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Published on 02/28/2012 at Tue Feb 28 16:00.
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Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III .  (Joe Mitchell/Reuters)

Former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, a  top 2012 NFL Draft prospect, saw his ratings go through the roof after an impressive Combine performance which featured a 4.41 forty-yard-dash time.

Considered the second-best quarterback in the draft (behind Stanford’s Andrew Luck), Griffin won the Heisman Trophy earlier in the year and has been the hottest prospect of this year’s draft class.

With Luck expected to go to the Colts first overall however, there is a mystery as to who will select Griffin second overall.  The St. Louis Rams hold the second overall selection, but already have third-year quarterback Sam Bradford and are looking to trade down the draft board.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who will trade up to draft Griffin, and one columnist, Fox Sports‘ John Czarnecki, could see the Denver Broncos as the team to watch.

“One mystery team (after Griffin) might be the Broncos,” wrote Czarnecki.  “John Elway loves the Heisman winner, and it’s been no secret that their scouting department did extensive homework on college quarterbacks last fall. Then again, Elway may just hope that Ryan Tannehill falls to them.”

The Broncos reportedly have been impressed by two other quarterbacks, but Tannehill may not be available at 25th overall and Griffin will be a top-two pick.  If Denver were to move up, the trade would probably involve quarterback Tim Tebow in a three-way deal.

Of course, this is all just speculation, but Griffin would instantly feel comfortable behind Denver’s offensive line—which some considered one of the best in the NFL last season—as Broncos’ center J.D. Walton snapped to Griffin for two years during his Baylor playing days.

Denver would have to trade around two first round selections (2012 and 2013), a third round selection and/or quarterback Tim Tebow.  Would you be in favor of such a trade?

  • Th3r08

    Hell to the No!

    Way to risky for my Blood. We have holes all over the defense, and Tebow will only improve. It’s just too soon for all that desperation.

    The only 2nd overall QB in history with a winning record is Donovan McNabb. That should tell you all you need to know about the risk involved.

  • Jon

    I agree. It would be too risky.

  • MrGriffinGoesToWashington

    Shanny has this one tied up.

  • Anonymous

      No way!!!!   The Broncos need to many players other places to do that now.   In a year if things don’t go well with Tebow, I think it becomes a possibility but not now.

  • William39187

    I love the idea personally. Im not saying I don’t believe Tebow can become something great or that I don’t want him as the QB but I think RG3 is far better of a QB right now then Tebow is he is younger faster, more accurate, stronger arm, and blah blah blah.

    I just think Elway and crew will never be sold on Tebow no matter what they say in public and that’s why they will trade Tebow and work a deal to get the #2 pick and draft RG3

  • Taylorenokson

    There’s a reason why we are 25 on the draft board this year compared to 2 last year. Not cause we need a QB.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE RGIII. I’d draft him over Luck. And if the Broncos make a serious move at QB, I hope it’s for him.

    That being said, I think we have a lot more important pieces to be filling and I have no problem giving Tebow another year. I haven’t given up on Weber either.

  • DLMyers

    Denver is selecting #25 but reality is #13 (without the miracles). John may believe RG3 is amasing but just loves Matthew.
    Now John may trade with Jacksonville and take Ryan, IF his pro-day is great with the foot.

  • Irish Bronco

    If we want to stay at mediocrity, then we should keep Tebow! However if we want to make progress and get a franchise qb, then we make a move for Griffin! Give them 2 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd and Eric Decker! Then Trade Tebow to JAX for a 2nd rounder! Replace Decker “Stone Hands” in Free Agency as the WR class is DEEP and get a couple good cb’s as it is deep also! Then focus on d-line with our 2nd round pick and in FA also!!

  • kerrry

    hmm what does that say exactly? if you are suggesting that Andrew Luck would suck if he was chosen second then you need help. what if John Elway had been picked second? would ha have sucked then instead of becoming what he did? NOT A CHANCE. stop making excuses for Tebow. RG3 is five times the QB Tebow is and he hasnt even played a dwon in the NFL. Griffen wont need to be taught how to throw the ball.

  • Ahmad_Washington

    I like tebow, but Griffin would actually be able to get points on the board with his arm. Tebow has trouble putting up more than 10.

