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Published on 03/14/2012 at Wed Mar 14 18:25.
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(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Judging by his Twitter account, Von Miller is just likes us — a big Denver Broncos fan. He just happens to play for the team.

Miller wrote a number of tweets Wednesday evening proclaiming his desire for the Broncos to sign free agent pass rusher Mario Williams and quarterback Peyton Manning. Saying “Super Bowls are priceless”, he even offered to “play for free.”

How scary would that be if we got Mario Williams? Lebron, dwade, and bosh did it..

I would take a huge pay cut to get Mario Williams and Peyton Manning! I just want to win!!!

Mario and Manning = I will play this season for free, super bowls are priceless!!!

And in case you read Miller’s campaign for Manning as a slight to his teammate and current QB Tim Tebow, the league’s reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year was quick to address that too:

The old saying goes, “You can’t buy championships,” but a pass rush that fearsome and a quarterback that elite would be a hard combination to beat. Are you with Miller? Do you want the Broncos to splurge on the NFL’s top two free agents or continue the practiced patience it employed last year?

  • Anonymous

    Bet his agent $|-|17 a brick when he read that! 

  • Tim Lynch

    Shit a brick?

  • Anonymous

    Man you just took all the fun out of my creative code word haha.

  • Dee Kitchens

    I hope we get them

  • Buda

    that’s too good to be true!

  • Anonymous

    Damn you Von Miller!!!
    Right when I make up my mind on Manning, you pull a stunt like this and totally change my mind!

  • Shane Thompson023

    Totally agree with him LETS DO THIS DENVER!!!

  • Hansen

    Mario and Manning would be fun and exciting but….. IF the Broncos don’t get Manning start thinking about FA QBs.  Henne is no longer available – signed by the Jags.

  • Matt Streeter

    I just want them to do anything at this point.  While the front office is Tebowing in hopes that Manning joins the Mile High club, the rest of the league is snatching up free agents left and right.  Huge gamble for a guy that will most likely end up having a homecoming in Tennesse.

  • Allan

    Denver better get Manning or this season is bust since absolutely no improvements have been made and most of the impact FA are off the board. If Manning doesn’t happen I see the Mr Edd column in the Denver Post making a come back, remember that John Albert Elway?

  • MiamiMike

    I am not sure what is going on I was born in Denver and have seen alot. Been a fan since the 70s.This is one of the few times I am at a loss of words. I do not understand how at this point we have not signed one big name free agent with all our money available and the name if Elway and Fox who is a players coach. Something is not right with how this is playing out. At what point do we actually sign someone of importance? I get the value idea but now we are getting towards the dollar general store.

  • AtomicLeo

    My guess is that the bills offered too much for the broncos to match and the Titans did the same with Manning.

  • Deeznuts98

    I posted on Tuesday that I hope they don’t wait around on Manning and lose out on Mario Williams. Going into FA I was hoping we could land Williams and possibly Michael Bush. I think it’s too late to get Williams. Way too many eggs in the Manning basket! WTF

  • Anonymous

    Until Manning and Mario put on other hats, I’m optimistic about our odds to sign them. If Peyton is not looking at money as a factor, then he would be a fool to not sign in Denver.

  • guest

    We should sign Clark, and Saturday to lure Manning. Looking less and less likely we get him.

  • Anonymous

     Did you skip your panic pills this morning?

  • Anonymous

    The Broncos have everything tied up in signing Manning.  That is what is going on.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone considered that Manning intends to sign with the Broncos and went to visit the Tuxedos as a means of solidifying his decision?

  • Ezarlengo

    I agree. What are the broncos doing? If manning signs with Tennessee by fri or later, Williams will most likely be gone by then and the broncos will be left with a sh*t ton of cash with no big names left. His could be real bad. As a lifetime broncos fan I hope at least someone is signed soon.

  • MeOMy

    I don’t see how Denver is doing anything different than last year. We didn’t waste our money on big name free agents last year either.  Their plan was to build through the draft and plug in the holes with the cheaper free agents. Mario would be nice but do we really want to tie up that much cash on a 3rd top tier pass rusher. I’d rather we spend that money on a CB or S. As for the money we rolled over into this year, I don’t think that was done to do anything but to try and sign Manning.

