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Published on 02/28/2012 at Tue Feb 28 16:00.
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Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III .  (Joe Mitchell/Reuters)

Former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, a  top 2012 NFL Draft prospect, saw his ratings go through the roof after an impressive Combine performance which featured a 4.41 forty-yard-dash time.

Considered the second-best quarterback in the draft (behind Stanford’s Andrew Luck), Griffin won the Heisman Trophy earlier in the year and has been the hottest prospect of this year’s draft class.

With Luck expected to go to the Colts first overall however, there is a mystery as to who will select Griffin second overall.  The St. Louis Rams hold the second overall selection, but already have third-year quarterback Sam Bradford and are looking to trade down the draft board.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who will trade up to draft Griffin, and one columnist, Fox Sports‘ John Czarnecki, could see the Denver Broncos as the team to watch.

“One mystery team (after Griffin) might be the Broncos,” wrote Czarnecki.  “John Elway loves the Heisman winner, and it’s been no secret that their scouting department did extensive homework on college quarterbacks last fall. Then again, Elway may just hope that Ryan Tannehill falls to them.”

The Broncos reportedly have been impressed by two other quarterbacks, but Tannehill may not be available at 25th overall and Griffin will be a top-two pick.  If Denver were to move up, the trade would probably involve quarterback Tim Tebow in a three-way deal.

Of course, this is all just speculation, but Griffin would instantly feel comfortable behind Denver’s offensive line—which some considered one of the best in the NFL last season—as Broncos’ center J.D. Walton snapped to Griffin for two years during his Baylor playing days.

Denver would have to trade around two first round selections (2012 and 2013), a third round selection and/or quarterback Tim Tebow.  Would you be in favor of such a trade?

  • Anonymous

    I still disagree with you Pete, although you have some very valid points and some not so, IMO.

    I’ll tell you what, lets make a deal here (and stick to it)… When both of them turn out as I think they will you come back and say you were wrong and eat your plate of crow… AND when they turn out to not be Great I will do the same. Heck I’ll even go as far to say “Pete schooled me on drafting a QB”…lol.

    History has nothing to do with these particular guys IMO. I personally had hoped we’d made that move for Cam last year and of course it wasn’t even a possibility. The move would, in this case, absolutely be worth it.

    So lets make the deal and move on. I’m not afraid to eat a little crow if I’m wrong… You?

  • Anonymous

     Like you, I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, and if we mortgaged our future to get RG3, believe me when I say that nothing would make me happier than having to admit I was wrong.

    If you read my other posts on here, I do say that I don’t think RG3 will be a bust. I go as far in 1 of them to say that I’m 95% sure he won’t be. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t give up our future for 1 player, because if Tebow isn’t “the guy”, then we’ll naturally have a top 3 pick, and next year, there will be another “franchise qb” for the taking.

    I also say that that qb probably won’t be Barkley, Jones, Tyler, etc… This time last year, nobody heard of RG3. The same is can be said every year, as someone explodes out of nowhere to be an elite QB of the draft.

    I’m not sure how to measure this for our “deal”… I mean, do you measure how many pro-bowls RG3 goes to opposed to our next 3 or 4 1st round picks and probably our next 1 or 2 second round picks combined? I’m still not sure that’s accurate as a QB can still be more valuable even without a pro bowl. Do we do what team has the better record? Again, that can be skewed, cause I’m pushing for us to build a dominant D, so that way we aren’t totally dependent on 1 person to win (dangerous thing to do, just ask the Colts).

    I like reading your posts, I just think we have fundamental differences when it comes to a few things with our team. If we were picking top 5 this year, I’d be like you and push for us to move up, but we aren’t. We’re picking 25, meaning that we’ll have to give up too much for 1 person, who is a rookie QB, which means there is a high probability of busting (even though I think he won’t). I’d rather give up 2 first round picks to get Drew Breese than 3-4 to get RG3.

  • Anonymous

    “I also say that that qb probably won’t be Barkley, Jones, Tyler, etc… This time last year, nobody heard of RG3. The same is can be said every year, as someone explodes out of nowhere to be an elite QB of the draft.”

    I have to agree and knew what yo meant. I have also seen you say in a few places you don’t think he will be a bust. Just drumming up a little side fun is all. I as well like your posts (why I respond to them). We do have some differences in things but thats what makes it interesting. Some times I shake my head (as I’m sure you do with some of mine) while other times I say out loud “right on the button Pete”.

    And I would agree with you 100% on the picks for Breese, he has been one of my favorite players for quite a while, not to mention he’s pretty damn good :-0.

  • Anonymous

     I hear ya. You’re one of the guys I regularly look for posts from.

    Here is it: RG3 TDs vs Tebow TDs AND sacks/ints, from our 1st round pick. That’s a good starting point for “was it worth it” deals.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

     Well, Raiders is automatic grounds for dismissal. haha.

    I have no doubts he’s gonna be better than Cam Newton was his rookie year, but I also have this funny feeling that Teebs will also perform better (and he better or else we need to cut bait after next season). So really, it’ll probably come down to what we do with our draft picks.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it will, but mostly I hope we have a good draft. IMO our picks at safety just have not panned out to be what all had hoped but we struck gold with Von for many years to come. I also think thats Dooms season was over shadowed a bit by the rookies and had he not been “under the eye” so to speak Doom would have gotten a bit more praise, he had a very nice year.

    So in other words getting a couple nice toys to go with those guys would be pretty cool and its a bet (or deal) that I had rather loose.

    As for RG3 having a better year than Cam, well, it would have to be stupid good because Cam was awesome IMO. If his rookie greatness would have been supported with better D ‘HE’ would have got more praise as well. Of course he did get plenty ~shrug~.

    I hope your right with Teebs… I just hope he is able to open his passing game up a little. Don’t get me wrong as a fan and as a prior coach I LOVE the running game but in todays NFL you have to be able to throw effectively and accuratly or your gonna be what we were, ‘500’; or worse. And truth be told even as much as I disliked Orton had he gotten W’s I wouldn’t have cared if he stayed at the helm.

    Any way, Yep I agree it will come down to what our first 3 picks do and maybe a sleeper. And sorry for the rant, just felt like talking football I suppose; miss it already…