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Published on 03/21/2012 at Wed Mar 21 18:58.
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No, really.

  • kerrry

    yawn………old news. we got a steal, they got a gimmick……yeah blah blah blah.

  • king4

    Wow. Why didn’t John Elway just say Tim will be traded instead of saying it is a possibility he will be traded.  I don’t think that is being very truthful when you trade him in less than 24 hours to the first taker.  It is very hard for me to see a young man who really loved the Broncos and was a big part of the winning season to be dealt away in this fashion. Does any NFL Quarterback take his team the first year he plays in the league to the Super Bowl?  I don’t think so.  I know it took Peyton and John Elway many years to get there. I am sure their coaching staff worked with them and that is why they were successful.  Believing and working on improvements is how success comes about.    I am disappointed you did not develop Tim behind Peyton Manning. It was said you would trade him so he could be a starter somewhere else.  Hmm-don’t think that will be happening with the Jets.   I like Petyon Manning but can’t believe the Broncos let go a great, young, football player who represented the Broncos with class and with all his heart.        

  • Stopurwhiningbitch

    First of all he couldn’t develop Tebow behind Manning because so called “fans” won’t stand for anything but blind adoration for him. EFX wants a traditional offense run by someone who can threaten teams with the vertical pass. Tebow was a great guy and one of my favorite players but can we please move the fuck on and let him go? It wasn’t the first taker, Tebow made the choice to go to New York, please follow him….. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I don’t get why the Jets traded for Timmy.  They really must not have the confidence that Sanchez can get it done. I mean, they just traded for the 3rd worse productive “starting QB” in the league (not solely based on W’s and L’s.)

  • Seminative

    I think this is Ryan ego, that he can make this guy into a player.  But WTF does he think will go on in Sanchez’s mind.  Its going to be a nightmare for him.  I think trade was mandated before the signing by Manning.