  • Virginiabronco

    Manning is not coming to Denver.  Never was.  Never will.  This has the potential to become another PR disaster for Denver.

    Can someone tell me what Manning sees in playing for the Broncos? 

    Is it our running game that will help take the pressure off his passing attack?
    Our front line protection for this pocket passer?
    Oh wait, I know what it is!  He wants to throw to our sure handed receivers!
    Maybe he longs to play on a slick frozen surface in December and January with his bad neck just to prove he is healthy.
    No, No I got it.  He wants to play for that offensive minded genius John Fox.

    I just can’t believe how everyone is screaming for this like it will happen. 

    Not a chance.  Not a chance.  Denver front office being schooled by one of the all time best marketing personas in all of the NFL!

    And you guys are falling for it too. 

  • Virginiabronco

    OR Arizona

  • Dbuckj

    are you retarded??

  • Virginiabronco

    That really doesn’t deserve a response.  I am waiting for someone to answer the question. Why do you think Manning, certainly one of the greatest QB’s to play the game,  is “considering” the Broncos?

  • Anonymous

    There’s something too appealing about rational responses…plus I ran out.

  • Virginiabronco

    Please explain why you think “he would be a fool to not sign in Denver”?
    He has played in a climate controlled dome for his home games for almost his entire career.
    Just consider this.. Manning and Elway on the same team?  You don’t think Manning as the ultimate control freak won’t think about that for a while?
    And then there is the matter of finding WR’s who can catch.  Finding some defensive backs under the age of 35.  Finding a sustainable or at least reliable running attack to take some pressure off the QB.  Maybe some protection from the front line would be nice.  Do you think maybe he thinks about this before signing with team considering he has had 4 neck operations?

  • AtomicLeo

    Who do you want them to sign? They went after the biggest Fa out there and looks like they’ll lose out to crazy man with a blank check in state where he started his career, and oh and his wife is from Memphis. And Mario, and by all reports was offered an armor car truckload of money in Buffalo. They’ve been active. Honestly I don’t see anyone out there right now, and besides PM, that I think they should spend big bucks on.

  • AtomicLeo

    Who do you want them to sign? They went after the biggest Fa out there and looks like they’ll lose out to crazy man with a blank check in state where he started his career, and oh and his wife is from Memphis. And Mario, and by all reports was offered an armor car truckload of money in Buffalo. They’ve been active. Honestly I don’t see anyone out there right now, and besides PM, that I think they should spend big bucks on.

  • AtomicLeo

    Can we at least wait until after the draft before claiming the team has not improved this offseason?

  • Virginiabronco

    I want to add a few comments from a different point a view. Are the Bronco faithful posting comments here considering the fact the Manning has not been on a field facing competition in over a year? Do you think he is going to miraculously take the field, start reading defenses and throwing 50 yard completions without missing a beat?  Have you fully thought through the fact the Manning is one hit away from ending his career?  Have you fully thought through the fact that even if he comes back better than ever, he has a very limited shelf life at his age?  SO we invest all this capital in this guy and we really don’t know if he can complete the passes or take the hits that will inevitably come.  We know he is not going to scramble for a first down.  We know he isn’t going to jump over the linemen for a TD.  We also know that the Broncos are hurting in many other key positions.  What will be done about that? I just don’t see how this makes sense considering the current state of the team.  But, as I have said many times now, I don’t think we have to worry about it.  Manning is one of the most brilliant marketing minds in all of football.  He is  not going to sign in Denver unless, I add unless, the Broncos give him ownership in the team.  I can’t believe that will happen but who knows.

  • Dbuckj

    Many reason for him to come to Denver,
    We actually had top offensive line last year and we have ryan clady to protect hid blind spot.
    Demarious and Decker are very good recievers actually and with the money we have we can sign whomever he wants.
    Also we built a whole offense around tim tebow in a season without a offseason, i am sure we can build peytons offense that fast as well! And dont worry about fox and his offense of skills because manning will be taking the reins of the offense like he did in Indianapolis.
    And dont tell me denver is some cold bitter place? If we needed a dome because of the weather we would of built one when we re-did Invesco Field. We have more sunny days then you know and the average temp here in denver is not bad at all.
    Also our defense is on the rise and with a few adjustments we are looking good. i dont know if you relized but our defense won all of our games last year by keeping us in the game and not letting the other team take to much of a lead.
    Also john Elway has been exactly where peyton is and won his two back to back superbowls in his final two seasons of his career. so dont under estimate the broncos and our roster, i personally and really believe we are the most reasonable team to sign too.