  • kerrry

    um yeah the reason wasnt because of Tebow either. and yes this team does need a QB. MArion Barber doesnt run out of bounds and we are 7-9 and picking higher. dont sit here and act like Tebow was the reason we went to the playoffs. a lousy division mixed with a much improved defense and the number one running game was the reason. Tebows lack of mechanics and inability to read defenses held this team back, not helped them move forward. we went 8-8 with Kyle Orton once, are you suggesting we had no need for a QB then?

    with that being said moving up fir RG3 would be a mistake, NOT because we are set at QN, but because we have too many other holes. another QB can be had like Weeden, Tannehill, Foles or Osweiler. all of whom are more NFL ready then Tebow will ever be. Weber even would be a better choice. all teams have to do is make Tebow be a QB and he fails.

  • kerrry

    wow thats a whole lot. but what makes you think Tebow would fetch a second round pick? especially when they just spent the 10th pick on Blaine Gabbert? Miami would be more suited as they have almost no chance at getting Luck or Griffin and
    Tebow would sell tickets for them too. im all for dumping the project, “i need to learn how to throw and cant read defenses” kind of QB.

  • kerrry

    put aside the rose colored glasses for a second. you think we can win a SB with Tebow?

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about winning the Super Bowl. I want my team to go to heaven!

  • Vincemarine

    I dont believe excuses are being made. We have to many other holes to fill to be giving up the house for one player. Of the Broncos are one player away from winning it all then I could see doing something but we’re not so we need to stick to the plan and keep building.

  • MiamiMike

    Im not a Tebow fan but I feel get thwarting most with what we have and what we draft and free agency. Sure up the defense get a wide Receiver an a runningback . Let Tebow then play it out one and for all. If he screws up we have a bad record and we go into following year much higher up on draft pic. Just based on our schedule alone suggests we will be picking higher. Tebow will not do well against many of these teams and these same teams will have a off season as well to game plan for Tebow. We will have a better chance at getting a top quarterback coming out 2013. Worst case is Tebow proves many wrong and works out all the throwing issues. Then we covered all bases.

  • Anonymous

    The reason why this doesn’t make sense is twofold..
    #1 RG3 might bust out of the NFL ala Ryan Leaf when the “should Manning or Leaf go #1?” debate raged in the late 90’s. Remember, both those QBs were “sure fire future 1st ballot HOF QBs” coming out of college, and for everyone saying Manning was the guy, there was another saying Leaf was the guy…. Just like there is now with Luck and RG3. I’m not saying that either will be a bust, but there is no such thing as a “sure fire” pick. We see Tebow’s work ethic and desire to improve at this level. We know he isn’t a bust and can compete/win in this league. We don’t know if either Luck or RG3 will be able to compete or win (although I’m sure both will be amazing players). Will Luck and/or RG3 be better than Tebow? Maybe, and I’m ok with that, the reason why is that …….

    #2 If Tebow ISN’T the answer, then instead of having to mortgage away our future (2-3 first round picks to move up and maybe Tebow thrown in as well), we’ll have a top 2-3 pick in next years draft, which as all drafts prove, will have 1-2 “franchise, as close to a sure thing as you can get” QBs in it. If Tebow isn’t the answer, we’ll be in position to draft our “QB of the future” without having to trade away anything. Just think of the defensive talent that we can draft with the draft picks we DON’T have to give away to get our franchise QB. If Tebow turns out to be our QB of the future, then we are in amazing shape as an organization.

    Because of those 2 things, it makes about as much sense to draft a QB high as it does to play Russian Roulette by yourself. Draft the defense this year, and if Tebow isn’t the answer, then our record will reflect that and we’ll be drafting #1-3 next year, in which case, we can get our “QB of the future.” If Tebow does pan out, then we saved ourselves the embarrassment of letting him go, as well as 2 or 3 1st round draft picks which can instead be used to better bolster our team.

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit Kerry, quit with the “if Marion Barber doesn’t run out of bounds” excuse. Guess what? If the freaking center doesn’t recover a fumble in the end zone, then Barber running out of bounds doesn’t mean jack shit, cause we’d have already had that game in the bag.
    See, “luck” runs both ways. They got lucky by recovering a fumble in the end zone, and we got lucky with him stepping out of bounds. The only difference is that theirs gave them 7 points, and ours meant we still had to go out and try to drive down the field to score. If you ask me, the Bears got more lucky in that game than we did. Don’t recover that fumble, and there is no “he stepped out of bounds”, as well as no “he fumbled in OT” because there wouldn’t have been an overtime as we would have won easily in regulation.

