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Published on 03/13/2012 at Tue Mar 13 22:59.
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Quick hits on the developing Tuesday evening free agency signing period stories —

  • It’s a good thing that the Denver Broncos have so much cap room, because a Peyton Manning contract would probably be for around four years, and $90 million.
  • Although it originally wasn’t supposed to be, money has become The factor in the Manning sweepstakes, according to Vic Lombardi.
  • Meanwhile, Bud Adams, the Owner of the Tennessee Titans, says that Manning wants to make a decision soon.  According to Adams, he is really interested in the Titans, too.
  • The Broncos still want Manning however, and are in a better financial situation than Tennessee.
  • Manning will meet with the Titans on Wednesday, according to multiple reports.  We expect/assume/hope that Manning’s decision will come soon after his meeting in Tennessee.
  • Meanwhile, our old friend Brandon Marshall may have gotten himself into trouble with the NFL, again. 
  • To help replace Vincent Jackson, the San Diego Chargers have signed Robert Meachem.  Receivers Laurent Robinson and Brandon Lloyd are now the two biggest names among receivers that remain available.  Lloyd is scheduled to visit the 49ers tomorrow.
  • Despite earlier reports that Broncos’ free agent receiver Eddie Royal had signed with the Washington Redskins, he is still exploring the open market.  There are a handful of teams — including the Baltimore Ravens — that are interested in Royal, but reports are that Royal will wait and see if Manning signs with Denver before making a decision.  Royal would reportedly see if Denver would be willing to match Washington’s two-year, $12 million offer (which seems to be unlikely).
  • Fellow safety Brandon Meriweather, who reportedly visited the Broncos today, will visit the Redskins next.
  • One of Denver’s highest priorities remains re-signing defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley.  As of 11:00 p.m. (MT), Bunkley remains un-signed.
  • The Broncos may not be waiting to begin their free agency signings until after Manning makes his decision, but potential players interested in Denver probably are, according to sources.
  • While the team has yet to make any big splashes in free agency, we advise not losing your patience.  Day one is coming to an end and the teams that signed a lot of big name players were the ones that are desperate — and most of them overpaid.  The smarter teams — like New England, Green Bay and New York — have sat back and waited — as they have done for years.  It’s a good blueprint for the Broncos to follow, signing bargains after all the big-name players are overpaid on day one.

Stay tuned for continuous coverage of free agency as the week unfolds!

  • Anonymous

    Manning is a poser! No SB winning QB has ever gone to another team and won a SB and Manning isn’t likely to be the first. Guys like Tom Brady restructure their contracts so they can bring in more talent and make real runs at it. 

    Manning only gives a crap about lining his pocket book. He’s going to try and bleed whatever team he gets on absolutely dry and there won’t be enough cap room left to build a whole team. 

    Not only is he not winning a SB with whatever team he goes to but he’s going to leave that team worse for wear when he leaves it. 

    I lost a lot of respect for the guy as a Colt when he refused to restructure his deal so they could bring in some FA for defense. Now I’ve lost even more respect for him that the guy has hundreds of millions of dollars, only a couple years left to play and still the most important thing to him is how much he is going to earn.

  • Benko916

    @TheTroglodyte:disqus Is that why last year he declined the Colts offer and the most paid QB in the NFL so they could hire more talent?? I think you are the Poser. I love the Broncos, and I just want us to do good… I was more than happy with last season, even though we got our butts handed to us against the Patriots, but its Tom Brady.

    Back to my first point, I remember last year Manning declined the Colts offer so the team could try to hire better people to make a Playoff run… I think Peyton Manning is a stand up guy, he is no more cocky than any other elite QB in this league. If we attained the services of Peyton Manning, and he was healthy then I truly believe that we will become a playoff contention team. Much Love to Tebow, but lets be honest… As much as I like the ‘person’ Tim Tebow is… he is no where near as talented as Manning. I do trust Elway (I idolized Elway growing up) He only wants to do whats best for the Broncos. I only hope we keep Tebow and not trade him if we get Manning… But my gut tells me that Manning will pick the Titans or Arizona over us… I hope not, but I have that feeling.

    IF we can get Manning then I believe we will be an unstoppable force next season, I really hope he signs!! As should all “true” Bronco fans. And not Tebow fans who jumped on the Bronco bandwagon I mean REAL Bronco fans, the ones who have been with us for years way before Tebow as even in Highschool. Anyways only one can dream. All these talking heads on ESPN and NFL network drive me crazy, Every single one say Manning will go somewhere else… One even said KC was still in the mix… Yeah Right! KC BLOWS!!! PIOLI BLOWS!!! HAHAHA KC YEAH RIGHT!!!