  • Trevor2755

    tell me just who exactly on the Broncos suck.  Other than Goodman, M Thomas, Walton and Beadles who is in desperate need of a replacement?

  • Trevor2755

    tell me just who exactly on the Broncos suck.  Other than Goodman, M Thomas, Walton and Beadles who is in desperate need of a replacement?

  • Dbuckj

    were also part of a shitty ass division where peyton manning could drop dimes on the other teams. we went to the playoffs last year going 8-8……
    Miami division he has to go up against tom brady and his squad twice a year.
    titans division he will be playing the colts twice a year which would be extremely akward and not fun.
    and cardinals are in the NFC where he does not wanna go.. BRONCOS HAVE THE BIGGEST CHANCE AND ARE THE MOST REASONABLE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yogi

    Dear Virginiabronco,

    Understand your point of view, but the facts over the past few days clearly point to PM considering ending his NFL career with us in Denver. What’s the logic behind that (let me just summarize the sensible points the talking heads have mentioned over the past few days):

    a) we’re in the worst division in the NFL, giving PM a relatively clean chance to get into the playoffs. Once you’re in, anything can happen.

    b) significant cap room to fill in the holes on the roster. i’ll submit that we won’t make splashy moves in free agency this year, but we should be able to add a back and continue a strong running game (QB’s best friend). Bake in some upside if Decker or DT live up to the fan hype.

    c) front office dynamics. apparently he likes and is comfortable with Elway and Fox is a veteran coach (i.e. safe pair of hands) who has been to a SB (this factor just doesn’t exist with any of the other suitors, except maybe AZ).

    Financially, I think this is a perfectly ok deal. PM is willing to give us protection against a situation where he can’t step on the field for health reasons. If he takes a major hit or a career ender, then we’re basically out $16-20M and in return we took a chance on one of the greatest QB’s ever to play the game (for a guy who’s averaged 12 wins per year over the last decade and has us talking about being instant SB contenders, i am ok w/ that risk/reward tradeoff).

    By the way, what lost us games this year is the inability for the offense to stay on the field and sustain drives. If we can bring in a QB who can consistently move the chains, the defense will only perform better.

  • Hogblog

    No, absolutely NOT! Not a chance, he’s not playing the game of politics at this point. He’s all in…and it’s Nashville! Southern born, southern bred. When he dies, he’ll be southern dead! It’s just a saying in the south.  

  • anthony33

    I have read both sides of the argument from you and VB…  I would have to agree with most of what VB says even though you make good points.  You, like many of us, see the Broncs through orange tinted glasses. 

    I believe Manning will sign with Tennessee and our OL is not that good. 

    We are getting schlacked just sitting around waiting for Manning to dump us.  I have maintained from day one that unless there is a much longer term plan for Manning in Denver… such as a HC or potential ownership with Elway… why waste another 2 years looking for a franchise QB. 

  • Jon

    Man, I love Von Miller. We’ve got somebody SPECIAL in him!

  • Ryan

    Ouch!  Tebow should welcome the “competition”??? You have got to be kidding me.  What competition?  Manning would be signed to sit the bench behind Tebow!  Lame attempt Miller! 

    I, personally, hope Manning signs with anyone else.  Elway only had two more years left in him at this age – and that was without a fused neck.  I want to continue with the future – finding out one way or the other if Tebow will improve (it won’t take much), and if not – drafting a QB.  No more retreads.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    “I “love” “Von” “Miller” “and” “his” “creative” “use” “of” “quotation” “marks”

  • Anonymous

    “we” all could learn something from this comment.  

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Matt. I have not, from the beginning, thought he will choose Denver. Clearly I could be wrong but don’t think so.

    As for Super Mario we have not even scheduled a visit. With Von and Doom already here I don’t see it happening.

    My thought is we don’t get either one and then the “Good” FA’s are gone. I find this holding out to be a little Payton-ish myself…

  • Anonymous

    Nice post Ant…

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