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Published on 03/11/2012 at Sun Mar 11 19:32.
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Quarterback Peyton Manning could play in Denver this season. (Image courtesy of Doug Pensinger/Getty Image)

Former Indianapolis Colts and free agent quarterback Peyton Manning has reportedly narrowed down his decision to being between the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.  Manning has been “leaning towards the Broncos,” according to a source close to the situation.

Although his decision is expected to come before the start of free agency on Tuesday, Mike Klis of the Denver Post has reported that it may not come until Wednesday.  Whether it comes tomorrow, Tuesday or Wednesday is irrelevant.  His decision is what matters.

According to Vic Lombardi of CBS4, sources say that there is an 80% chance that Manning will pick Denver over Arizona.  With the NFL’s 2012 NFL Salary cap being $120,600,000 and the Broncos having $23-$27,000,000 in rollover cap from last season, the team has more than enough cap room to land Manning.


With an improving defense, top-ranked rushing offense and young, talented receivers, the Broncos’ brass has the leverage to sway Manning.  According to reports, that’s just what they did.

Klis reports that Manning enjoyed speaking with John Elway and John Fox and was particularly impressed with team Owner Pat Bowlen.  The Broncos did not negotiate a contract with Manning — neither did the Cardinals — as Manning wanted his visits to be strictly football-related.

Presumably after he makes his decision, Manning and his agent, Tom Condon, will work out a contract with his new team.  Per reports, the Broncos are in much better shape cap-wise than the Cardinals are, which would allow them to also pursue some of Manning’s former teammates (such as receiver Reggie Wayne and tight end Dallas Clark) in free agency.

We are eagerly awaiting Manning’s next move!  We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

  • cj

    Cmon Manning

  • Vincemarine

    Great job on the blog and this story throughout the weekend. Ive been glued to BT because of all the good info. Keep up the good work!

  • Rob Bronco

    After all we as fans have been through over the past several years, this would be an enormous win for the team.  Sign Manning, sign one premier receiver, and then focus on the defense.  Despite Tebow’s success last year, the Broncos Defense kept them in games.  When the team played high powered offenses like the Patriots and Lions, the Broncos just couldn’t keep up.  Manning is a game changer and his presence makes the Broncos the favorite to win the division. 

  • Anonymous

    The great thing about my John Elway autographed football is that it is signed by a legend and a centerpiece to my collection…the bad thing about it is that no matter how much I paid for it it is worthless if I play with it and it gets damaged. I fear we are buying an autographed football…

  • Thegoodfoot

    I have loved the Broncos & have been a fan all my life. I just have to admit that if I was a future HOF QB looking to make a lasting impression and a final run at The Ring, I would want to do it with a team who’s never been there before… I do have my fingers crossed.

  • Jon

    Wow, TD30isMVP, that’s DEEP.

  • Anonymous

    Know what just occurred to me tonight?
    While I have no doubt Manning is healed, and because of that, is in no worse danger as any other player in the league at getting hurt, what hasn’t been mentioned is where his head is at.

    I’m suddenly afraid that he’ll suffer what I call “Carson Palmeridis.” What that is, is when a player gets hurt, how will that player respond once they get back on the field and bullets are flying all around them? Palmer was seriously a top 3 QB when he got his knee shredded. His knee. Let me say that again, his KNEE! He came back and was a shadow of his old self. He was afraid to be on the field each time someone was within 10 yards of him, and it showed in his play. He routinely fumbled if he even got brushed up on by anyone (his own linemen included). He threw desperation jump balls each time he got rushed, which more often than not resulted in INTs or horrible incompletions. The rest of the time, he looked like he was just trying to not get touched more than he looked to make a play, and it was his KNEE that was hurt, not his freaking neck!

