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Published on 02/28/2012 at Tue Feb 28 12:00.
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Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden defeated Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on January 2nd. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

With the NFL Combine now over, the draft speculations, Mock Drafts, player interviews and workouts will be in full swing.  The Denver Broncos are reportedly interested in selecting a quarterback in the draft, a lot higher than many would expect.

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ESPN’s Peter King speculates that Denver will select a quarterback in the first two rounds of the draft.  While that is just King’s opinion, the Broncos did come away from an interview with Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden “extremely impressed,” according to the Denver Posts’ Mike Klis.

The only downside to Weeden is the fact that he will be turning twenty-nine years old this October.  If not for his age, Weeden would probably be considered the third best quarterback in the draft.

The Broncos also came away impressed after interviewing Arizona State Brock Osweiler, per Klis.  Both quarterbacks are expected to go in the second-to-third rounds of the draft.

Name: Brandon Weeden
Height, Weight: 6’4, 221
College, Film: Oklahoma St., Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Highlights
Experience: Senior, Two-Year Starter
Projection: 2nd Round Pick

In 2002, Weeden was drafted in the first round of the Major League Baseball Draft by the New York Yankees.  After playing baseball through 2006, Weeden decided to attend Oklahoma Sate.  During his junior season, Weeden was named the Cowboy’s starter.  In 2010, Weeden broke nearly all of Oklahoma’s passing records and he lead the Cowboys to a Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Championship one season later.

Name: Brock Osweiler
Height, Weight: 6’8, 240
College, Film: Arizona St., Highlights vs. USC
Experience: Junior, One-Year Starter
Projection: 2nd-to-3rd Round Pick

From 2009-2010, Oswiler played in twelve games (starting two) and became the first true freshman to start a game for the Sun Devils since Jake Plummer did back in 1993.  In 2011, Osweiler was named Arizona State’s starter and passed for 4,036 yards and twenty-six touchdowns last season.  Osweiler is projected to be a second-to-third round draft selection.

In the coming weeks, there will be a lot of speculation about which quarterbacks will compete with Tim Tebow in Denver this off-season.  As of today, Weeden and Osweiler appear to be two quarterbacks on the Broncos’ radar.


  • Anonymous

    You lost me at: according to the Denver Posts’ Mike Klis.

  • areferee

     Is this another “Create-a-Caption” entry?

  • dontep

    The oldest safety joins the oldest rookie QB in history, perfect.

  • Anonymous

    No that would be something like:
    Weeden in his excited “talking to a puppy” voice, “who’s the good little #1 pick…yes you are…yes you are!”

  • Dee Kitchens

    Weeden will be 29 in October

  • Jon

     Good catch.

  • kerrry

    yet none of these two QB’s have to be taught how to throw a football. Brock Osweiler has ALL the tools. big arm, accurate, good pocket presence, isnt a run first throw second QB, tall and mobile for his size. the very definition of a pocket passer that can move when needed. raw though. not a ton of college experience. but still has all the tools. and sorry people no Heisman trophy. for some reason that seems to be the measuring stick to most around here lately. a DT in the first and Osweilier in the second would be a productive first two picks.  

  • areferee

     Another winner!

  • Jeff

    weeden and osweiler and tannehill are all gonna make a mark on the nfl hopefully one of them gets picked up by the Broncos all have good armstrength