the Eagles passing offense last year was an offense that spread the ball around but lacked a go-to chain mover and red-zone threat, Justin Blackmon immediately addresses these needs and should challenge for a starting job.

The other part of this deal to move up was to shed Asante Samuel’s large contract. The corner was supposed to be paid a $9.9 mil base salary this season, and was publicly put on the trading block by the front office. This freed up money gives us the flexibility to work out a contract with our top priority coming out of his rookie contract, LeSean McCoy.

Sure, I probably gave up one or two too many picks for Justin Blackmon, but when it came down to it. I targeted Blackmon from the beginning as a can’t miss prospect and once he came to a team that I thought could use a corner like Asante, I would try and make a deal happen. The fans will be happy with this move, but I could see it either cementing my short legacy as the Eagles’ GM or killing it.

  • Monty

    The Rams have now traded out of spots 2 and 6 and acquired about 8 high draft picks in the process (not to mention, Asante Samuel). They are set FOR YEARS.

  • Ninjaix

    WoW!!! while i dont agree with the pick or even the move, it does create the cap space to resign Shady and gives the Eagle a great redzone threat. However this is not a move i see them making with Desean newly resigned he will be happy and improve their redzone efficiency and Macklin as their 1 and 2 they’re good. They need to improve on their run defense yes DT is a position of need but more so is their ILB postion, that clearly crippled them last year and is a huge reason they got off to such a slow start. I say Philly sticks with their guns at 15 and takes Luke Kuechly and he is the impact player they can take at 15 that will make all the difference for them.

  • Anonymous

    It may be a lot of picks, but damn, that would be one awesome receiving corps.

  • Anonymous

    I agree its not a move that the Eagles will end up making. It was more based on our alternate Mock draft universe. I would’ve stuck at 15 and I was very close to moving up to 12 to take Kuechly until the DeMeco Ryans signing last week. Plug that guy in the starting lineup and the defense doesn’t look THAT bad. what I’d hope for an OLB in the 2nd. The Eagles did have two 2nd Rd’ers…so we still have one 51…which I might use on a guy like Zach Brown..or Bobby Wagner. or just hope maybe a Kendall Reyes falls far enough that we can grab him. 

    That being said. I was in a moving mood and saw an opportunity and probably overpaid…but I have a top prospect who will come in right away and make our team better.

  • Ninjaix

    Wow lol I even read the DeMeco Ryans bit and it just went over me. But I agree Kuechly is not really a need after that so I can see DT or OLB but I would lean to DT Jenkins is a year older and their lineup needs a run stuffing DT as jenkins is more of a pressure force in the middle. If Poe were to fall then jump all over him.

  • Maine .

    Are you high?