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Published on 03/08/2012 at Thu Mar 08 07:00.
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Peyton Manning speaks during a press conference announcing his release from the Indianapolis Colts at Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on March 7, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Joey Foley/Getty Images)

If you wanted the Denver Broncos to be aggressive in free agency this year, you’ve got it. Less than 12 hours after Peyton Manning‘s farewell press conference in Indianapolis, reports indicate the Broncos have already contacted Manning’s agent, inquiring about the NFL’s greatest free agent’s interest in coming to Denver.

According to multiple reports, they’re “very active” in their pursuit of Manning and considered frontrunners in landing his services. Reports CBS4 Denver

CBS4′s Vic Lombardi has learned through multiple sources close to the situation that the Broncos have already contacted Manning’s agent. The quarterback was released by the Colts on Wednesday after 14-seasons in Indianapolis.

The sources told Lombardi that the Broncos pursuit of Manning is very active and the team could be among the frontrunners to land his services. As many as a dozen teams are believed to be interested in the future hall of famer.

Mike Florio at PFT echoes those sentiments

One league source told PFT in response to the Klis report that there’s a belief the Broncos quietly have positioned themselves to make a significant push to land Manning.

Hoo boy.

The Klis report to which Florio refers is this fluid article on the Denver Post website about the Broncos’ interest in Manning. All week, Klis has been reporting (as fact) about how the Broncos would NOT be seriously interested in Manning. Now they are. The egg is on Klis’ face, whose fact-finding credibility has already come into question this month, and the Post looks pretty silly for it.

The news naturally raises questions about what the Broncos would do with Tim Tebow if they were to land Manning’s services. According to Vic Lombardi on Twitter, they would trade him.

It’s certainly not the news Tebowmaniacs want to hear, but it’s a theory that is supported in Woody Paige’s mailbag this morning, in a round-about way. Paige argues that the fact that Manning and Tebow are represented by the same agency makes it very unlikely the Broncos would seriously pursue Manning (noticing a trend in the Post’s Manning coverage here?). High-profile quarterbacks with the same representation just don’t get along on the same team. Paige concluded this would preclude the Broncos from getting hot and heavy for Peyton.

Maybe Paige’s case is sound, but his conclusion isn’t. Maybe the Broncos will pursue Manning either way, and they’ll deal with the player/agent fallout by trading Tebow when the time comes.

Of course, all of these hypotheticals are based on several variables. The Broncos would need to spend a lot of money to win Manning, and they’d need to sell him on their potential as a playoff team in the AFC. They’d need to jump ship on the Tebow experiment (perhaps for a few years, perhaps forever), and they’d need to increase their appeal to the top of a list of suitors possibly a dozen in number.

It sounds like they’re already headed in that direction.

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  • Anonymous

    I like Peyton, he’s a great quarterback. I also like Tebow and think he has a lot of potential to become a good QB. That said, there is only one QB in Denver that I owe any loyalty and that is John Elway. If he determines that the best route to winning a Super Bowl is Peyton Manning, then I will wholly support it. It’s the name on the front of the jersey that matters, not the name on the back.

  • Fan From Spain

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up from these reports, EFX are just doing there job. Any team with some money to spend would be stupid to not test out the chance to get Manning.

  • Jon

    And/or this could all just be a huge smokescreen by EFX just like in the 2011 NFL Draft when Elway was talking his head off about all the great quarterbacks available. 

  • Jon

    The thing is, I would love to have Peyton Manning — I remember him going up and down the field against us vividly and I have been having visions of him and Elway holding up the Lombardi Trophy since last night — but I can’t shake the feeling that if we trade Tim Tebow to another team that he will ball out with them and we would have missed an opportunity.

    If that happens (we sign Manning and trade Tebow) what if Manning gets hurt half-way into the season? Or let’s say he stays healthy and plays for two years and then retires — then what?  Manning would be a short-term answer but why throw out the possible long-term solution?

    According to Woody and Vic, we couldn’t keep both Manning and Tebow, but that’s what I would prefer.  Having Tebow learn under Manning while using special packages for him about 10-20 times a game would be what I would like to see.  Or even change his position, just don’t let him get away!

    That’s my take.  In the end though, I bet Manning won’t even sign here.  I wish he would just sign anywhere quickly though — so all the speculation and wondering as to where he will land would just stop and we can get on with the off-season.

  • Monty

    Schefter says Manning wants to sign soon (within a week) and prefers the AFC.

  • Dbroncos

    FFS- your an idiot, they dont HAVE to test out anything. they fact that they have, just means they have a STRONG chance of landing him, so just stop hating n fuck off

  • Jon

    Heard that.

