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Published on 03/05/2012 at Mon Mar 05 08:00.
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  • Fan From Spain

    I read on a spanish newspaper that former Bronco  Trevor Pryce said that the bounty system goes on in every locker room. You catch that?

  • Jon

    I heard that he had said when he was in Denver that the players would give payouts for big plays, but not necessarily knocking someone out.

    I guess I always figured everybody knew that this kind of stuff goes on? From high school to college to the pros.

    Did people really not know, or did they not want to know?

  • Anonymous

    Dude, we give our kids a box of Captain Crunch for a big hit in Pop Warner.  Big plays should be celebrated and noticed, hurting people on purpose, trying to knock them out of the game is not acceptable.  Every NFL team has some form of “pay for performance” for big plays.  Right now every team is cringing hoping they keep the scope of this investigation to one coach.

  • Jon

    Just scheduled an article about this for this afternoon.