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Published on 03/18/2012 at Sun Mar 18 19:37.
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Middle linebacker Joe Mays is known as a workout warrior. (Screenshot image courtesy of the Denver Post)

The Denver Broncos re-signed starting middle linebacker Joe Mays on Sunday, the team announced.

Though he is the incumbent starting middle linebacker in Denver, some view him as an incompetent starting middle linebacker.  With good thumping ability and impressive strength, Mays was often beaten on passing plays last season and took bad angles on outside running plays, resulting in big runs for opposing offenses.

The Broncos were impressed enough with Mays, who started in 12 games last season, to re-sign the free agent to a three-year deal.  It is expected that Mays will compete with second-year player Nate Irving and perhaps an off-season acquisition during training camp for the starting middle linebacker position.

Entering his fifth season in the NFL, Mays recorded 75 tackles in 2011.  Acquired by the Broncos through a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010, Mays has started in seventeen games over the past two seasons.

Mays, 26, is 5-11, 250 pounds and played collegiate football at North Dakota State.  Mays was named the Great West Conference Defensive Player of the Year as a senior.

  • Hope

    Booooooo this guy is to little and he’s not that good bad chioce.

  • Jon

    He’s actually pretty jacked, but OK.

  • Anonymous

    I like Mays and he’s a great guy to have on the Broncos. I really hope he is a backup because that’s what he should be, but he’s solid depth and a beast when put in the right game situations.

    Hopefully after having learned for a year Nate Irving can really step up and compete. MLB at the pro level isn’t something most rookies can just step into and have success. 

    Nate was known for his high work ethic in college though so hopefully that will transition into the player we need this year.

  • Jon

    I completely agree — I like Mays, just not as a starting linebacker.

  • anthony33

    After a week of free agency this is what we have… Joe Mays???  Not that he’s not a bad back, but that’s it?

    Does seem like deja vu to last year, but man, would have loved to have picked up Mario Williams.  That is one player that could have taken our D from middle of the road to top 5-8.  

    Still think Manning is going to the Titans.  Thinking Smith signs with Miami and leaves Harbaugh with nothing.  49er’s playing games with him… deserve to get pooned.

    Still some time left to add quality help, but this team seem content to piddle around and wait for the scraps… you gotta roll the dice every once in a while.

  • ELocoBronco

    back up at best.. is all i have to say

  • Elway4Life

    Great backup, but if he started last year, and they re-signed him, he’ll probably be a starter again.  Not good. Please prove me wrong Broncos by signing Jameel McClain!  Isn’t adding Jameel McClain a no brainer?  That’s what I originally thought!

  • Anonymous

    He still gets blocked out on every play.

  • flbronc

    i would have liked geno hayes too.  he’s not the best in the nfl, but outside of miller, he’s better than what we’ve got.

  • dbroncs24/7

    Just an awful free agency so far, not spending any money and losing out on people who could improve our team plus we don’t even have Bunk signed who visited the saints. Not happy with the front office.

  • Anonymous

     He’s just eating up the blocks to free up the safeties!

  • areferee

    Three years and $12M with $4M guaranteed.  Holy CRAP!  That seems waaaay outta line!  Not sure what’s going on at Dove Valley. (I want his agent!)

  • Anonymous

    If the guy could tackle or cover, he’d be a beast…

  • areferee

    TE Daniel Fells to Patriots for $2M per.  We are losing ground while we wait (perhaps in vain) for Peyton Manning, who, according to unnamed sources, will choose Tennessee.  (Greg Arias, Titan’s Examiner)

    “According to league, and other sources the Denver Broncos, once thought to be the leading candidate has been eliminated, leaving the San Francisco 49ers to wait with the new favorite Tennessee Titans”. – Greg Arias

  • NMBronc

    Either way, they should go get Tolbert and Bunk.

  • NMBronc

    Never mind, Tolbert just signed with the Panther’s….FEX wake the f%&* up!

  • Vincemarine78

    We just got Manning!!!!  Schefter just tweeted that he called Elway to let him know!

  • kerrry

    yawn who cares. backup at best.

  • ELocoBronco

    joe mays is not an nfl starting mlb.. he is fat and slow!!