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Published on 03/25/2012 at Sun Mar 25 11:30.
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(Image courtesy of EA Sports)

If you believe in the Madden Curse, have no fear.  A current Denver Broncos‘ player will not grace the cover — this year.

EA Sports is letting fans vote for the players to represent each team this year in a voting bracket which runs through the month of March.  Naturally, former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was voted as the representative for Denver.

Shortly after Tebow was voted-in, he was traded to the New York Jets.  So in EA Sports’ Madden ’13 Cover Vote, the Jets are represented by two players:  Darrell Revis and Tim Tebow.

The Broncos are not represented.  Similarly, the St. Louis Rams — who were represented by former Broncos’ wide receiver Brandon Lloyd — are not represented in the voting, as Lloyd is now playing in New England.

The Patriots (Gronkowski, Lloyd) and Jets (Revis, Tebow) are represented by two players while the Broncos and Rams are represented by none.  It’s an interesting development, if those types of things interest you.

  • Ian Henson

    As long as they don’t figure out a way to get Peyton Manning on the cover they can curse whomever they like haha.

  • Cdub12344321

    Yes!!!!!!!! As much as I would like a madden cover with a bronco on it I much rather win a SB

  • Jon

    On a somewhat related note, I think Tebow looks pretty natural in a Jets uniform (in that screenshot he does, anyway).

  • andrew

    I never want to see a bronco on the cover. I’m usually not superstitous but the curse has struck too many times to be ignored.

  • Jeff

    who cares its a video game … bring on the real game !!! GO BRONCOS

  • crazykid

    This game sucks anyway! I quit buying it after 07 because it was the same thing every year for $50 or $60

  • Jon

    I love Madden, but I only buy it about every other year or two mainly so I don’t have to keep updating the rosters.

  • Broncmanc

    I havn’t played Madden in years, but I know  lot of people who do.  Just wonder if the Manning trade was early enough to be included in the next Madden.

  • Jon

    Yes, it is. It’s not coming out until August, that’s plenty of time for EA Sports.