    Manning had his neck hurt. If Palmer reacted this way because of his knee, how will Manning act because of his neck? Is a Manning with Palmeritis better than Tebow with a full offseason and training camp/preseason full of work? Manning will blow the minds of everyone on the Broncos during practice and maybe even the preseason when it’s glorified scrimmages, but what if he freezes up and sucks as bad as Palmer did once the real games start? What makes us think that he won’t suffer from Palmeritis? While Tebow is an unknown, I think that this aspect makes Manning an equally unknown commodity. I’m excited at the prospect of landing Manning, but equally terrified at how he’ll perform, especially knowing that we’ll have to cut bait with Tebow when we sign him (as I’m almost certain that we’ll sign him).

  • Tom9798

    TD . . . doesn’t matter what it is . . . if you make the decision to purchase the item, best make sure it really means something to you, because you will own both the decision and the item forever.
    It can be a coin, a car, a house, or a HOF QB; it’s a crossroad bud . . .

  • Hansen

     TD –

    So you don’t trust the doctors who have cleared him to play?  From what I have read he has been cleared by more than one.  In addition, don’t you think the Broncos med staff will check him out before inking a deal? 

    I understand your concerns but how many medical clearances are needed? 

  • Anonymous

     Can I quadruple like?
    The closer this gets to reality, the more terrified I am that we’ll actually get him.

  • Anonymous

     I just emailed my friend and fellow Broncos fanatic your quote TD30, to which he replied (and he’s a fellow Tebow fan)…
    “Interesting. But I’d rather have an autographed football than to try to play football with a soccer ball.” lol

  • Jon

    Per Vic Lombardi:

    “Just heard from my peoples. Broncos now 95% confident he’ll sign with Denver. Their number, not mine.”

    Also, for my take on the assumptions that Tim Tebow would be traded if Denver landed Manning, see:

  • bigmac

    it’s a heck of a gamble that really is not worth it. this means another 5-10 tear drought. swell.

  • Pastorskip

    The Broncos were Top Ranked in Rushing because of Tebow’s threat to run and extend plays. Running might not be Top Ranked with Manning.

  • Remembering What Elway Did

    I think that everyone needs to remember that when Elway was signed he was terrible the first couple of years and look how that man ended!  I think if they get rid of Tebow it’ll be one of the biggest mistakes they’ve made yet! This man a serious potential and they and everyone else need to give this man a chance to show that! Who else on thier first year in the league has done what Tebow did last year? Not many… Give the man a chance!

  • Tom9798

    bigmac . . . yeah it’s a gamble, but also could be back-to-back superbowl wins?  . . . who knows?

    we lost four games last year by less than a touchdown.  The 7-3 loss to K.C. sticks with me.

    Maybe if we just outscore some teams, the drought won’t be as long as you think.

    This QB can outscore some teams.

  • Vincemarine

    What ever decision EFX comes up with Im sure will be best for the Broncos. If Manning does sign will be the popular decision? No probably not but as a leader the tough decisions never are popula. Elway should not be worried about the popular decision, only whats best for the team. If signing Manning is the best for the team, then Im on board. I trust Elway and his experience in the NFL to make the right call. Personally, Im just glad that we arent sitting on our hands and doing nothing. There is always room for improvement.

  • RodSmith80

    I agree but we need a serious upgrade at that position NFL teams are going to figure Tebow out he is just a bad QB the guy had 46% completion and our tight ends were none existent Thomas has potential but he needs a QB who can help him develop and with manning the defense get a chance to relax instead of fighting for 55 minutes through bad tebow play 

  • RodSmith80

    whats so bad about letting Tebow go a guy who is basically holding our franchise hostage with his bad QB skills and Palmer was not that good to begin with he had one good season and it was the same season he got hurt, when will you guys really see how HORRIBLE Tebow really is for a NFL QB

  • Anonymous

     I think only a fool would speak in “facts” regarding Tebow’s ability/skill/future etc.

    Tebow “lovers” proclaim without any solid, concrete proof that Tebow will be a franchise QB and a future HOF QB.

    Tebow “haters” proclaim without any solid, concrete proof that Tebow is a bust who will never get better or make it in the NFL.

