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Published on 03/23/2012 at Fri Mar 23 10:15.
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As promised, this mock is going to get interesting. The third overall pick may make sense, but our GM today, bpdouglass, has some shocking words to part upon us Bronco fans.

You really need to read what he has to say after the jump.

With the third pick of the 2012 interactive mock draft… the Minnesota Vikings select…

3. Minnesota Vikings Logo Matt Kalil, OT, USC

Let it be clear this is written several days in advance with qualification: if the quarterbacks don’t go 1 and 2, I’d withdraw my participation on grounds the folks at 1 and 2 are clearly more interested in smoking meth than serving a quality mock draft.

They are going 1 and 2. Indy is trading out and Washington is taking RG3. That’s in ink and it’s done. I can assure you Minnesota SHOULD trade up but they will not… and I’m not going to drag this entire draft through the mud trying.

They are talking Matt Kalil. They are rolling forward with the kid at QB and the power at RB (hoping he stays healthy). That’s that.

Of course, as an admitted Chicago fan hiding in Denver, I’d readily admit I WANT to trade down… way down… just to hurt the Vikes. I hate them and hope they regret this and every decision they make as a team, as individuals, and as human beings. Screw them.

And while I’m here, mark me down as public enemy #1: Cutler will play more games, throw for more yards, and complete more touchdowns than the Denver Broncos latest reclamation-turned-prophet.

The statements above are in no way endorsed by the BroncoTalk staff and should in now way be taken as assertions or representation of opinion, belief, suggestion or prediction by any member of the BT team. They belong to jackass BT foolishly invited in, a mistake they likely won’t make again.

All criticism, debate, insult, and note of hatred should be aimed appropriately. You’ll find me on Twitter: @bpdouglass … bring it on.

  • Jon

    Is he speaking of Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow?

  • Jon

    Is he speaking of Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow?

  • Jon

    Is he speaking of Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow?

  • Cdub12344321

    Lol I’m confused also………. Zzzzzzzz and half asleep! I sence alot of hostility. Ehhh its just another bears fan so ow well….

  • Monty

    BP Douglass wrote that? He ran Broncos Stable for a long time, yet claims he’s a Chargers fan. What a weird failed hijack.

  • Anonymous

    Mine is going to be a five thousand word screed on American foreign policy and thedeath of the middle class.

    At the end, I’ll draft George Plimpton’s corpse.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll got trolled!

  • Anonymous

    Ha!  That’s actually my last name too.

  • Anonymous

    Well the pick was tight but what an A-hole… The Vikes were one of the teams I asked for and had Kalil in mind when I did. Just don’t understand why people get a kick out of showing there ass just to do it. Disputing with one another back and forth is one thing but this is just sad.

    Keep the picks coming East… Maybe 2 a day???

  • bpdouglass

    An A-Hole… you, sir, are too kind. Unfortunately, you aren’t very original. Still, it’s appreciated more than you know.

    To clarify…

    – I ran Broncos Stable and I also ran the entire network it was on…
    the network that died over two years ago after almost two years of
    forgettable existence. Regardless, it was open and honest about it’s
    focus: it wasn’t run by a fan but by an objective local observer
    displaced from Chicago… two teams that, at one time, were like AFC and
    NFC brothers. Those days are long gone, but not due to hostility from
    my side.

    We are respectfully thankful.

    No hijack, here or there, intended or otherwise. And like I said, it all
    died without whiffing success. That says more than anyone here can
    about my abilities.

    – Reclamation: A restoration, as to productivity, usefulness, or morality.

    If you can’t figure out which QB that is, I’ll simplify. If you stick to
    the facts, one QB in question comes off a season of productivity,
    usefulness and morality. The other does not.

    I apologize for the confusion.

    – Didn’t ask for Minnesota (simply offered to assist the BT staff as a
    friend/admirer), would have gladly stepped aside for a fan if asked, and
    the pick required no thought at all. This is how it will and should be.

    And I didn’t show my ass making it… I simply showed my middle finger,
    & I do so out of love. It’s more of a “hey big bro” middle finger
    than one motivated by hostility.

    And you are right… if the mock was handled without a-holes like me and
    you were treated to the combined efforts of Easty, Ian, Jon & the
    rest of the BT staff… you’d be much better off.


  • bpdouglass

     Not a Chargers “fan”…