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Published on 03/21/2012 at Wed Mar 21 19:11.
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John Elway and Tim Tebow. (Getty Images)

Tim Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets for fourth and sixth round draft picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Denver Broncos also sent the Jets a seventh round draft pick in the trade. The deal was originally agreed upon this morning and, after several snags, finalized this evening. Statements from the Broncos brass below —


“Tim Tebow deserves an enormous amount of credit for what he accomplished and how he carried himself during his time with the Broncos. From taking over a 1-4 team and leading it to the playoffs to energizing our fans and this community, Tim left an extraordinary mark on this organization. His time in Denver will always hold a special place in Broncos history.

“As a former player, I know the last two weeks were not easy for Tim. He was put in a difficult situation, and I commend him for how he handled it with the same first-class manner he displayed throughout his career in Denver.

“Our goal was to do the best thing for Tim and the Broncos, and I believe the opportunity that presented itself with the New York Jets accomplishes that objective. Tim made a lot of strides last year and has a very promising career ahead of him. If anyone is willing to put the work in to be great, it’s Tim Tebow.

“I have a great deal of respect for Tim and the positive impact he makes both on the field and in the community. He has a bright future in this league, and I’m hopeful he will enjoy continued success with the Jets.”

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox talks to quarterback Tim Tebow during a preseason NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)


“Tim Tebow brought an incredible spirit and spark to our team that helped us turn the season around. Along the way, he earned the trust of his teammates and coaches while inspiring our fans. His competitiveness, clutch performances and will to win played an instrumental role in our team earning a division title and advancing in the playoffs.

“Tim works as hard as any player I’ve ever coached, and that work ethic will continue to serve him well with the Jets. He goes out to practice early, stays late and comes in on his day off. Tim does everything in his power to get better. He’s not afraid to work, and we saw the results of his commitment last season.

“For good reason, Tim has always had a great following. He handled that aspect exceptionally during the amazing run we had. The poise and focus Tim displayed were remarkable and speak volumes for the strength of his character.

“A player and person like Tim don’t come around very often. He is real and he walks the walk. I’m looking forward to watching him continue his career with the Jets, and I wish him the very best.”

  • kerrry

    Elways statement decrypted:

    hahahahahahaha i just planted an STD in your locker room! hahahahahaha. what a toxic place for his royal virginness. he will be doing coke and beating up New York prostitutes in no time!! Hail Peyton!

    ok i may have exagerated just a tad for comedic purposes but you get the idea. this trade makes less then zero sense for the Jets.

  • King

    “Zero sense for the Jets”. 


    You need to study the game of football in depth.  Then think about that statement.

    My my. 

  • Gene

    I liked Trent Dilfer’s tweet I saw on NFL Live, ” You could write a book about how NOT to raise a young QB in the NFL and just call it JETS!”

  • Ruddy

    So much for Elway helping Tebow find a place where he can flourish. Elway speaks with a forked tounge. Now the Jets have 4 quarterbacks. And a loose cannon for a coach. It’ll be like Tebow going into the lions den. And 2 low level draft picks??? Not sure Tebow’s agent worked much of a deal for him. New York fans can be brutal. It will be tough routing for the Jets. But a long time Bronco fan will now find another team to watch on Sundays. Very disappointing.

  • bigheadjoel

    Whatever. I agree with kerrry. The Jets extend perennial underachiever Mark Sanchez and then go out and get another qb? What’s their offense supposed to look like, a weird hybrid West Coast attack with a wildcat mixed in? Like most things the Jets do, there is a bunch of nervous energy in this exchange, but no focus or long term vision. I feel bad for Tebow, he should have ended up in Jacksonville, where he and Jones-Drew could have done something special in his home town.

    In any case, the Broncos got an ok deal out of it. We’re plus one draft pick, plus an upgraded pick, plus some salary relief. Wish we could have gotten more for a former first rounder, but looks like we came out ok.

  • WafflesOnWednesday

    Who started the wildcat in Miami?  Now, where is he coaching today?  Zero sense for the Jets? Perfect sense if you know the game.

  • Don Speer

    Dirty Sanchez don’t play well with others, and he’s the biggest cry baby in the NFL, so I really hope Tebow out performs him in every aspect of his game. And for some reason I think that will happen.  Sanchez already came out as saying he’s not happy about this.

  • Broncobrian41

    I love Tebow but I am a bronco fan 1st so see you ruddy

  • JodyUSMC

    Tim Tebow had a choice between the Jets and the Jags and HE chose the Jets.  So get off Elway about it.  Maybe Tebow wants the challenge….

  • King

     Actually, Tebow’s agent has friends at the top of the Jets organization.  I believe Tebow and Rex Ryan even have the same agent. 

  • King

     Actually, Tebow’s agent has friends at the top of the Jets organization.  I believe Tebow and Rex Ryan even have the same agent. 

  • King

     Tebow chose the Jets over the Jags. 