    Guess what? Neither side has any solid, and I really do mean solid evidence to even come close to speaking about him either way about his future in facts. Will Tebow be like Steve Young and have his 1st team give up on him, only to see him turn into a HOF QB? I don’t know, and I’m not (for a lack of better words) dumb enough to proclaim that he will. Will he be a complete bust who will never be able to throw or turn into even a serviceable QB? I don’t know, and again, I’m not (for a lack of better words) dumb enough to proclaim that he’ll be a bust.

    If you’ve ever read any of my posts, you’ll quickly find out that I’m not “you people” when it comes to supporting Tebow. I’m constantly saying that I love Tebow, but don’t know how he will turn out. I’m the first person to point out that he has lots of work to do. I’m also the first person to point out that he’s never had an offseason with the first team. He’s never had a training camp with the first team. He’s never had the preseason with the first team, and he’s never started the season with the first team. Know what the operative word there is? It’s the word NEVER. He’s never had that, which is why I think nobody should speak about Tebow as if he “is” or “isn’t” a franchise QB. Guess what? He isn’t as good as Manning, but he’s also never been afforded the same opportunities to develop into a great QB either. Manning went 3-13 his rookie year (1st year starting). What was Tebow’s record? (only someone who knows they are wrong will give me the 1-2 BS record, which is still statistically better than 3-13). Show some respect towards Tebow. You may think he’ll never make it, which is fine, but don’t you dare presume that your opinion is law when it comes to his future. In doing that, you are as ignorant if not more so than the people who believe he’ll be a HOF QB before he has proven himself, because guess what? He hasn’t proven that he can’t win and win big in this league either!

  • Anonymous

    “So you don’t trust the doctors who have cleared him to play?”  In a word…no, absolutely not.  Any doctor that works with athletes knows that if you shelf the career of an athlete…they quit coming to your office.  Our medical staff cleared Al Wilson to play then we traded him and their medical staff said no, not gonna happen.  It’s Peyton Manning, we want him, and if there is even a 50/50 chance he can go a whole season we will sign him.

  • Anonymous

     Trusting either side’s medical staff is dicey at best. It all comes down to motive.

    You bring up Al Wilson. That my friend, is a PERFECT example. It’s all about agenda. If a team wants to bring in someone bad enough, or get rid of someone via trade bad enough, their medical staff will pass that player. If the team wants someone in or out, but wants to be safe about it, then they’ll give a pretty fair/honest evaluation.

    Because of that, if the Broncos want Manning  bad enough, their team doctors will pass him. If Manning wants to play bad enough, his personal doctors will pass him. If the Broncos were in the Redskins position (they want a QB, either Manning or move up to get RG3), then you’ll get an honest evaluation of either “he can play, or there’s danger in him playing”…. We know Elway wants Manning. He might even pull an Evans and get a Manning tattoo. Because of that, Manning will pass the team physical.

    Manning wants to play at all costs, so he’ll pass his doctor’s physicals. Can either doctor be trusted more than the other? The quick answer is no, and we’ve all seen doctors evaluate players favorably when they shouldn’t have, all because they are on the payroll of the team or the player. Is that bad? yes. Is it reality? yes.
    I think Manning is too smart to allow himself to be put into real danger, so because of that, I tend to believe his doctors, and if his doctors say he’s good to go, then I’ll believe the Broncos doctors when they pass him as well. I could be wrong, especially seeing a) I’m not a doctor, and b) I’m not gonna evaluate his condition, but I do believe Manning has lots of integrity and honesty, and I think he’d rather retire healthy than play for a different organization if he really was covering up the extent of his injury.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree…I just used way less words to say it! LOL

  • Anonymous

     Yeah, I always use too many words. I pretty much write “articles” instead of “comments” haha

  • Anonymous

    I see a reply from Big Pete, I just go get some coffee, put on my reading glasses and sit back and read for a bit…very relaxing.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly! being proactive in these situations is a good sign for the future. Wait and see just does not work.   If Manning comes in healthy and play like he has in the past this will be an extremely popular decision. I understand that TT is young and has potential, but PM is all time great and short term puts us in Super Bowl contention.