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Published on 03/20/2012 at Tue Mar 20 12:43.
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Peyton Manning No. 18 orange Broncos jersey

Peyton Manning's No. 18 orange Broncos jersey

After 49 years, Number 18 is returning to Denver.

Frank Tripucka, the last man to wear the jersey number for the Denver Broncos, has no problem with Peyton Manning taking the number out of retirement. The Broncos retired the jersey in 1963 when Tripucka, the team’s first quarterback, retired.

“I would be honored to have him wear it,” Tripucka told The Denver Post. “It’s been retired for 50 years. That’s long enough.”

This leaves Floyd Little‘s No. 44 and John Elway‘s No. 7 as the only jersey numbers to remain in retirement in Denver.

And while you may feel a rush to get your Manning jerseys ordered, Broncos fans, a cautious word to the wise — Nike is revamping all of the NFL’s team uniforms beginning in 2012. The new series is expected to be released in April. Wait a month before dropping $100 on your shiny new quarterback’s duds.

  • Jon

    Looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Great looking jersey.
    Does Vegas have odds on Manning saying “It was going back to the Orange Jersey that pushed me over the edge.” ? lol I love the orange coming back to Denver. There is just too much tradition with it to let it die.

    The bigger question though, is, once Manning is done winning 3 superbowls with us, will the number be re-retired? And if so, will it say Tripucka or Manning on the back?

  • Jon


  • ronster

    Tripucka is a big hearted man!  

  • goodt

    uh oh, Did I hear Pey-Pey say in the meeting that he wasn’t ready to play yet and would take a year to get better and that he didn’t want to SF because there was too preasure to win a superbowl?
    Oh my god, somebody tell me we didn’t just get snookered for 95 big ones pleaseplease!!

  • Monty

    No you did not hear that. Manning actually said that he was healthy enough to play a game this Sunday.

  • D..J.

     As a Colt Fan, I have to say I will follow PEYTON MANNING,, I have already ordered by broncos manning jersey, so  BRONCOS AND A NEW FAN AND MANY MORE  TO FOLLOW.. WE LUV YOU PEYTON

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