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Published on 02/25/2012 at Sat Feb 25 18:00.
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As the 2012 NFL Draft draws closer, the Denver Broncos will get a closer look at all the top collegiate players this weekend in Indianapolis at the NFL’s annual Scouting Combine.  With the running back position appearing to be one of Denver’s offensive needs, several backs have been linked to the Broncos in the past twenty-four hours.

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On Friday evening, ESPN NFL Insider Cecil Lammey tweeted that the Broncos have been most associated with Boise State running back Doug Martin, Washington’s Chris Polk and Oregon’s LaMichael James (pictured).  A few moment’s prior to Lammey’s tweet, Andrew Mason of reported that Utah State’s Robert Turbin has already spoken to the Broncos.

All four of the running backs will participate in the combine on Sunday, and were measured and weighed on Friday.  The foursome are all commonly considered among the top-ten prospects at their position, with Martin expected to go the earliest as a second-round prospect.

Name: Doug Martin
Height, Weight: 5’9, 223
College, Film: Boise St., 2011 Highlights
Experience: Senior, Two-Year Starter
Projection: 2nd Round Pick


Martin is a classic example of a player who is solid at everything but not “outstanding” in any particular area.  Many scouts have him projected as a second round draft selection.

Name: Chris Polk
Height, Weight: 5’11, 215
College, Film: Washington, 2010 Highlights
Experience: Senior, Three-Year Starter
Projection: 2nd to 3rd Round Pick


Two games into the 2008 season, Polk was injured and subsequently missed the rest of his freshman season.  The next season, Polk became the team’s starting tailback and kept his job through his senior season.  He is projected to be a mid second round-to-third round selection in the draft.

Name: LaMichael James
Height, Weight: 5’8, 194
College, Film: Oregon, 2011 Highlights
Experience: Junior, Three-Year Starter
Projection: Mid 2nd to 3rd Round Pick


James was a flashy player on a flashy team, earning two Heisman Trophy presentation invitations since 2009.  With speed and agility, James has the ability to score every time he touches the football.  James is projected to be a mid second-to-third round draft selection.

Name: Robert Turbin
Height, Weight: 5’10, 222
College, Film: Utah St., Career Highlights
Experiences: Redshirt Junior, Two-Year Starter
Projection: 4th to 5th Round Pick


Turbin is currently projected as fourth-to-fifth round selection, but with a solid combine scouts say he could skyrocket himself into the second round.  With great athletic ability,  Turbin has the power to run over linebackers.  Turbin could go as high as the second round.

Keep an eye on these players throughout the combine.  One of them could end up in Denver next season.

  • 5280

    I would mind chirs Polk, but other then that I don’t see the others matching our running scheme and the way fox likes to run the ball. We need a bigger back and/or a back that can run between the tackles. IMO I like lamarr Miller more then any other back available except for Trent Richardson but obviously he’ll probably go in the top ten any way. I think miller is the best inside runner and the best option to take it to the house on every snap that we can get based on where they should draft a running back.

  • Yahoobiilly

    Turbin…..beast!  Love that they are linked to this guy.  Draft Turbin!!

  • BroncoFan5280

    Broncos should draft all of these guys.  Trade back from #25 and pick up an extra 2nd and 3rd rounder and try and draft 2 RB’s, 1 DT, and 1 DB with those picks.  Use FA to get an OG, C, S, DB and LB. 

  • Anonymous

    After looking at the sheer size of Turbin and seeing him run a 4.44 I’m good with him. Hell yeah! haha that guy is a beast!

  • Guest

    Can’t believe Isaiah Pead is not this list

  • Anonymous

    I’m SOLD on Chris Polk.. Oh  the Broncos are going to go deep next year.. 

  • dbroncs24/7

    Yea he looks like a physical freak, just concerned about durability because he missed 2 years…

  • Hansen

     After giving it some thought I’m starting to agree to trading back a few spots to gather additional 2nd and 3rd Rd picks.  Caveat: Trading back depends if there is a run on DTs in picks 5 – 20.  If they are starting to drop no trade.  If many are available then trade.

  • dontep

    Polk is a newer, slower Knowsoe.
    Get James, Turbin or Martin in that order. Jamand will surprise. 

  • Trouthunter777

     He missed only one year because of a freak knee injury during training.  He never missed anytime from a football injury.  Don’t worry about Turbo.  He’s tough as nails

  • Ian

    Draft La Michael James! Enough Said!!