  • Mike Birtwistle

    You failed to report that I spent yesterday visiting the toilet

  • Mike Birtwistle

    You failed to report that I spent yesterday visiting the toilet

  • Jeff

    So what if Manning does sign and Tebow is traded, Manning gets an injury .. then what? No Manning no Tebow? I think Manning is the best QB to play the game but I dont like this move. I Would rather win in blue collar style rather than this.  

  • Jon

    Man, shuffling through all of this, I KNEW I was going to miss something big.

  • flbronc

    i am less excited about manning at 90mil.  not sure what i expected, but that is too much.

  • Gradishar53

    Manning: way wrong side of 30, nerve weakness in throwing arm, and fused vertebrae… Worth $90 mil?

    Tebow: young, winner, took 1-4 team and won AFC West, beat top defense in playoffs, massive upside, all accomplished without an offseason… $800,000 this year…

    Going with Manning is like mortgaging the house and putting it on a roulette number…

    Think of the players available with that $90 mil…

    This isn’t building a franchise, it’s ill-thought out… 

    Hey, Peyton how was your rookie season? 28int/71.2 rating

    Elway? 47.5% completion/14int/54.9 rating

    Tebow? 47.3%/9int/75.1 rating

    THIS IS JUST IDIOTIC!  Remember Tebow has not taking a single snap as the training camp starter!

  • Anonymous

    Blah Blah Blah, listen, Manning already stated he is going to sign a deal that protects the team against injury so that argument is at least done.  Of course you take Manning over Tebow and I would hope Tebow would stay and learn from both Elway and Manning.  Trog…a little off base my friend, one he was cut from the Colts, two he did refuse to be the highest paid player the owner pushed the issue.  And finally who really knows what his motivations are, which team he favors, who has the best chance to sign him?  Nobody…not ESPN, NFL Network, Lomabardi or especially that horses backside…Klis.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t have your facts straight on what happened with the contract last year bud. 

  • Anonymous

    He was cut from the colts because it would have cost the colts almost 40 million to keep him in 2012 and he didn’t exactly refuse to be the highest paid player. I’ve been a long time Colts fan and was a Manning fan until the last couple of years. There is a lot more to the story that people who don’t follow the Colts don’t know about.

    The fact that Manning is basing where he goes on money instead of chances to win a SB is sickening. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s the thing brother, do we really know what his motivations are on this one? I know Money is on the list, location probably a factor, type of offense, facilities, coaches and ownership…we have not heard a direct quote from him yet. He has been a stand up guy for many years and I choose to think that he is looking for the right situation, the money is all basically going to be similar with any team. In the end, if I am looking for a job, the pay certainly is a huge consideration.


  • Anonymous

    I would also add the fact that Wayne choosing to resign with the Colts may be a sign that the injury is a pretty damn big concern. He was in no need to sign in a hurry if he WANTED to play with Manning again.

    And to those that are saying “Manning will put an injury clause in his contract” No, that’s what the team will do. Doesn’t matter though because Manning is going to get a HUGE chunk of that cash upfront guaranteed. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve just seen this kind of behavior from him for quite some time now. Signing a 36 year old who hasn’t played in over a year and just had 4 neck surgeries to a 4 year 90+ million dollar contract in which at least 30 mil is probably guaranteed is just ridiculous.  

    If the Broncos sign him I will love and root them on as always but I could not be more against this move. 

    I’d have rather seen them break the bank to go get RGIII then break the bank for Manning.

  • Gradishar53

    “Blah, blah,blah”?  Do facts just befuddle you?

  • Anonymous

    The only thing confusing me is what you are referring to, Trog and I had a few back and forths on this post. The blah blah blah comment was basically about “the sky is falling” on both sides of the Manning argument and everyone needs to relax.

  • Gradishar53

    Your confused by the fact that Tebow is castigated as a lousy passer and yet has superior rookie seasons to Elway and Manning?   Hmmmm.

  • Anonymous

    The 3 games he played as a Rookie…yeah great stat.  I said very little about Tebow except I hoped he would stay and learn from two HOF QB’s.  Just like the real Gradishar your mouth is moving a lot but what you are saying makes little sense…and I am done with you. 

  • Gradishar53

    “LIKE THE REAL GRADISHAR…”  You mean the leading tackler in NFL history?  You clearly don’t have a clue about football.  Adios!

    P.S. those stats are for Tebow’s entire pro career.  You are laughably ignorant!