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Published on 03/06/2012 at Tue Mar 06 08:00.
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"Now in position meetings, were there incentive programs where a guy got $10 for an interception or a sack or a big hit — which is different from a bounty of trying to hurt someone," said John Lynch on Monday. "Yes, that went on. But that's different from saying you want to hurt someone."

  • Yesterday, we noted that bounty programs are used across the NFL and suggested that the Broncos themselves may have even operated one.  [BroncoTalk]
  • Coach John Fox told the Denver Post’s Mike Klis that the team has never used a bounty program to intentionally hurt other players. (Disclaimer note: Klis has not been on the money in recent weeks.  Take anything he reports with a grain of salt.)  [Denver Post]
  • Andrew Mason writes that the Broncos will continue to use franchise tags in the future due to the new collective bargaining agreement.  [Max Denver]
  • Quarterback Tim Tebow‘s #15 Broncos’ jersey is currently the second-best selling jersey in the NFL.  [Shutdown Corner]
  • On Friday, Robert Ayers went to Cherry Creek High School’s pep assembly to help cap off the school’s Wish Week.  []
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    haha wouldn’t that have been just funny as hell if he admitted it though. “Uh, yeah, I can honestly say that we pay our players to take people out. We only pay if it is a season or career ending hit though. I mean, who cares if they get to come back and face us again in a few weeks, you know?”