  • Anonymous

    Think we can win a superbowl with the team as it stands right now (minus free agents), only subbing in RG3 for Tebow? We’d have to give up this years 1st and probably the next 2 years worth of 1st round picks to get RG3.
    This team is WAYYY closer to the Superbowl by having Tebow and those 3 potential 1st round picks being used for players on our team than we are by getting RG3 and having those future players playing on someone else’s team.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad this is as much a political/populist (if not more so) move as a football move.  If we draft a QB any higher than the 3rd, it will be seen (probably rightly so) as an indictment of Tebow’s future as a Bronco QB.

  • Anonymous

    If we draft a QB any higher than the 5th, it’s a complete and utter EPIC FAIL by our front office.
    Don’t read into that as me saying that Tebow is the guy (I hope he is, cause that means that we don’t have to use a draft pick on a QB for the next 10+ years). The reason why I say it’s an epic fail is because, why spend a #2 or #3 pick this year on a QB that isn’t a “franchise QB” coming out of college when if Tebow isn’t the guy, you get your “as close to a sure-fire bet as there is in the draft franchise QB” next year when we pick #1-3 overall?

    If we get a QB, why waste a high pick on a mediocre QB with an even higher percentage of failing that most QBs, when in 1 years time, we can have the “franchise QB” if Tebow fails? Use all our high picks on defense and a RB. Save the QB position for the very end. If Tebow is our answer, we don’t have to worry about it. If he isn’t, then we pick up our QB next year with our #1 overall draft pick. Either way, we end up with our franchise QB, and a better defense. Picking a QB this year only means our defense is 1 more year further from decency, and we still have a QB (or 2) on our team that has a high probability of being a bust.

  • Anonymous

     The only problem with that as I see it, is that Tebow is just good enough to keep the Broncos just above mediocre.  It’s not a championship or bust, it’s a continual dole-drum of picks 15 to 20.  If we don’t make a move this draft, we need to win the AFC west (not lose it least like this year), or light the fuse on the Tebow fallout dynamite.  We can not count on fortune to McFix this for us.

  • Anonymous

    I see where you’re coming from, but don’t think Tebow will be just good enough to keep us picking in the dreaded “Shanahan’s Broncos post Elway Era” where we always seemed to pick between 18-24 or so.

    While I agree that we can’t settle for picks in that range, what’s even more unsettling than “mediocrity” is believing that you truly are “1 player away” because you routinely pick in that range. Shanahan was the absolute master at the art of making the fans, owner, and players believe that the Broncos truly were “1 player away.” When you are continuously making the playoffs, or winning the division, or playing for the division/playoffs come week 17, it is dangerously logical to believe that 1 player might be all it takes to get you over the proverbial hump.

    I see  Tebow in a different light though. I see him as a boom or bust (don’t read that he is/will be a “bust”). What I mean is I see the Broncos going 10-6+ or 3-13 or worse with him. It all comes down to his growth from last year to this year. He either can be the dominant force he was in college, or he’ll get exposed, especially with a #1 schedule.

    This will be his 3rd year in the league. Even though he didn’t start for all 3 years, which would have been optimal, year 3 is typically the year when “things really start to come together” for a QB. This is also his 1st real offseason, which is another built in “factor” when trying to gauge his growth. Typically you want 3 full offseasons as the starter, along with 3 full training camps, and 3 full preseasons as the starter by the time you lace them up to begin your 3rd year… Tebow will have his 1st. Again, not an “excuse”, but more-so a “reason” why he has the potential to not be as good as most hope.

    Through it all though, the rubber has to hit the road. If Tebow plays great, the team will win the division. If Tebow play ok, we’ll probably finish 6-10 or worse (because of our schedule, which means ok QB play = bad record; whereas last year, ok QB play = division champ). If Tebow is just bad, as we’ve all seen him be from time to time, we’ll get burried this coming year, and we can go out and spend our #1-3 overall pick on whoever the hot QB is next year.

    Remember, at this time last year, nobody heard of RG3. It was all “will Luck declare” and “wow, he’s going back to school. I guess he’s the no brainer next year with no competition.” Then, out of nowhere, RG3 explodes onto the scene. I mention that to keep everyone’s perspective when they assume we’d get Jones or Barkley. I can almost guarantee you, or at least give you a guarantee with the same odds as Luck and RG3 being perrenial pro-bowl QBs that the #1 QB next year probably won’t be Jones or Barkley. It’s almost never the guy peope expect it to be more than a year out with rare exception.

