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Published on 03/28/2012 at Wed Mar 28 10:00.
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Stokley seen during a training camp practice session in August of 2010. (Image courtesy of Andrew Mason/

We’ve been speculating for several weeks that Denver may sign free agent wide receiver Brandon Stokley as a “camp target,” bringing him in for training camp.  Having experience with quarterback Peyton Manning, Stokley may come back to Denver to “compete” for a roster spot this summer.

If nothing else, Stokley could give some tips to the younger receivers on Denver’s roster and provide a familiar target for Manning at practice.  At age 35, Stokley still has some gas left in the tank and recently ran routes for Manning several weeks ago, obviously showing he is still capable of doing so.

Another former Bronco that the team may be interested in bringing to training camp is quarterback Jake Plummer, who was in Denver on Monday throwing to draft prospects and NFL free agents.  Plummer, 37, hasn’t played football in six years but has stayed in good shape and could provide the Broncos a “camp arm,” giving Manning a break from all the reps.

It’s an interesting subject to think about, and certainly a possibility — although unlikely to happen — that two players who played in Denver from ’07-09 (Stokley) and ’03-06 (Plummer) could re-sign with the team nine combined years after moving on.

Both players left Denver a few years earlier than we would have preferred.  Would you be in favor of Stokley and/or Plummer coming back?

  • Stockburn

    Plummer?…hell yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Indeed.  Love that guy.

  • sandoval

    hell no! plummer is done!! stockley has half a season left!! DONE!! MOVE ON!!!

  • Anonymous

    It all depends on if Plummer could accept the role of backup qb or not. If he can, they yeah, I’d love to see him flipping us off again. As crazy as it sounds, Jake might be the 2nd best qb in Broncos history (depending on where you have Morton/Tripuka). But man, I think we all loved having Plummer on our team.

    I’m sure there is a spot for Stokley on the team too. He may be old for a wr, but he can still catch, and he still has the much needed chemistry between wr and qb.

  • Jon

    Haha, I doubt Jake Plummer would feel he was better than QB than Peyton Manning, but you never know!

  • Michelangelo Lobato

    Is there any truth to this (Jake Plummer), or just pure speculation by the author?

  • Anonymous

    Since Plummer retired as a Buccaneer could we actually sign him or would TB still own his rights?

  • Ereeeckvillar

    hell yeah, I loved plummer. Was dissapointed when he was benched for cutler.
    Jake the Snake!
    And stokely may have a good year left in him

  • Anonymous

    This is an excellent point. 

    They sued him after he no-showed to camp and won, though.  There might be something in those agreements/orders where Tampa gives up it’s rights to his services.

    This is all fantasy-land stuff anyway.   That workout wasn’t affiliated with the Broncos at all.  It’s pure speculation.

  • Jon

    Mere speculation notice “although unlikely to happen”.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I know he wound up having to repay them like $3M or some absurd amount of money.  Maybe that’s why he’s looking for work again.  Either way I agree that it’s just fantasy-land talk.  I can’t imagine he would come back to the NFL unless he had the same financial management team as Dennis Rodman, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens.  

  • Dark_1s66

    Give Plummer reps. to give Payton a break are you kidding me yeah I like him, but are we going to sign him to as a back up if so that’s cool, but if not don’t you think we should give it to our back ups.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, they got back $3M that DENVER paid Plummer.  I always thought that was a little goofy.  

    TB essentially got $3M for their 7th round pick.

  • Anonymous

    I dig The Plum Man but I got high hopes for Weber so I gotta say no bueno 

  • Seminative

    No to plummer giving “reps”.  That has to go to Hanie, Webber, etc.  As a vet back up?  Compared to whats out there, yeah.  Who do you trust, a healthy Plummer or Hanie?   As coach, maybe, but will he “relate” to todays jocks?  If Peyton heads off to Montana to backpack, we will have to lynch Jake.  I think this is just Jake getting back to football, I don’t think he’s ready to play.  But i always liked him, yeah.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Jake would do this for the money.  He has all that lucrative handball money now. 

  • MightyMike

    Gotta love Jake the Snake.

  • Anonymous

    This is laughable… Not to mention just a little gullible-ness on a few peeps part.

    I liked Jake also but thought he blew it in the Championship game, had he won that though he prolly still would have been benched for Cut-boy.

    And yes, taking reps from guys that might actually be on the team would be down right stupid on any ones part!!!

  • Adaboy!

    Stokley yes, Plummer no. 

  • Jon

    Jake Plummer told yesterday:

    What percentage of him would like to return to football:

    “There’s always going to be some percentage there. I made my mind up a long time ago and I stand by my decision. If I was still needing to justify something or come out of retirement to do anything of that sort that would be for the wrong reasons and like I said last night, my heart wouldn’t be in it. Of course it is a lot of fun thinking about it right now and I’m really honored that they would even consider it but I don’t know how serious they are about winning a Super Bowl there. If they wanted to maybe they would already have me signed. I’m just playing man!”