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Published on 03/14/2012 at Wed Mar 14 17:12.
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Denver Broncos WR Eddie Royal made Monday Night Football history against the Chargers in 2009. (REUTERS/Fred Greaves)

Wide receiver Eddie Royal did NOT sign with the Washington Redskins as we reported on Tuesday and is still making the free agent rounds. In fact, he’ll be taking a trip to the Broncos’ AFC West rival San Diego Chargers.

Naturally we decided to dig up pictorial evidence of Royal’s notable Charger-killing history. No wonder San Diego is interested. Don’t do it Eddie!!

  • CJ


  • Fan From Spain

    If Royal is so classy he should stay out of the AFC West period.

  • Dark_1s

    say it isn’t so Eddie

  • Tom9798

    Eddie Royal is worth six a year.

    He will become their Spoules.

    He will become our special teams worst nightmare.

    If he gives us the opportunity to match an offer . . .

    best think realtime.

    He has won games for us . . . he will win games for whoever.

  • Anonymous

    nah.  what exactly does eddie royal owe us?

  • AtomicLeo

    Royal disappeared once the QB play fell into a black hole. The I love the guy and I hope he finds a good team.

  • Jon

    If Royal signs with them… I’ll never think of him the same again.

  • Colombiaron

    Chargers will land him and win the west. Broncos will have tebow again. He was figured out late in the year and your defense was why you squeaked into the playoffs. If the Chargers defense played like yours, well we would of won the Super bowl. The reality is we had a terrible defense with 50% third down rate, worst in nfl since 1995!!! No pass rush, few turnovers. If we can get the defense to top 10 level Afc west will be dominated again.

  • Colombiaron

    Why would Royal want to play for a tebow team? He can catch 1 pass a game with Tebow, when with Rivers he could be at 600 to 1000 yards and 6 or 7 tds?? You guys have no chance to sign him or any other good receiver. I hope Tebow plays again this year, love the one dimension offense and relying on defense to keep it close. IF defense fails like agains New England you get embarrassed, blown out!!!!!!!!! Love it

  • Chargers best

    Great freaking fit for the San Diego Chargers we need another WR he’d be a great fit for us i can’t wait to see him run up and down the broncos field when we beat them so bad.Thats why we’ll win the divsion we also got Jarret Johnson Robert Meachem Leron Mclan he’s a pro bowler I just hope we don’t beat the broncos by 70 points I would feel bad.Please sign with us Eddie that we would best.Ha broncos