    He is going where he wanted to go.  Tebow obviously knows the Jag’ interest was only in ticket/jersey sales.

  • Anonymous

    If Elway and Fox believed one solitary word they said in their statements, they wouldn’t have traded Tebow.

    You know what I want to see? Even more than I want to see Tebow succeed in the NFL? I want to hear 1 fucking word of honesty leave Elway’s mouth in regards to Tebow… Just 1 word. For how much I love Elway, I’m really beginning to see that he has about as much integrity as Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling (Enron).

  • Kris

     Right there with you, Ruddy! I know football is business, but this entire situation has been ridiculous and wrong. Very disappointed in an organization that always seemed to have at least a little more integrity. I’ll be rooting for the Broncos — to lose. It’s just what they deserve.

  • BTrain2SB

    The Bronco train is on the way to the superbowl. We are making one stop. All Tebow fans get out, only Bronco fans from here on out!

  • Anonymous

    Only us true Broncos fans deserve the glory. I’ll still like Tebow though, but the Broncos will always come first. Crazy, cause I never wanted him drafted by us in the first place.

  • King

     I agree. 

    I just have a bad feeling about us getting PM.  I’m hoping that his neck will survive an entire 16 game season. 

    If he doesn’t deliver a SB win, his career will end in mediocrity, and Elway will be looking for another job.

  • magurtis

    I dont agree with the trade but to sit there and go im not gonna be a bronco fan is just ludacris. your a bandwagon jumper so please jump off bronco nations better without you

  • Bob

    I have the same feeling. Just going from my gut I do not trust Payton to get us a Superbowl win. I don’t really trust him to get us any farther in the playoffs than Tebow did.

  • Anonymous

    Come on, man.  You can’t just shit on people in public.  

    Integrity and class is NOT voicing your opinion of someone when you don’t have a high opinion of them. 

  • J_holiday

    John Elway has always been a shallow, immediate gratification person.  He held no value to his wife and family, so it’s not surprising that Elway would trade the future for immediate results.

    Keeping Tebow and allowing him to learn from Payton would have been a class decision.  They have bet the Broncos life on a singular individual that maybe done with his career with one hit.

    At least Elway is consistent.

  • J_holiday

    Elway is a pathological liar with no redeeming qualities such as loyalty, vision, patience or a desire to build something greater than himself.  John only cares about John. 

  • anthony33

    One thing is for sure… this move will define Elway the “executive” just as “the drive” defined him as Elway the football player.  

    It will solidify his legacy in Denver for rest of time or be run out of town.

    It took big balls to do what he did and I am sure he did it for the right reasons in his mind.  Had PM not become available I don’t think any of this happens.

    Only time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    Their opinions of Tebow as a person and as a player on the team may not always be their opinion of Tebow as a QB.  Again you take the simpletons way out.  Nothing either Fox or Elway said is made untrue because they do not believe he has the tools to be the type of QB they want.

  • Anonymous

    So your still pissed because Elway wouldn’t sell you a car.

  • areferee

    OOH RAH, Jody!

    I know that this was the last report on Twitter and other sources, that Tebow would be allowed to make the choice between the Jets and the Jags… but there is only ONE source I will believe… and that is Tebow, himself.

    Off hand, I find it incomprehensible that Tebow would choose New York over his hometown, especially when close friends had reported earlier of his desire to be in Florida.

    I have accepted Elway and the Broncos’ organization at their word up until now, but I will believe this decision only when I hear it from Tebow’s own lips, or read it on his official Web accounts.

    So far, I have neither heard nor read any such admission.  Have you?

  • rcsodak

    Lmao. And yet another teboner gone.

    Buh bye

  • rcsodak


    And you speak of integrity. Smh

  • rcsodak

    1 player isnt a team. The defense is worse, currently, than last year. And last year’s wasnt above avg.

    I see alot of 28-30 (L) games

  • rcsodak

    Whats a Raider fan doing here? Lol

  • rcsodak

    I can agree with this.
    just not sure where grabbing a surefire 1st ballot HoF QB over a 45% completing ‘work-in-progress’ QB is a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Tebow picked NY as much as his agent did. If there is 1 thing we do know about Tebow, it’s that he tries to stay out of the business side of things, and let “his people” take care of those things.

    As a result, I’m positive that Elway and Fox personally asked Tebow His opinion on the teams looking to make the trade. I’m also positive that Tebow’s agent gave the green light to go to NY, not Tebow himself. That way, Tebow can maintain that it wasn’t his decision, and Elway can maintain that they kept Tebow involved in the decision.

    Either way, I’m very happy that we all had a chance to have a person like Tim Tebow in our city, in our lives, and on our team. I’ve never seen a person or player like him, so I will always look back on his time here with a smile on my face. I wish him luck, and will be rooting for him from afar. That being said, however big of a Tebow fan I am, I am a bigger Broncos fan, and as always, I will give every ounce of my being towards being the best Broncos fan on the planet. For however lucky we were to have Tebow here, we are equally lucky to have a player like Peyton Manning leading our team!


