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Published on 02/22/2012 at Wed Feb 22 09:21.
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A lot of people are coming to Brady Quinn‘s defense following yesterday’s GQ article. Let’s break it down…

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    Good links.
    We all know the Broncos will get 2 QBs, 1 rookie and 1 free agent. These guys won’t be there to “take the starting position away from Tebow”, they will be there to officially “push/compete” with Tebow. Everyone does this, and it’s a good thing. I’m not sure Tebow needs that type of motivation, but hey, it’s traditionally what happens in the NFL, so it’s gonna happen whether it’s needed or not.

    Quinn won’t be back because of his comments. If this front office has any desire to be a better front office than that of the McDaniels’ era, they need to end the circus, and end it yesterday! So far, they are tripping over themselves like McD did, just with a better draft. If they want consistency and want the sideshow to end, which everyone knows they do, then they need to end all controversy ASAP.

    I know they don’t want to name anyone as “untouchable” cause that’s dangerous, but when they get asked 8 out of 10 questions about “why don’t you support Tebow”, “do you want him to fail?”, “is he the QB of the future?” etc… even if they don’t believe what they are about to say, they need to say “He is our QB of the future. He is the starter going into training camp, and unless the wheels fall off, he’s going to be our starter the 1st game of the season”…. do they need to believe what they just said? NO, absolutely not, but they need to say it none-the-less. Much like all the smoke and mirrors, and flat out lies that teams send out regarding their draft boards, they need to squash this circus immediately!

    Moving forward, I think that we need to build our Defense before we start rebuilding our Offense. People are too caught up on the “this draft will show the world if they Broncos believe that Tebow is their QB because of who they draft.” That is nonsense. The only “sign” that the Broncos could possibly show towards Tebow would be mortgaging their future by pulling a “Saints/Ricky Williams” and moving up to the #1 or #2 position to take Luck/RG3. That won’t/shouldn’t happen. So what should they do? BUILD THE DEFENSE!!!

    It took 2 fluky special teams plays to keep the Ravens out of the superbowl. It took 2 fluky special teams plays to keep the 49ers out of the superbowl. Why is that important? Because those are 2 teams with great defenses, and very average/mediocre QBs. Right there disproves that you need the “elite/franchise” QB to make and win the superbowl. Those 2 teams show that with great defense, you can make the superbowl (and with 2 defensive teams in the superbowl, 1 of them will win, thus, you need a great D to WIN the championship). Did that scenario happen? No, but it wasn’t because of the D or the QB, it was because of 2 very fluky special teams blunders at the end of each game. Without those fluky plays, the teams with the mediocre QBs beat the teams with the elite QBs.

    Because of that, we need desperately to get our Defense up to par. Think about that for a minute. A dominant defense can make up for lack of offense. A dominant defense can make up for lack of QB play. A dominant defense can stop other teams’ offense/QB. A dominant defense is SAFER and MORE IMPORTANT than an elite QB. What???? Am I crazy??? Maybe, but here is why… What are the Colts with and then without Manning? Playoffs/SB Champs with, complete bottom dweller without. What are the Patriots with and without Brady? SB Champs/Perrenial SB appearances with, non-playoffs without. What are the Saints with and without Breese? Same as Manning, Brady, Rodgers, etc… With these QBs, they are playoff bound and superbowl hopefulls/champs. Without this 1 person on the team, they are HORRIBLE teams.

    The flip side to that is what is the Ravens with Flacco or without Flacco? Answer: Perrenial Playoff Team/SB hopeful. What are the 49ers with and without Smith? Same as Ravens. What were the Steelers with a rookie/very young Rapistberger? SuperBowl Champs/SB hopefuls. As you can see, the DEFENSE is more important because it is stable and much less dependent on 1 person to win the game. To have your whole team’s direction hinged on 1 person is dangerous…. very dangerous (just ask the Colts), however, to have your team’s direction hinged on half the team, well, that is much much safer. If the dominant defensive team has decent/good QB play, they beat everybody, anytime, anywhere. If the team with the elite QB has elite QB play, it is still a coin toss as to who will win the game, and that is only if they aren’t playing a great defense.

    Because of that, we need to build the D. Build that D, and anything Tebow and the offense brings will be “icing on the cake.” Replace Tebow with a traditional QB, and we’ll still have a team that can’t stop anybody, and probably won’t be able to outscore other teams when push comes to shove. Besides, a great defense brings the homefield advantage way more than the offense.


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     Thanks. I know I get wordy and long winded, but I like showing though processes instead of just a few sentences of final conclusions.

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    Good job Pete, well spoken.  A solid defense is a QB’s best friend, when you aren’t so worried about turning the ball over you can make the throws you would normally second guess.  Most seem to have forgotten that this is a 3yr project and they brought in Fox because we needed a D minded coach.  We cannot neglect the Offense but the focus will be a stingy defense (defence for you British posters).

  • bigmac

    Mr. Quinn is not good enough period, end of story. Enjoy your broadcsting career in Indiana after a few more years as traing camp, practice QB, on the next team dumb”enough to pick you up. 

  • Monty

    I’m linking to this in tomorrow’s Daily Links. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

     I’m honored. Thank you.

  • Hansen

     Come on Pete, you aren’t wordy or long winded.  You’re just verbose.

    Good post – Well done.