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Published on 03/13/2012 at Tue Mar 13 10:56.
Tagged: ,,,,. has learned through multiple sources that the Denver Broncos will target the following players in free agency —

RB Mike Tolbert.

Tolbert is coming off of a big season in San Diego (eight rushing touchdowns) but is not expected to re-sign with the Chargers.  The Broncos’ backfield would instantly improve with the acquisition of Tolbert.

NT Paul Soliai.

The Broncos — and several other teams — have expressed interest in Soliai, who started in twelve games last season.  If the Broncos are able to re-sign Brodrick Bunkley and then bring in Soliai, the interior of their defensive line will be greatly improved from last season.

DB Reggie Nelson.

Nelson is a former first round draft pick who is coming off of a good season with the Bengals.  Safety is a good area of need for the Broncos and the team will be targeting Nelson as well as Dwight Lowery.

  • Jon

    Presumably, the team will also target Dallas Clark. Pierre Garçon and/or Reggie Wayne.

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! I am loving this.  If we end up signing PM, it will be so nice to be in contention talks again.  I love the fact we are looking to spend money this year.  Seems like it has been awhile. 

  • broncfan

    and Addai and Saturday too hopefully.

  • Bucky

    Sounds like the Chiefs are targeting Soliai as well, And people are calling him a pure 3-4 NT which would fit better in KC, hopefully he would see the benefit of playing in 4-3 and come to us anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    We need more Somoans here, bring them big crazy guys in by the bus load!

  • MeOMy

    I still say leave DT and RB to the draft. After we sign Manning (Cross Fingers) we need to get a MLB, CB and S in free agency. We need to beef up these two positions while the people we drafted the last few years get use to playing in the NFL. Of course I wouldn’t mind signing Saturday. Center was the biggest weakness on our line last year. Not saying I don’t like Tolbert… he will just cost us too much money. 

    If we don’t sign Manning, I still think we should go after Hines Ward. hands down the best blocking receiver in the NFL. Would be nice to have a veteran WR on the team. If we get Manning, we go with Wayne and Clark. 

  • Dee Kitchens

    Are there any good Safetys coming out the draft? Reggie Nelson was good his rookie year, but haven’t heard his name since.

  • areferee

     The free agent derby looks as though it will be as interesting as it has been in years.

    The number one name on our shopping list will do us, or any other team where he chooses to play, a great service by making his decision today or tomorrow at the latest. 

    As competitive as it is in this market, knowing where Peyton Manning will park his helmet will help his new team have first chance at teammates who will want to be on his squad.

    Whether it is receiver Reggie Wayne or an additional running back to compliment his offense, knowing sooner, rather than later will only help the team he selects.  Manning knows this, as well.  He is the type of man to do it with each of the team’s best interest in mind.

    I hope it is the Broncos that face the dilemma of which free agents to sign to enhance the Manning-led offense.

  • Anonymous

    cupboards are pretty bare for the Safety class this year.

  • Josh Temple

    I want safety help!  Having Manning won’t help us if Brady can still march up and down our secondary.  If we pull mad free agents I wouldn’t be surprised to see Elway and Co. pull a trade to move up for Kirkpatrick.

  • Anonymous

    where the heck have you been, rarely see comments on here from you?

  • Fan From Spain

    Marshal to Chicago according to many reports:!/AdamSchefter

  • Anonymous

    Cox in Frisco…sounds like gay porn.

  • Dee Kitchens

    That sucks.  Also, Laron is a free agent too.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I saw that.  Good deal for the Bears, if he (Marshall) can keep it together. 

  • Anonymous

    Haha!  Too funny.

  • CJ

    Brandon Meriweather is visiting Denver.

  • broncfan

    Moore could be relagated to special teamer if he picks his game up.

  • CJ

     Moore looked more like a placekicker last year

  • areferee

    Always here, my friend, I just have very little that is fruitful to add to all the news.

  • Anonymous

    That hasn’t stopped me! :-)