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Published on 03/14/2012 at Wed Mar 14 12:45.
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Manning's decision may come tonight. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

The waiting game may finally end this evening.

According to NFL Network, free agent quarterback Peyton Manning may sign with a team — whichever team that may be — by this evening, per KMGH‘s Arran Andersen.  The network is also reporting that Manning’s decision is holding up Mario Williams from joining the Broncos, per SFS-S‘s Omar Kelly.

Whether those two reports are true or not remains to be seen, but BT did learn a week ago that the Broncos would pursue both Manning and Williams.  Per reports, Manning is visiting the Titans today and Williams has met with the Bills, so it appears that Denver’s chances of landing both players (if either) are slim.

If Manning does sign with Denver, former Broncos quarterback  Frank Tripucka would be willing to let his #18 jersey come out of retirement.  “It’s been retired for 50 years,” Tripucka told The Denver Post. “That’s long enough.”

Like the rest of the NFL, we’re all waiting on Peyton now.

  • Monty

    Right now I think three things:

    1. We won’t know something until this weekend.
    2. We WILL know something before the weekend is over. Manning will have made his choice.
    3. Manning will pick Denver.

    Just my gut feeling, reading between the lines (a lot of lines).

  • flbronc

    manning, williams and solai?  i might wet my pants.

  • anthony33

    Monte… my gut, Mainning will sign with the Titans.  Seems to be the most logical choice.

    Elway has effectively burnt the Tebow bridge to the ground… thus leaving stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    I sure as hell hope he has a backup plan… this could get ugly. 

  • Anonymous

    My understanding was that PM would be meeting the Titan’s brass in Indy or NC.  Now they are saying he is flying to TN.  This worries me a lot.  My gut tells me that we lost out on this one.  I have a feeling he is going to sign with TN.  This is truly my opinion and feeling of what I have heard so far and not factual.  I hope I am wrong.  This is the first time I have heard anything about Williams coming to Denver.   Go Broncos!!!

  • Anonymous

    Also curious about something…. What do we need Williams for anyways?   I know he is an upgrade over Ayers and prob Dumervil, but I thought we had more important positions to fill.  For instance, CB, ILB and OLB if DJ has to serve suspension or if we get rid of him.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have him, but not sure it would make too much of a difference in the long run.

  • King

    Elway is going to look like a fool if he can’t pull this deal off with PM. 

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that Manning signs with Denver but at this point I just want the waiting to be over.  

  • Jon

    The Giants proved last season that you can never have too many talented pass rushers.  The NFL is a passing league and the best way to counter that is called Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller and Mario Williams.

  • Anonymous

    Good point.  It just seems if we are going to spend a big chunk of money on a position, we should probably spend it on one that needs more attention.  I am fine either way. 

  • CJ

    I dont think Tebow will be as upset as everybody is assuming. Its Peyton Freaking Manning were talking about

  • flbronc

     thats the key.  it depends on how big that chunk of money is and over how long.  the prospects of our pass rush are ridiculous with him on board.  i think someone is going to throw a ton of money his way.  i want no part of a bidding war for him.

  • Joe

    Why would Elway look like a fool!!?? He has chance of 1 out of 4 to get him!!! If we don’t get him,we move on and draft a QB to compete with Tebow!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am ready for this Manning circus to be over. The 4 years/$90 million is a freaking joke. Yes its Peyton Manning but really..$22.5 million a year?!?!

    Thank goodness “its not about the money, I just want to win” /sarcasm

    Did the FO put all the eggs in basket or are they considering any other QB’s in the event we don’t land Manning?

  • King

     Elway had first shot at Manning.  No deal = egg on Elway’s face.  

    Especially with all of the money Elway has at his disposal.

  • Greg

    At this point, I don’t think Manning will sign with Denver. I think momentum is shifting surprisingly toward the Titans.  What I do think is certain is that John Elway has fumbled this situation in such a way that it will dispirit his team when Peyton signs elsewhere. Already, most of the other free agents who were supposedly going to come with Manning are signing elsewhere. In the meantime, the quarterback who led your team to the playoffs (with a first round win) has been humiliated and betrayed. Elway can’t even commit to him for an entire off-season.  The organization was supposedly building through the draft, but now is shifting into full free agency mode, upsetting the entire plan and making it look like there isn’t really much of a plan after all. This is not the way to run a football team. We shall see, but I think Elway has already fumbled terribly.  

  • Komul

    Gonna be another QB year with tebow.. manning is dodging denver to the titans too bad though o well start rebuilding the team for tebow 

  • broncfan

    Hey, the Manning’s are experts at playing the game. FEX just got schooled by the best. Let’s hope they learn from it then go out and build thru the draft with a sprinkling of FA’s.  Maybe just copy what the great teams do tho I hate to say it…NE, NY, GB…

  • Anonymous

    No egg, no looking like a fool. Maybe to you but not the rest of the NFL or fans. The one thing he has zero control over is Payton’s decision, period.

    That would be like me making you make smart posts… It just isn’t going to happen ;-).

  • Anonymous

    You left out the Steelers… I hate them but they don’t have a butt load of Lombardi’s because they suck…

  • King

    It’s Peyton, not “Payton”. 

    Now what’s this about being smart? 

  • Anonymous

    LOL… What would you have come up with had I not misspelled his name? Doesn’t change your posts at all… Its all good King man I was just poking fun at you any way.