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Published on 02/21/2012 at Tue Feb 21 09:47.
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  • Mike Silver recites a number of quotes from players, coaches and media about Tebowmania, Year One. [GQ]
  • Mike Florio chimes in with his take on the quotes. [ProFootballTalk]
  • (Ed. Note: We’ll have a few notes and thoughts drawn from the article later).
  • The mothership concludes its 2011 Season Recap with a look at the Broncos‘ two playoff games. []
  • Mike Rice highlights the positive in his blog post reviewing the year that was. []
  • John Fox talks about a number of free agents and moves the Broncos will make. Great read. [Denver Post]
  • (Ed. Note: More on this too probably)
  • Legwold says the Broncos should bolster their DT position through the draft. [Denver Post]
  • Anonymous

    Brady Quinn’s comments were by far the most interesting part of that article. He’s clearly very bitter but you can’t really blame him.

  • TD30ismvp

    John Fox talks about a number of free agents : and that number is one- he spoke directly about Prater.

  • Monty

    He had a number of interesting nuggets, better put. He talked about Prater, Knowshon, Warren, all of whose futures in Denver are semi-uncertain.

    But he did mention Brees too. That’s 2 free agents. :P

  • Anonymous

    Technically Brees and Manning- calling them pretty nice boots.  I was just all excited to hear his thoughts on our free agents and then suddenly remembered, John Fox says NOTHING on the record of any value.

  • Anonymous

    In an earlier conversation John Fox was asked if the sky was blue, he responded, “you know we don’t know that yet, it certainly could be, I ain’t that smart and kinda leave that to the color people.  I just like to wait and see, you take it one hour at a time and maybe it would be blue, maybe not that’s not really my call.”

  • Monty

    My bad. Sometimes I link an article in the DL a bit too quickly and it comes out inaccurately when I sum it up in one sentence.