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Published on 03/07/2012 at Wed Mar 07 06:00.
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  • bigmac

    uh, not going to happen. Come on now Mannyites, Ole Payton is not going to play a full season if at all.

    TT is going to have a real training camp, a real pre-season, maybe even some new defensive partners and a receiver or two that don’t drop 34% of their passes!

    Can you imagine the carnage we could cause with a few more pieces…jeesh.

  • Jon

    If you bet $100 that Manning will sign with the Broncos and he does you’d win $3,000. If I were a betting man…

  • Anonymous

    Really, our line Pass blocking for Manning?

  • Anonymous

    Our line is better right now than the one he’s been playing behind for the last decade. 

    Plus when you compare his release w/ Tebow’s…

  • Anonymous

    It would be foolish to not feel the man out about it.

    If he can play at the same level, we’d be an instant SB contender.

  • flbronc

    there’s going to be a bidding war from qb needy teams not picking #2 in the draft for his services- provided he is healthy (just because he is throwing the football doesnt mean that he is game ready).  we don’t need to be in a bidding war for a guy who is going to be around a year or two and is a major health risk.

  • Tom9798

    I will be surprised if P. Manning does not sign with the Arizona Cardinals.Yeah, I know he has a house in Miami Beach; but the drama in the AFC East he doesn’t need.For his last five years, he needs an NFC team with warm weather, great potential, and no drama.Don’t be surprised, if Arizona make a bid, and it’s done.Of course, I’ve never been right yet, that would qualify me to work for ESPN!

  • Jeff

    We have no pass game on the broncos its run run run run pass fumble interception , he’s better off to sign with a club who will have a ood chance to make the playoffs

  • Virginiabronco

    Rock I always like your comments but this release thing is just old.  Manning maybe one of the all time greats but he only has one ring. 

    TT Needs some work but he has all the heart + of Manning, he can run, (something Manning never did), and with a receiver and back, the release you keep talking about might not matter as much.  AND Denver saves a lot of money to work on other positions.  Besides, does anybody really think he is going to spend the last years of his career playing outdoors in Denver?  Ain’t gonna happen.