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Published on 03/07/2012 at Wed Mar 07 21:37.
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Teams are not allowed to begin signing free agents until March 13th, and contacting them before that time would be considered tampering.  With that said, Houston Texans free agent defensive end Mario Williams is in Denver this evening, which could meaning nothing — but we’ll throw it out there.

We reported last weekend that the Denver Broncos would be in the running for quarterback Peyton Manning and Williams, and the team has been heavily pursuing Manning.  Denver would make a huge splash in free agency by signing either of the two players, and the team has already drawn a lot of attention for it’s interest in Manning.

With lots of cash available to spend, might this be the off-season that the Broncos make waves in free agency?  We’ll find out in the coming weeks.

  • Tony

    sign both, It’s not every year that you have 50 million to spend with two former #1 overalls on the market. Remember the last #1 overall guy Denver had

  • Hansen


  • crazykid

    I believe the last #1 overall was Courtney Brown, who we signed from Cleveland…

  • anthony33

    oh yeah baby… Elvis – Von – Mario… whew!!!

  • Monty

    Yeah this means nothing; it’d be illegal for the Broncos to even talk to Williams about even being a free agent while he’s under contract.

  • Jon

    Nice, but I think he was referring to quarterbacks.

  • Anonymous

    Courtney Brown or trade down!

  • Anonymous

    Courtney Brown or trade down!

  • Anonymous

    Mario Von Miller

  • Billzfan1971

    Or Williams can end up in Buffalo!  Bawahaha