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Published on 03/13/2012 at Tue Mar 13 17:25.
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Eddie Royal to the house!

Eddie Royal #19 of the Denver Broncos returns a punt for a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum on November 6, 2011 in Oakland, California. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

UPDATE: The Washington Post updated its report. Eddie Royal has not, in fact, finalized a deal with Washington and is still a free agent. The odds he return to Denver are still very slim, though. It’s only a matter of time before he is a “former Denver Bronco.”

Former Broncos guru Mike Shanahan isn’t done stocking up on receiver talent.  After signing Pierre Garcon the old ball coach is now bringing in his former 2nd round draft pick to revamp the receiving corp.  The Skins inked Eddie Royal to a 2 year $12 Million dollar deal according to the Washington Post.  Many heart felt good byes have already been sent to Eddie’s twitter account from the Broncos’ faithful.  Fans couldn’t ask for a better guy to root for or have their kids look up to but 6 million per year is a high price to pay for the 3rd wideout on the depth chart.

Denver will have to address kick and punt returning duties along with a slot/3rd receiver now in free agency or the draft.  One has to wonder if we could see Brandon Stokley re-unite with the Broncos if Peyton Manning decided on Denver.  (The two worked out in Castle Rock during Peyton’s Colorado trip)  This also adds other potential options to the market.  The Redskins pulled their own tri-fecta today signing up Josh Morgan.  This leaves next to no room on their roster for vets Jabar Gaffney and Santana Moss.

  • Fan From Spain

     Thanks for the big plays Eddie. Class act.

  • Tom9798

    I am very sad to see Eddie Royal leave.
    The fallout might be Manning doesn’t sign here.  This was his Welker.  Not Stokely.
    Beyond what I can reason, Royal was never utilized correctly, and when he was, he helped us win three games last year.
    So far in the free agency draft, the Redskins and the Bears are doing all the talking.
    We’re just sitting here yapping.
    I hope that when Manning visits Tennessee, where they will have the ‘welcome home’ show going on, we haven’t really hosed ourselves.

  • colorancher

    hope there is a Taco Bell in Washington DC…. Thanks Royal and good luck..

  • Jon

    I disagree.  I think Manning could care less if Royal is on the roster or not.  He’ll want his guys, like Wayne and Clark.

  • Anonymous

    See ya Eddie, hopefully Shanny can get your career back on track after McDumbass ruined it.

  • colorancher

    Anyone seen the commercial that espn is playing.. Begging Manning to come back to Tennessee.. It’s bad!! if Peyton wants to be protected , he will come to Denver. Top five OL….

  • broncfan

    and Stokely available maybe if we act soon

  • Tom9798

    I’m sorry that Royal is no longer on the roster.  This is a huge loss.

    You think Manning cares that much about two guys he threw passes to two years ago?

    That’s what his decision will be based on?

    Smell the cinnamon buns and ‘Rocky Top’ playing in the background while his old neighbors visit.

    Geeeesshhh . . . . their probably Dolphins or Titans by now. 

  • Anonymous

    Eddie was one of my favorites on the team since he was drafted.  It sucks to see him go.  Good luck Eddie!

    As far as the rest of FA is going…why are we sitting around with our thumbs up our butts? No word on Bunk. Soliai would be a nice addition, ok.  Merriweather hasn’t been any good in awhile, and is always caught out of position.  Tolbert has a laundry list of teams that will take him, and is meeting with the Chiefs.  The Manning bait (Reggie Wayne) resigned with Indy.  Are we really sitting around waiting on Peyton Manning to make his decision?  What’s the contingency plan if/when he says “No” to Denver?  The pick’ins of QB’s (which we know we need) are super slim.  Then again, I guess I am not surprised to hear Bowlen is being cheap.   

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, McDaniels kept Royal from being healthy.

    McDaniels also kept him from catching his passes too.

    Royal just exploded when John Fox took over the Broncos.

    The whole “McDumbass” thing is kinda old.

  • Bm_vm303

    I like Royal I hope we keep him, if we dont th
    en it will suck!