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Published on 03/22/2012 at Thu Mar 22 07:01.

Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III of Baylor University looks for a receiver during the team's NCAA football game against the Washington Huskies at the Valero Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, Texas, December 29, 2011. REUTERS/Joe Mitchell (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

After a shocking trade for the first overall pick, I am proud to present you something a bit more normal.

Our second GM to pick is Doom92.


2. Washington Redskins Logo Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

For us this pick is a no brain-er. No trade needed or intended here, we are going to get our man in Robert Griffin the third. RG3 will give us the weapon at QB that we have desperately needed for so many years. Before we made this move to move up the draft board Mike, Kyle and my self spent many hours in discussion over this. It was never our intent to go after Luck.

We never felt like any other QB available would give us the flexibility that RG3 will give and would have gladly given up more than we did to land the opportunity to select him as our number one man. We are happy however that we didn’t need to move into the #1 spot for the best QB for many drafts to come.

Of course with a weapon of this magnitude we are going to need to have plenty of ammunition so we have been very active in the free agent market. The additions of Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan will give us the edge we are hoping for and needed to solidify our offense. We are as well excited to bring in free agent QB Josh Johnson of the Buccaneers for a visit.

Given our lousy track record with Free-Agents the re-signing of London is a huge priority for us as well. While bolstering our offense is a priority we do not want to suffer on defense. There are other free agents that we will be looking at here and have scheduled a visit with Brodrick Bunkley Defensive Tackle from the Broncos and Mark Anderson Defensive End from the Patriots.

These free agents and the rest of our draft where we will target a RB, WR and look to further add to our Defense will help us add much needed depth to our roster. Robert Griffin the Third is not only going to be our present but will be our future as well. We anticipate many years of success with this combination of talent and feel this will go down as our best Draft and Free Agent class in franchise history.

  • Ninjaix

    Glad to see you didn’t trade the pic or release an all pro Qb to not draft the best QB available!!!

  • Jon
  • Anonymous

    I truly was under the impression at first that we were going to try to go for “realistic” rather than complete fantasy. I mean not even the ‘real’ Redskins gave up what these guys are/were giving up. I had to throw in the Mike and Kyle bit also. When I sat down to write that was the only thing (other than RG3) that I knew for sure would be in there. More “real” or pure fantasy I’d do this again in a heart beat, it was pretty fun.

    Any one that ends up not being able to do there pick let me know, it there is advance notice I’ll fill in for you :-)…

  • Jon

    Sorry Doom, I know I’m not being realistic!

  • Jon

    Sorry Doom, I know I’m not being realistic!

  • Anonymous

    Shoot Jon no need, its for fun, I realize that. I’ve been playing fantasy for what seems like 100 years but have never done this. I take my fantasy way more serious than I should so thats my bad brother, not yours ;-)…