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Published on 03/20/2012 at Tue Mar 20 15:21.
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(Image courtesy of Allen Eyestone/The Palm Beach Post)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco Tuesday afternoon to remind fans that the Broncos are still making moves in free agency.  The team will bring in at least two players over the next two days for visits, according to reports.

Former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday is going to visit the team today and former New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter is going to visit the team on Wednesday.  Both players own Super Bowl rings and have connections to Manning.

Saturday, 36, has been Manning’s center in Indianapolis since the 2000 season and would bring veteran experience to Denver’s offensive line.  Porter, 25, was the player that intercepted Manning during Super Bowl XLIV, which led to a Saints victory.

Last season in New Orleans, Porter started in eleven games and recorded 52 tackles, an interception and forced two fumbles.  If he signed in Denver, he would presumably start across from Champ Bailey in Denver’s secondary this season.

Both players would bring experience to the team.  Would you be in favor of signing them?

  • Vincemarine78

    My only concern with Porter is what type of discipline is he going to receive from the league for the bounty scandal.

  • Rbschaeffer22

    We need better cornerbacks if we want to contend with New England, Green Bay, and New Orleans. [Sign this man]

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Vince and RBS.  I like both guys.  I think Saturday would be an upgrade (ability and exp).  Yeah he is getting long in the tooth, but figure he has at least a couple years in him.  I only hope that he is not asking to much.  A PM discount would be nice.  I also like Porter, but have the same worries that Vince has.  I am curious if they (NFL) have enough proof to go after the players.  Havn’t read the whole story, but I am thinking their focus may be on the coaches and team.  

  • Anonymous

    Another guy they should look into (i believe may of already been mentioned) is Jacob Tamme.  I do like Dallas Clark as well, but I am thinking that Tamme might be the better of the two.  Clark is getting old and has durability issues. 

  • Dbuckj

    Tracy Porter would be a significant pick up!!
    He would impact or defense incredibly! Sign that dude! He is young too! We need to get some of these big players on the squad from the free agency. I don see Saturday as much of a good pick up for he will be expensive and is already old.

  • Gradishar53

    Being that the Center orchestrates the entire O-line assignments, and that Saturday intimately knows the Manning way…  Saturday is a must get!

  • Clark_anthony606

    Tracy Porter can’t tackle

  • NextGenerationBronco

    Denver broncos need to sign:
    1. Tracy Porter/ Aaron Ross- Good fit, not lockdown caliber but good enough
    2. Jeff Saturday- Familiar w/ Manning, completely reliable
    3.MIKE WILLIAMS- ’nuff said
    4. Jameel Mcclain- Beast of a MLB to help out Joe Mays
    5.Jacob Tamme- Familiar with Manning, younger and better of the Indy TE’s
    6. resign Bunkley- There are alternatives but Bunkley is our best bet.
    7. Green-Ellis- Catches out of the backfeild, quick and reliable as a passing downs back behind Big Mac.
    With The additions of these players, Denver will be a force.

  • Tom9798

    Yes.  Saturday is ‘comfort food’ like biscuits and gravy.

    Porter has a ring.

  • Anonymous

    At least its not Roman Harper.

  • yohoo

    I’ve no doubt Saturday, Clark and Stokely will soon be wearing Manning orange. As will any old, over the hill
    buddy of Fox or Peyton. Enjoy the rebuilding years!

  • Matt

    I have been PrAYING Denver signs jameel McClain. I know he got a physical done but I haven’t heard anymore news regarding it Denver should get mike Wallace as well. I am so knows for this season!

  • Matt

    So pumped for this season****. Stupid iPhone haha

  • Anonymous

    I would think/expect that the players would not necessarily be disciplined. 

  • MiamiMike

    My question is. Have the Broncos checked on the Saints issues with bounties just to make sure Porter does not face any legal issues from the NFL?

  • MiamiMike

    Sorry Vince just saw your post. You beat me to the question lol

  • Whidbey Bronco

    The ONLY reason not to sign Porter is his health.

    I HOPE he’s healthy!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I agree with you. Clark plays about 7 quarters of football a year. Tamme is probably the better play

  • Dbuckj

    I still really think we need to bring in a wide receiver like Wallace or someone who is pretty good at least cause DT and Decker isn’t enough. I think you need a solid three and we lost royal and Mathews couldn’t handle a starting job. Please sign another receiver to compliment to DT and Decker and to ass depth.

  • Anonymous

    Sir mix a lot liked ass depth too.

  • bigheadjoel

    The thing about the free agency from here on out is we’re gonna start running into cap room REAL quick. Manning is the highest paid player in all of football. I agree we need more WR’s, but that’s only because this draft class is so thin at that position. We don’t need to be pushing too hard with CB’s and defensive tackles, we may be able to fill those needs in April, which will also help us immensely as we put together a foundation for success beyond the next five years.

    But bringing in Saturday is critical. He’s a cornerstone of an extremely underrated aspect of any offense (the OL), especially one run by Manning.

  • Whidbey Bronco

     defense CB especially has been and is our #1 concern. a #3 WR is an EASY draft pick!

    Agreed on Saturday… would like to see a Colt TE as well We have the cap room to have all three.

  • Anonymous

    The topic is/was wide receiver!

  • SivNiz

    I agree except 7, but I’m game if the price is right.

  • Dan

    clark…where do you get that Tracy Porter can not tackle?

  • kerrry

    he wont get punished. only the front office, coaches and the only player stupid enough to admit to the media the was in on it……..Jonathan Vilma.

  • kerrry

    not many CB’s tackle well so whats your point?

  • kerrry

    cant be any worse then Rahim Moore. ha

  • kerrry

    Aaron Ross is off the market. jacksonville got him

  • kerrry

    so does Saturday.

  • Robertsheaven81106

    we need to keep tim tebow for the futur 

  • Robertsheaven81106

    we need to keep tim tebow for the futur 

  • Ninjaix

    You can kiss the idea of Mike Wallace goodbye as the Broncos lost Bunk to the saints now their focus with the 25th pic has to be DT and not a trade to the Steelers(they put a 1st round tender on Wallace) My question is would you rather have Tracey Porter or William Gay also scheduled to visit maybe we can have both? but not very likely we have roughly $15-20 mil left in salary cap room because we resigned Mays, Woodyard, signed Adams so you can bet we’re looking to add guys for around 3-5 per/year ands no more so we will see only Abraham would be the exception at this point. 

  • Trevor2755

    I think sign Porter and Saturday and get everything else in the draft b/c they already drafted two TE’s last year and if they sign Porter then they only need to go DT in the draft an then focus on offense.

  • Brncx

    The draft is filled with nickel and dime corners.  The only star will be gone well before the Broncos pick.  If they are looking at a corner in the draft our pass defense will be poor again this season.