    So I say we sit tight, see how Tebow works out, and go from there. Atlanta gave up on Favre. The Packers almost did as well because he looked so bad. The Bucs gave up on Steve Young.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we can afford to lose with Tebow this year, however, we can not afford to cut/trade him and watch him set the NFL on fire for another team, the way that Favre and Young did. If we lose with Tebow, we just draft a franchise QB next year… However, if we replace him before he’s had the courtesy of a full year as our starter, and he sets the league on fire, that will be every bit as devastating to our team as it was for the Chargers way back when they drafted Ryan Leaf. Dark clouds like that take a decade to get out from under.

  • media pig

    fuck off johnny

  • Mike Birtwistle

    If Griffin or Luck fell to 7-10 then I’d be all over this.  Moving up to there would be possible and not crazy but there’s no way that either will get past 2.  However, for some strange reason I think I’d be happier if we were talking about moving to 2 for Andrew Luck.  Even though I haven’t seen either of them play.

    BUT moving up to 2 isn’t going to happen.

  • King

     But Elway wasn’t picked second.  Hypotheticals are useless. 

  • King

     I agree.  We have too many other needs and RG3 is a good kid, but he is too risky. 

  • King


  • King

     Merrill?  Is that you? 

  • Irish Bronco

    Rumour has it, this new Jags owner Khan would be willing to trade for Tebow in an attempt to increase fans at games and his popularity! Makes sense considering where Tebow is from! Is a lot really a lot when we are getting a true franchise qb for possibly the next 12-15 years! i think we need to take a leap of fate at some stage and stop bouncing around with mediocre qbs

  • Bspaige

    I really like Tebow but just like a lot of people I still have my doubts with his passing game. It seems the Broncos FO just can’t get behind him 100% either and they’ve been public with this which is a disaster waiting to happen. Either they stand behind Tebow 100% or they should make a huge move like getting RG3 who I personally love. Last I heard it will take about 2 1st rounders and a 3rd and 5th to get the #2 pick. If we could Trade Tebow for a 1st rounder this year (we might have to throw in a 4th rd also) that would give us our 2 1st rd we need. So basically we have to ask ourselves is RG3 worth 2 1st rd picks along with a 3rd,4th,5th and with the multiple teams wanting this pick we might have to give up our 2nd rd also. The good news is we could get this done without giving up any picks in future drafts but the bad news is we would be giving up most of this years draft on 1 player. Initially I say no to this because that’s too much to give for 1 player especially with all the holes we need to fill elsewhere. Although I would be on board with this if we are very active in free acency and get a decent CB,DT,MLB,RB.

  • Anonymous

    Well said

  • Sierra_hpbt

    The Broncos need 2 defensive tackes, a corner and a runningback. Then they need a couple offensive lineman. I hope they try to resign Peyton Hillis. That would fill the runningback need. You must build your O and D lines first. Tebow will improve this offseason. Denver will then need to draft Receivers and a middle and outside Lineback next year.

  • Anonymous

    If Jax had the #1 or #2 pick of the draft and they said “We’ll give you our 1st round pick for Tebow”, you jump all over it. I love Tebow, and I really do think he’ll prove to be a/our franchise QB, and a great franchise QB at that, but, I think any front office would be insane if they picked Tebow over either Luck or RG3. While all 3 have IMO similar playing ceilings, Luck and RG3 have a higher floor on which to fall on.

    I am 100% sure Tebow isn’t a bust. I’m 90% sure Luck isn’t a bust (because you can never be 100% sure with a rookie who hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet), and I’m about 95% sure RG3 isn’t a bust.

    I think each QB has certain qualities and situations that will enable them to succeed, thus lowering their chances to be a bust.

    Luck will be dropped into a system that might as well have been custom made for him. His game is identical to Peyton Mannings, just with more mobility if needed. Because of that, the Colts will take Luck. If any other team not named the Patriots or 49ers were picking #1, I bet there would be heavy debate on who to take between Luck and RG3. It’s only because the Colt’s offense is tailor made for Luck and Manning that there isn’t even a question as to who they’ll take. Because of that, he *shouldn’t* be a bust, but again, he hasn’t played a down of NFL football, so nobody can be sure. 4 months ago I’d have said I’m 99% sure Luck won’t be a bust, but I’ve cooled somewhat on him, even though I’m confident he’ll be every bit worth the #1 overall pick.

