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Published on 03/14/2012 at Wed Mar 14 17:37.
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The Kansas City Chiefs fortified their running attack today, even with the return of Jamaal Charles still looming.

Former Denver Broncos fullback and running back Peyton Hillis has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chiefs announced today. It is reportedly a one-year deal for Hillis, who played his last two seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

Two fan favorites potentially landing elsewhere in the AFC West in one night? This is the ugly side to NFL free agency.

  • Anonymous


  • Fan From Spain

    What was all that drama in Cleveland with Hillis? He got injured and they accused him of milking it or something?

    Damn u McD

  • Tom9798

    This is grief come to haunt us.

  • flbronc

    cough, cough.  Need to go in ir 

    my agent says.

  • areferee

     The free agent winds are fickle, indeed. 

    The breezes blowing in from Tennessee today have a bone-chilling cold about them.

    It seems likely now that the Broncos may come up holding an empty sack in its bid for free agent history.  This may be the year that wasn’t. 

    There is smart money betting Manning will sign with the Titans and all the free agent holdouts waiting on his decision will fall like dominoes.

    My, how the outlook has changed in 24 hours.

  • Anonymous

    Who are the smart money betters????

  • Anonymous

    Watching Hillis go to KC isn’t so troubling considering what an absolutely headcase he is. Potentially losing Royal to the Chargers though? UGH!

  • Anonymous

    Manning isn’t taking a huge following with him. There isn’t going to be a lot of cap room left over for whomever signs him. All it means is the Broncos will have A LOT more spending cash to go around instead of being placed on 1 guy. All good.

  • Jon

    That’s the one consolation… I keep having images of him trying to hurdle Brian Dawkins and him slamming Hillis on his back.

    To this day though I am still ticked at McDaniels for trading him. I hate the thought of playing Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis twice a year.

  • Jon

    No way? Royal may sign with SD? I went out for a few hours and you guys let everything spin out of control!

    I can’t picture Eddie doing that… I would never forgive him.