  • Anonymous

    I agree with you. I simply want them to say that. They say he’s gonna be great, yet they trade him? that makes no sense. If they said he’s gonna be great, but that just isn’t the style of qb they want, then, they will be honest and I can start taking their words at face value instead of trying to decode it.

  • Anonymous

    You’re not fooling anyone, Janet.

  • Aly : )

    2 low level draft picks is all he is worth!!!! Are you an idiot? The market dictates the price, the Broncos would have taken more if it had been offered. I love Tebow but he WILL be a BACKUP in New York. I’m a chick and I know more about football than you. If you are leaving to the Jets Go!!! and stop posting on a BRONCOS fan page. Enough already

  • Aly : )

    Yeah he is so against Tebow that he calls him an “old friend” and he called him to congratulate him on the trade. Don do us a favor and remove yourself from the population. Tebow “fans” are the biggest cry babies in the NFL btw 

  • anthony33

    Based on your comment I assume you meant to day you can’t agree with this.

    My point is this… if it works out as planned then all is well, very well.

    What if… Manning has lost his touch or in injured and Tebow become the next Brett Farve. 

    That’s what I’m saying. 

    Of course he believes Tebow is not going to be a long term answer for Broncos or anyone else, that’s why he immediately trades him. 

  • rcsodak

    Ifs and and buts.  I dont see TT in the league past 5-6yrs, tho.  He’ll want to do his 1st love….ministry.  imo

  • kerrry

    um actually i have and the Wildcat is completely irrelevant and has been stopped over and over again. Tebow wont be starting nor will he have a chance to compete for the starting job, as the Jets front office has already said. so that leaves about 7-10 plays for Tebow in a gimmick setup thats been irrelevant for 2 years now. you really think the Jets are just gonna switch everything over to suit Tebow?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • kerrry

    dude Elway didnt give a shit where he sent Tebow. Tebow could have been sent to Somalia for all he cared. stop acting like Tebow was owed anything because thats bullshit.

  • kerrry

    they deserve to lose for bringing in a HOF QB and getting rid of a guy who couldnt complete more then 2 passes aginst the Chiefs? HAHAHAHAHA. wow ok.

  • kerrry

    thats about all Tebow is good for. yet selling tickets doesnt win SB’s. as evidenced by this past year

  • kerrry

    yeah and you dont know the game because the wildcat has been unsuccessful for two years now. nobody runs it because it is easily stopped now.

  • kerrry

    he was honest. Elway said Tebow has alot of work to do. thats true.

  • Anonymous

    Right on! Tebow is GONE! I am a die hard Broncos fan and couldn’t be happier! I am so sick of hearing about him that it makes me sick to my stomach. I am a christian man too but I am deathly sick of him talking about God every chance he gets in his press conferences. There’s a difference between f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l and r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n. I think that all of his “holier than thou” is fake anyways. I hope that he chokes in N.Y.! GO BRONCOS

  • Anonymous


    John Elway:

    “Tim Tebow gets a little bit of credit by luckily winning a few
    games in the final minutes in his time with the Broncos. He helped us back into
    the playoffs last season and did some community service to promote his church.
    Tim will be remembered because of how much media attention he received.

    The last two weeks were not easy for Tim because he knew we would
    trade him after signing FA Peyton Manning. He handled the situation well and
    didn’t cry too much.

    Our goal was to trade Tim because he was a distraction from what
    we are focusing on, and we sent him to New York so he would be in the same
    division as Brady. (Hahaha). Tim threw some lucky passes last year and has a
    lot of work to do to be a quarterback in this league. He has a lot of heart but
    his talent is lacking. Hopefully he will improve.

    I tolerated Tim for the positive attitude he had on the field and
    in the community. He may have a future in this league, but I doubt it will last
    very long. Good luck with the Jets. “


    John Fox:

    “Tim Tebow brought a lot of spirit to our team and we put him in
    the game after the fans wanted us to for so long. We wanted to give him a
    chance to see if it would work out. His teammates tolerated him and he had a
    lot of fans from his church and from his college days come out to the games.
    True Broncos fans wanted to see him succeed with the team but he fell short
    against the Patriots. We tried it out for a season and we are ready to move on.

    Tim works hard for a quarterback and he will continue to speak
    about God and will continue to pray in public. He is trying to improve in
    practice but his throwing motion looks a little funky. Hopefully he can get
    better with the Jets. He knows how to say all the right things but sometimes
    that doesn’t translate to the field.

    Tim has a great following and will take that [hopefully] with him
    to N.Y. He has a strong character and he will get a lot of attention with the
    Jets. We wanted the Jets to have a quarterback controversy and we hope that he
    falls flat on his face. A player like Tim doesn’t come around very often
    because a player with his body type and build are usually fullbacks. I look
    forward to watching the circus play out with he and Rex and Sanchez in N.Y. We
    wish him the best.”