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Published on 02/23/2012 at Thu Feb 23 12:00.
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Mike Wallace - Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates following his touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first half. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Earlier in February when I was reviewing the Denver Broncos free agency needs at wide receiver, I skimmed over the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Wallace. I tend to skip over both the big names and restricted free agents when I am evaluating free agents, because there is little need to discuss a player like Wes Welker or Dwayne Bowe, because, if in fact they are available the utter mob that would barrage that particular agents phone would normally not include anyone from the Broncos organization.

Recent events in The Birmingham of America (Pittsburgh) have brought to light that the Steelers have some major issues with cap space and a full-court press by internet blogs to pull the trigger early on who will be the odd man out once the team realizes that there really isn’t any more room to keep all of those starters  and draft new ones. The thing about internet blogs is they often are the ones that create the next days headlines (and talking points for those talking heads on the radio and behind the sports desks of your favorite TV stations).

So! It does seem to me that Wallace will probably be the one who is allowed to test the market, the young receiver is entering his fourth season and is on the brink of becoming the next big thing (as far as NFL receivers are concerned).

Wallace goes beyond the usual, ‘He’s a good player and we need all good players on our team.’

Targeting Wallace is letting Tim Tebow and Denver fans know that Tebow is the man the team hopes to lead the Broncos for the next 12-14 years. One place Tebow is absolutely lacking as one of my friends at another blog often says is the ability to throw to a receiver that isn’t completely open. Well, Wallace is usually completely open, because he is that fast. Teams don’t normally make the same mistake that Denver did in the playoffs and put a player like D.J. Williams on him. Wallace would bring an immediate panic to a defense who already has to stack the line to account for the Broncos’ strong rushing game.

From a pure money ball stand point take a look at what Wallace doesn’t due– fumble. He has only fumbled three times in three years, you pair him up with the other two receivers in Denver and you’ve got one heck of a problem. Here is the other incredible thing about Wallace, he has never missed a game since being a pro, a healthy receiver is something that will be unfamiliar to current Broncos fans.

Who do you double on a team that has Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Wallace? It’s miss-match heaven and we’re all invited to watch the show.

The main thing missing on the Broncos offense is one receiver; with a quarterback who is capable of shredding an offense several ways, an offensive line that is amongst the youngest and best in the league, a top rated rushing attack, and two stellar receivers adding a fourth year Pro Bowl receiver will make Denver look like a better version of the team they just beat in the playoffs.

Of course (and there is always an of course) this will cost the Broncos a first round draft pick as Wallace is a restricted free agent. This could very well be the deal breaker for Denver as they are building via the draft, but a wiser investment could not be spent on a proven wide receiver entering his fourth season.

And if not Mike Wallace, let it be one of the former San Diego Chargers: Vincent Jackson or Laurent Robinson.

One thing is for certain, even Wallace isn’t sure that he’ll be back with the Steelers next season, “[Pittsburgh is] where I would like to be, but we all know that it is a business and you have certain things you have to handle,” Wallace said. “So if I have to go elsewhere, you know Pittsburgh will always be in my heart, but I have to do what I have to do.”

Am I crazy or can you agree with me that a receiver that can create that type of separation is exactly what Tebow needs to assist in bringing back that passing game he had when Brandon Lloyd was here.

  • Anonymous

    Is he really worthy of giving up a first round pick for? He is uber talented, and would be worth a first rounder for some teams, but the Broncos have so many needs right now, I can’t see this as being a beneficial move for them when they have two talented receivers already.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly think it would be worth it to pick up Wallace.  With Royal’s lack of production, and Willis being a rookie, there wasn’t much other pressure from the WR position.  Since we are left to dealing with Timmy as our QB for another year, he needs more help in the WR department.  He had extremely tallented WR’s when he was at FSU, so why not help there?

  • areferee

    You pose an interesting conundrum, I-Man. My answer would be:  Yes.  I am not convinced that our wide receiver position is anything but mediocre.  If Tebow is to blossom as a passer, he is going to need a near superstar at that position.

    A #25 1st rounder given for Wallace in his prime, might be a deal Monty Hall would envy.  I don’t think it will happen, but it’s a good mental exercise in between high-country snowflakes.