    Doesn’t mean we won’t get another week of daily “Will he or won’t he?”

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Don’t forget that BQ worked with the Mannings during the lockout so there’s a good chance he comes back as backup if Peyton signs.

  • Jon

    That’s true, but I’d rather have Tebow over Quinn.  Plus, I bet Brady won’t want to come back.

    But we do still have good ‘ol Adam Weber and per Mike Silver, he’s pretty good! If he’s better than Tebow, I’m really excited to see him get more playing time.

  • Anonymous

    Hating?  What the hell are you talking about? 

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, oh please, oh please….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That’s how espn do. 

    Tebowmania, Linsanity, pey pey.  You gotta beat that story to death. 

  • Jon

    Yeah, heard only this morning on ESPN that Tebow may or may not be best friends with Lin, he may or may not be opposed to Denver signing Manning and the Broncos may or may not sign Manning.

    Then they replayed the whole show fifty times in 23 minutes.

  • Jon

    “Mom, John’s on the phone. He said they’ll give me free donuts on Wednesdays and I can run my own offense.”

  • Anonymous

    My perfect scenario would be to sign Manning, trade Tebow for a second rounder to Miami and then draft a QB with our first round pick (Tannehill perhaps).  This would allow our new QB at least 2 years to be groomed under Peyton Manning and we would have an extra second round pick to focus on defense.  I don’t see any way that Manning and Tebow could co-exist on the same team so this is the only scenario I could envision that gets us Manning and still gets us a QB for the future.    

  • Anonymous

    My perfect scenario would be to sign Manning, trade Tebow for a second rounder to Miami and then draft a QB with our first round pick (Tannehill perhaps).  This would allow our new QB at least 2 years to be groomed under Peyton Manning and we would have an extra second round pick to focus on defense.  I don’t see any way that Manning and Tebow could co-exist on the same team so this is the only scenario I could envision that gets us Manning and still gets us a QB for the future.    

  • Jon

    I could live with that.

    But I would still hate it if Tebow shined elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s all relative.  If Tannehill (or whichever QB we drafted) became the next Aaron Rodgers then I don’t think anyone would be too upset regardless of Tebow’s success.  If they bombed and Tebow became a Super Bowl QB then yes, that would be hard to stomach.  

  • Jon

    Just the Possibility of Tebow doing good somewhere else is hard on my stomach!

  • flbronc

    still haven’t heard if his neck is going to be a problem physically…

  • Jon

    Or how well he can throw.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a good link to the risks of signing Manning.  In my opinion, it isn’t worth it.  Stick with Teebs and use that money that they would spend on Manning and pick up a DT and CB in free agency

  • Anonymous

    Sure even with a broken neck he could throw better than Tebow.

  • Monty

    Two reports say the Broncos’ interest in Manning is reciprocated. Manning is interested too:

  • Fan From Spain

     go take a chill pill raider fan boy, where did you get “hating” from my post u dumb sh1t?

  • Anonymous

    A 70% Manning is better than a 100% Tebow. Before I offer the guy any kind of contract: 1) I have to know how the neck is and 2) Can he throw the ball anywhere close to what he could before. If both check out, I bring him in as long as it doesn’t mean selling the farm. If Tebow wants out then hit the road, we can draft another QB to learn from Manning (BJ Coleman, Nick Foles) and Weber will learn also. If Tebow wants to stay, then that’s fine too. All things fair, I like our chances to win more with Peyton than I do with Tebow. Then there’s the added bonus that Reggie Wayne wants to follow Peyton. Him throwing to Reggie, DT, and Decker…yes please!

  • kerrry

    you got that right.

  • Lance

    Im game for anything that puts tebow back on the bench where he belongs. Tebow wasn’t even the second best qb on the Broncos last year. I see tebow as being the next kordell stewart.

  • Ballisticg916

    Manning had a throwing session with recievers at Duke and was throwing darts on target 10 yards and and 40 yard post plays. check it out on YOUTUBE “Peyton Duke”

  • Thomasharris54

    Peyton 2 Denver sign him now don’t let him go visit a warm weather team, he’s there give it ur best shot.

  • Seminative

    I see this as possibly a way for moving Tebow. Lets say Elway has decided its Tebow NOT. By signing P.M. it takes the pressure and attention off it when he moves him.  That said, I don’t see PM getting to the Superbowl with the broncs next season, particularly with the DJ suspension.  So this may just be PM just putting pressure on some other teams.  (Are we are being used?)

  • Tjkempf

    Jim, great analysis….based on facts. I am a Tebow fan, so I hope he gets traded