    RG3, because of his athleticism, has even less of a chance to be a bust as Luck. While I think that RG3 has less of a chance at being a bust, I think he has less of a chance at being an “elite” QB than Luck. I see RG3 in the Michael Vick mold. He’s insanely fast and has a huge arm. Unlike Vick, RG3 is more mature and has a better head on his shoulder. Vick was like Allen Iverson in the fact that he didn’t want to practice, didn’t try to get better, and simply relied on his athleticism. RG3 from all accounts, isn’t like this at all, which can be scary for the NFL. The sky truly is the limit for this kid. The only reason why I say he has less chance to be elite than Luck is because “running” QBs have never really been elite QBs. They can be successful QBs (Vick), or grow out of their running style to become elite (Steve Young), but being a running QB at the same time that you are considered elite is a very rare thing (Tarkington).

    That knock on RG3 is my same knock on Tebow. In order to be elite, they both need to cut down the willingness to run. I’m not saying they should stop running, because having that option in your repertoire is invaluable. Being able to run will take pressure off of the OL, RB, and WRs because each play has that fail-safe. The thing is that both need to pick their moments to run. They need to run enough to keep the defense off balance, but not so much that it’s an impediment on their offense’s ability to move the ball and score points.

    Luck, RG3, and Tebow will be successful in the NFL. I don’t think either will be busts, however, the QB with the most potential to be “elite” is Luck, followed by RG3 and Tebow in that order. However, to the original poster’s question/statment, I don’t trade Tebow to Jax for their 1st round pick, because we still couldn’t package that pick and our other 1st round pick to get Luck/RG3. What are we gonna do, get a QB not in the “elite” of the draft class, meaning there is almost 100% certainty that he’ll be a complete bust? NO!!!

    We stick with Tebow this year. If he doesn’t prove to be the QB of the future, our record will reflect that and we’ll pick #1-3 next year, which means we can get our QB of the future/elite of the draft class QB without having to give away our future via draft picks needed to move up to get Luck/RG3. Use the picks we save to shore up the defense, and let this year be the final word on Tebow as our QB. If he is, we are brilliant for keeping him, and we saved a bunch of draft picks which are used for defense. If he isn’t, then we saved a bunch of draft picks that are used for defense, AND we will be in position to draft next year’s “elite” QB prospects without having to mortgage our future in order to get that QB. It’s a win/win, and only an uneducated fan would say differently.

  • Anonymous

    Remember, it took 3 1st round picks for the chargers to move up and get Ryan Leaf. It isn’t as much the draft position (#2 in 1st round) as it is the player expected to be chosen at any given position. With the hype surrounding RG3, and with the new rookie salary cap, taking a chance on those high picks is less damaging cap wise if they don’t work out.

    Because of that, you start at 3 1st round picks and go from there. It took 3 to get Leaf in an era with no rookie cap. Now with the rookie cap, it might take 3 1st round picks and 2 2nd round picks. It might take 4 1st round picks. Who knows. The browns will at a minimum have to give up their 2 1st round picks, one of which is #3 or 4 overall… If we wanted any chance to get into that #2 slot, we’d have to give up at a minimum Tebow + 3 1st round picks, including our 1st round pick this year. That is just too high a price for anybody. Those picks are too valuable to us because of the holes on this team (which you stated).

  • gil

    There is a reason elway wasnt picked 2nd u idiot and neither will luck. And u r exactly right about one thing, rg3 hasnt played single down.

  • Anonymous

    Not wanting to burst your bubble, because I too would love Hillis to come back, but I’m 99% sure that I read an interview with him last year where he said that Denver was a great part of his career, but he’s moved on, and Cleveland was where he wanted to be. I’m not sure if he was saying that as a way to butter up the Browns or if he meant it, but that kinda makes me think that we have no shot at bringing him back unless we bust the bank on him (which we won’t do for a RB with injury concerns).

  • anthony33

    No way we move up to get RG3.  Way too many holes to fill.

    You would most likely have to trade TT and we need another year to see what we have.  
    His inaccuracy could be caused by three things, two of which are fixable.
    1. No timing or feel for his receivers or offense.
    2. Inability to read the defense.
    3. Just flat out can’t throw… doesn’t have it.

    Definitely part of it is #1… virtually no time last year to develop a chemistry, especially with no off-season.

    Definitely part of it is #2… this will hopefully come with experience and the game slowing down for him.

    If it’s #3 then forget 1 and 2… it’s time to move on.

    He has earned more time to see what develops.

  • Anonymous


    Not just yes but HELL yes!!!