  • Anonymous

    To me it’s senseless to spend any free agent dollars on a wideout…much less draft picks.

  • Anonymous

    While I highly doubt the Steelers let a potential top 5 wr in the league just walk away, I would take him in a HEART BEAT.

    The fastest man in the league on one side with DT running a solid 4.35 on the other??? OMG!!!!

    He’s a guy that would probably like playing with Tebow too because he would be going deep a lot. 

    Probably not going to happen but it is fun to think about haha.

  • Anonymous

    While I highly doubt the Steelers let a potential top 5 wr in the league just walk away, I would take him in a HEART BEAT.

    The fastest man in the league on one side with DT running a solid 4.35 on the other??? OMG!!!!

    He’s a guy that would probably like playing with Tebow too because he would be going deep a lot. 

    Probably not going to happen but it is fun to think about haha.

  • Shaggy

    I agree with the missmatch thing and all you say. Except Tebow can not shred a defence through the air! are you kidding me the only def he ever shredded in the air was Pittsburg. Why? they let him. they were so afraid of our running game they chose to let Tebows WRs singled and wide open. thats how much teams in the NFL fear his arm. Lets face it, you or I could have beatin them through the air. I like Tebow and I like the winning. but to watch the game BORRING. lets watch the run after run after run for 3 3/4 quarters  The coaches dont trust him to through the ball. and then when the other team is fast a sleep we let Tebow throw a pass or two and when the team comes out of its comma  to start covering WRs Tebow runs a TD. really Ryan Leaf was more trust worthy througing the ball. Sorry Tebow, like i said I like him but admit it he makes a 10 yard out look like a struggle. Nothing looks smooth all of his passes look like hes a lefty trying to throw righty. QBs arew supposed to be gunslingers not battering rams. We need The man Elway back or at least a qb that can through it more than a half dosen times. this manufactured offence needs to go back to baseball. in football we take the yards not sneek them!   

  • Guest

    You seem to be about as smart as you are literate.

  • rcsodak

    Good grief. Fast wr’s are a dime a dozen.
    You DONT mortgage a draft for one.
    Stupidest option ever. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    1. He is not just fast he is the fastest
    2. Ultra fast wr’s are a dime a dollar. 
    3. Ultra fast WR’s that also posses a lot of skill and don’t cause mass drama in the locker room = 1

  • Allan

    Willis a rookie, check your stats.

  • Audi

    Is everyone forgetting that no good WR would want Tebow throwing to him?  Lets be realistic here.  Until Tebow show SIGNIFICANT improvement, which I happen to hightly doubt, we are not a landing spot for stud WRs in free agency.

  • Shaggy

    Hey Guest, looks to me like everyone else agrees including his ex stud receiver Lloyd. Who publicly said he wouldnt play in our offence. Audi also agreed he needs Lots of work. Like I said I like him just not sure hes that guy I hope he will be BUT…..

    Don’t belive us?

    “There are things we have to get him to do within our offense to be more successful as an offense,” Elway said. “We want to see strides in Tim and his ability to get better throwing the football downfield from within the pocket. We just feel like that is something we have to do to get better as an offense to be able to add that threat there makes everything else he does that much better.Or maybe your a Josh McDaniels fan?That makes since!

  • Tebow Fan

    I’d say that Tebow needs those fast, skill players more than size receivers. I mean look at what he did at Florida with all of those percy harvin type players. Give Tebow some speed players, and the offense will go to the next level. 

  • Brian

    Broncos dont need a STAR reciever to try to force feed the football like Wallace would have to be fed with the 60 million he would be making. If anything, draft the fastest reciever in the draft this year with a 2nd or 3rd round pick. We already have Thomas and Decker who are big, strong, tall and have good hands. Not to mention Thomas with his breakway speed as you ALL saw in the pittsburg game.

    Tebow obviously has the skill to win football games if they are close at the end.

    DRAFT DEFENCE with 80% of the draft picks.

  • Anonymous

    Saying Thomas and Decker have good hands is a little bit questionable , but I am with you on everything else you said.

  • Anonymous

    Get Wallace, and then get a QB who can get the ball to him.

    Sounds like a plan . . .