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Published on 03/15/2012 at Thu Mar 15 12:10.
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Former Seattle Seahawks and Pro Bowl cornerback Marcus Trufant is scheduled to make a free agent visit to the Denver Broncos this Friday, Adam Schefter reports.

Trufant, 31, spent all eight of his professional seasons with the Seahawks, earning Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in 2007. He finished the 2011 season on Injured Reserve and was released by the club last week.

The 5-11, 197-pounder has had five interceptions since 2007, one returned for a touchdown.

Meanwhile, another defensive back the Broncos brought to town has signed with another team — Brandon Meriweather is a Washington Redskin, The Washington Post reports.

Not in love with this Trufant move, but it’s worth kicking the tires. The Broncos need corner depth; I was just hoping for someone a bit younger. We’ll see how this plays out.

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly Monty.
    We already have aging CBs, so I would like a young CB.
    Although Trufant is younger than Champ and Goodman, he isn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore. He’s 5 years removed from Pro-Bowl level play, which give me even more pause to bringing him in. It isn’t like he’s 26 years old. His best days are behind him, so that 2007 pro-bowl level of play isn’t exactly going to come back. As he gets older, his level of play is only gonna regress even more, which means I don’t hold my breath for him to play any better than Goodman.

  • Anonymous

    Might be worth it at the minimum if for no other reason than to mentor our young DB’s.  Still not sure I could see him making the active roster though.   

  • Jon

    Vic Lombardi says Mike Adams may sign today, too.

  • Monty

    Mike Klis brought up a very interesting point on Twitter. Trufant’s agent is listed as Mike Sullivan — the guy the Broncos hired as their capologist. He couldn’t possibly still be his agent, could he?

  • Anonymous

    No way.  That would be a ridiculous conflict of interest for Sullivan. 

  • Anonymous

    Meh.  He’s a step up from goodman, I guess.  

  • Anonymous

    My guess is Klis has innacurate outdated information…just my guess though…

  • Anonymous

    but brilliant…

  • Mergrath

    Same here…meh. At this point though I’ll take an upgrade to Goody.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t imagine that Sullivan (or Trufant for that matter) is that stupid.  

  • Anonymous

     I agree if the price is right