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Published on 03/02/2012 at Fri Mar 02 14:30.
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Name: Chris Clark
Height, Weight: 6’5″, 305
Position: Tackle
Age, Experience: 26, 3rd Season
College: Southern Miss.

Chris Clark signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2008 as an undrafted free agent before joining the Minnesota Vikings later that year.  After being waived by the Vikings, Clark signed with the Broncos and was active for eight games as a back-up offensive lineman in 2010.  Last season, Clark appeared in the final eight games of the season (officially starting in six), primarily on special teams.  Clark saw extensive playing time in Denver’s jumbo formations as an extra offensive tackle outside of the tight end (or offensive tackle) on the end of the Denver’s offensive line.  The Broncos used Clark mainly on running downs and he provided depth and experience to the Broncos’ trenches.

2011 Analysis: Clark was active for all sixteen games last season (playing in eight), and was featured on special teams.  Primarily used on offense for running downs, Clark was more useful in run-blocking then he was in pass-protection.  In passing situations, Clark was penalized twice and allowed one sack.

Contract Status:  Restricted free agent.

2012 Outlook:  If the Broncos re-sign Clark, he will likely fill the same role that he had last season in Denver.

As always, we invite you, the readers, to participate. Is Clark worth re-signing?

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  • Anonymous

    Man, I don’t get why there are 28 people that disapprove of him. The guy is young, versatile, cheap and willing to do and play whatever is asked of him. 

    Healthy decent offensive lineman are hard to find. I don’t want him starting if possible but as a backup, ST and Jumbo formation guy, he’s a great to have on the team.

  • Hansen

    I agree with you Trog.  Nothing wrong with young depth on the OL. 

    Will BT be addressing McGahee’s request for more $?  I hope so.