    Man what a cool deal that would be! I’m afraid to even think that it would be possible, any time I get my hopes up for something like this it never happens.

    But it is cool to hope for it none-the-less…

  • Anonymous

    Respect your opinion Pete but I disagree. This team will Never see SB with Tebow at the helm.

    And no I don’t hate him…

  • Anonymous

    Huh? Did I miss something here? I don’t get it!

  • Anonymous

     I just said we’re closer with him and all our picks -vs- with RG3 and about 3-4 years of no 1st and a few 2nd round picks. Whether we make it to the SB is anyone’s guess.

  • Anonymous

    Well as much as I’d love this it isn’t going to happen. We simply don’t have the juice to get it done and it will cost WAY more than we have to offer.

    It was and is a fun thought but it will Never happen!!!

  • Anonymous

    If we did anything other than this move I would agree with you. There just isn’t any point in if this isn’t possible (which I don’t think it is). We have a lesser than QB now in Weber, just keep him and go with it. The problem I see is that if Tebow isn’t the guy there isn’t an RG3 available next year…

  • Anonymous

     There’s an RG3 or Andrew Luck coming out of college every year. I swear, we can all set our clocks to the yearly “This is a once in a decade QB” talk from Keiper, McShay, et al.

    Believe you me, if we draft top 3 next year, we’ll get a QB who all the scouts think is BETTER than RG3. There’s one in every class, and each year, everyone playing every position gets bigger, stronger, faster, and more intelligent. This year isn’t the exception to any rule, it’s the standard.

  • Ifritzke

    Watch some film Barber didnt run out of bouns, he dove to go down and as KNOCKED out of bounds by DJ Williams…Amazing play by DJ and he gets no credit

  • Anonymous

    Who Barkley? One of the southern Tylers? Landry Jones? HA… NO!

    There isn’t one in every draft, I agree with you that the scouts and annalists try to make it seem so but that doesn’t make it true. Remember Gabbert was NFL ready, Clausen was NFL ready… BS!

    Last year the jeffed up Cam and it was accurate. I think RG3 is Cam status or better and Luck is/will be 10 fold to Stafford.

    Nope there isnt one of “these” guys in every draft at all. They are above the standard for sure.

  • Dwight Kennedy

    I saw every game by RG3 this year. He does not run unless the play is called or he has to. After his knee injury he learned his lesson and he is definitely a pass first QB.

  • Anonymous

     The point is that we don’t know. They hyped up Gabbert, Clauses, Young, Leinart, etc… Guess what? There were a lot of teams that wanted to bet the farm on those guys, and look how all of them turned out.

    This year is no different than all those other QBs in all those other drafts. Will RG3 be amazing? Maybe yes, maybe no. Nobody knows until he plays. Same with Luck. That is why we need to stay put and not mortgage the future for either of these guys.

    Remember, Peyton Manning was 1a, Ryan Leaf 1b. Both were “can’t miss”. only 1 of them turned out to be worthy of their lofty pick. Again, I’m not saying RG3 or Luck will be Ryan Leaf, what I’m saying is that you don’t know anymore than I do if both of them will be great, busts, or average.

    Also, why says Barkley, Jones, Tylers’ etc… will be the “elite of the elite QB in the draft” at this point next year. NOBODY thought RG3 would be going #2 overall at this point last year. Most of the time the “elite of the draft class QB” isn’t the person it’s expected to be the year before. Sure, Luck was the same, and Manning was the same, but other than those 2 (over a 13 year span), who was accurately projected and consequently taken #1 overall more than a year out?

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Do NOT mortgage our future for a qb coming out of college. There is no such thing as a “sure thing.” If Tebow isn’t the answer, then we’ll just draft the QB of the future next year with our NATURAL pick. Hell, that QB or Tebow might be BETTER than RG3. *BLASPHEMER* you say… *RYAN LEAF* I say. There is no such thing as a sure thing. You give up 3 or 4 1st round picks for Peyton Manning year 5 of his career when he’s due his 1st contract extension. You don’t mortgage your future for someone who hasn’t played a down in the NFL. It’s just too risky.

    Wouldn’t it suck to be the team who gives up 3 1st round picks and 2 2nd round picks to get David Carr, only to have Carson Palmer come out the next year? Especially when you now can’t get Palmer because you just spent the money on the #1 overall pick who sucks? I don’t want us to be that team. I don’t want us giving up 3-4 years worth of 1st round picks for an unknown commodity which, as history shows, has a better chance of being a complete failure than a stud.