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Published on 03/23/2012 at Fri Mar 23 10:56.
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For all of those Bronco fans hoping Jeff Saturday would sign in Denver, today is not your day.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Mr. Saturday has signed with the Green Bay Packers.

Many, well most, believed that Saturday would undoubtedly sign in Denver due to the presence of Peyton Manning (It still feels weird saying that). However, the Packers are in a desperate need for a center in the wake of the loss of Scott Wells.

The Broncos will either have to hope J.D. Walton will improve, or look elsewhere for an upgrade.

  • CJ

    I thought JD Walton was coming along nicely

  • Anonymous

    JD Walton is considered by many to be the worst starting center in the NFL. 

  • Dmandarich

    Wasn’t he in denver yesterday. and if so how the hell did he leave without a conract?

  • Fan From Spain

    you should post only HS pics of players (if you can find them) .

  • Jon

    I don’t consider him among the worst in the NFL, and I don’t think the team needs to upgrade the position. But that’s just my opinion.

  • areferee

    It is fair to say that the Broncos scored the all-time greatest free agent acquisition in our history when they landed a guaranteed HOF quarterback in Peyton Manning.

    It is also fair to say that the step from #1 acquisition to #2 is almost as monumental.  It’s not that they have done nothing in other free agent signing, but they seem to be losing out on some remarkable talent at the positions we desperately need.

    In Manning’s presser, Elway alluded to the fact that they haven’t missed out on anyone they had on “their board”.  In other words, everyone they clearly wanted has or will be signed.  I’m not sure whether or not that included our own free agents that have signed elsewhere.

    With the subsequent loss of Jeff Saturday and possibly others, I’m not sure that statement is any longer valid.  I believe we have clearly done a mediocre job in free agency thus far, with that one notable exception.

    Like the commercials on TV that decry such products and services as:  “What about SONY?” or “What about FED EX?”…

    “What about DEFENSIVE TACKLE”?

  • Meh

    Say what you want, but clearly Jeff is a handsome man.

  • Jon

    What free agents did you think we should have signed? Most of the big-names were more pricy than Denver can afford in 2012 (running out of cap room).

  • Jon

    What free agents did you think we should have signed? Most of the big-names were more pricy than Denver can afford in 2012 (running out of cap room).

  • Anonymous

    Shocking. Is there any player on the Broncos that you don’t like?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll add that just because a player is the top rated free agent at their position does not make them the best fit for the Broncos. That includes how they fit into the salary structure.

  • areferee

     There is still some cap room.  After all, we can’t put all of our eggs in one basket, even a HOF basket.

    Perhaps one or more of the following:

    C.J. Mosley

    Paul Soliai

    Israel Idonije (older, I know)

    Andre Fluellen

    Mike TolbertEvery free agent has pluses and minuses.

  • Jon

    Haha! Well, Kyle Orton isn’t on the team anymore, but I didn’t like him.

    Here are some current players I do not like:

    David Bruton.
    Andre Goodman.
    Knowshon Moreno.
    D.J. Williams.

    I am a Broncos fan, after all.

    Here are some players I think should be upgraded:

    Joe Mays.
    Andre Goodman.
    Ryan McBean.
    Rahim Moore.
    Knowshon Moreno.
    Ty Warren.
    Kevin Vickerson.
    Adam Weber (as 2nd-string QB).

  • Jon

    I would have loved Soliai and Tolbert, too.  Soliai wanted to go back to Miami though. Tolbert I don’t have an excuse for.

  • Anonymous

    Wayne resigns with the Colts, Saturday signs with the Packers. Seems either the other players don’t think much of Manning’s ability to stay healthy or they don’t think he can win in the playoffs.

  • Mikey55

    Trade back and get kontz late first or early second and try n move in for Reyes with the late 2nd

  • Jon

    Or they, like Manning, got to explore free agency for the first time in their respective careers and picked the team that they think would be the best fit(s) for them.

  • Anonymous

    If it was just Saturday signing with the Packers I could see that. Pack is FAR more likely to win a SB this year than the Broncos and Saturday is an old dude who is tough and plays anyway but has still battled a lot of injuries the last couple of years.

    Wayne too though??? He resigned with the Colts man. If he was a young guy I could have seen it but he already slowed down last year. It was obvious watching him play. He’s got maybe 2 years left to be an elite guy.

    Neither will the Colts win a SB in the next 2 years or will his production be anywhere near as good with Luck at the helm as with Manning.

    Unless other teams already think so little of him they didn’t want to bring him on, it was a strange move.

    We could have really used Saturday though as Walton is absolutely terrible. I’m sure he will be replaced this year though.

  • Jon